Best Web Tools For Online Gambling To Boost Your Profits

Choosing the right online casinos and sports betting apps is important. You want the casino app with the highest quality slots, and you want an online sportsbook that stays reliable during live betting. But combining your online gambling with the best web tools can help in a variety of ways, particularly in terms of maximizing your profits. From keeping track of wins and losses to avoiding any fees associated with deposits and withdrawals, these are some of the best digital sidekicks.

Best Internet Provider: AT&T

AT&T offers the most powerful internet for the best prices. It’s not the most affordable, but it has a plan for every budget, and even its higher-end services compete well with some of the budget providers. It also has decent customer support, especially compared to the likes of Spectrum and Comcast.

When a sports betting app is glitchy, you can simply switch to a different one. But when your internet is frustrating, it’s a huge hassle to switch over. So if you’re looking to avoid switching after the fact, go with AT&T from the start. And if you’re frustrated with your current provider, it’s probably worth it in the long-run to bite the bullet and switch now.

Best Phone Coverage: Verizon

More and more states across the US are legalizing online betting, and the biggest brands have a license in most of those states. These include BetMGM Casino, FanDuel Casino, and DraftKings Casino. So if you travel domestically, you can often bet via the same app as your hometown favorite – as long as you have the reliable coverage to do so. Verizon offers more coverage than any other network, so it’s the best option for those who like to bet while on vacation or business trips. It’s basically a powerful backup for all your other tools for online gambling.

Best For Data Tracking: Google Sheets

You can find a good number of sports betting tracking apps, but none are as simple, accessible, or straightforward as Google Sheets. Plus, many of us (myself included) like to bet on sports as well as online casino games, so we need something that does both.

Google Sheets has a lot of tips and tricks associated with it. So if you’re unfamiliar, it may be worth watching a couple of quick tutorials. But among the tools for online gambling, this one shines is in its ability to track the amount you spend on specific types of gaming – and how much you win.

Tracking net losses not only ensures you stay within your budget, it also gives you a better idea of where you find the most success. This can be highly valuable insight for long-term players looking to maximize their profits.

Best For Deposits & Cashing Out: PayPal

PayPal is accepted at almost all online casinos and sportsbooks in the US. No fees are associated with deposits or withdrawals, so you can fund your account or cash out with total peace of mind. It’s also a useful way to keep your online gambling finances separate from your standard banking, as it helps with budgeting and tracking.

Sure, debit cards, Paynearme, and cash at the casino cage are all totally valid ways to fund your account. But the issuing bank often rejects debit card deposits, Paynearme is only available for deposits, and it’s tough to keep track of cash at the casino cage. PayPal eliminates all those concerns, plus the added benefit of better organization.

Best Sports Betting Podcasts: ‘Bet The Board’ & ‘The Daily Juice’

When you want to fully immerse yourself in sports betting, podcasts are no-brainers. Not only can you get some high-quality analytics, you’ll also make sure to have some of the most anticipated upcoming events on your radar.

Two of the best options include “Bet the Board” and “The Daily Juice.”

“Bet the Board” focuses primarily on NFL and college football betting while “The Daily Juice” covers all sports, all year round. Both are available on all the podcast streaming apps, and many other great shows are out there too.

Best Live Slots Streamer: Brian Christopher Slots

It’s tough to argue with nearly a half-million subscribers. Brian Christopher Slots is a YouTube channel that goes live about three times per week and showcases a slots expert playing in real-time. This is a great way to pick up some strategies and approaches you may not have considered. Plus, it’s an exciting, communal way to get in on the slots action without risking any of your own money.

Best For Finding Bonuses:

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