Biden Overtakes Trump As Odds-On Favorite To Win 2020 US Presidential Election

Following a tumultuous week of civil unrest and continued fears over the anticipated next phase of the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump’s odds to win re-election have hit the skids, according to data from Election Tracker.

One week after an unarmed black man was killed by a white Minneapolis police officer, cities across the country and around the globe have erupted in protest. Some of the protests have turned violent, resulting in rioting, looting, and turning city streets into battlegrounds with police desperately trying to restore order.

Trump has already taken major heat for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, with a steadily increasing 53% of Americans disapproving of his job dealing with the crisis. With this newly arising crisis, Trump’s response has been seen by many as fanning the flames rather than stepping up as a calming influence for a nation in desperate need of leadership.

Protestors attempted to storm the White House grounds on Friday, May 29, forcing the president, First Lady Melania Trump and their teenage son Barron into an underground bunker beneath the historic presidential home.

On Sunday night, as protests raged all around Washington D.C., the White House lights were turned off, which historically has only been done when a president has died. This was seen as a fitting metaphor by many who feel Trump has abdicated his responsibility to the nation during dueling crises of unprecedented proportion.

U.S. presidential election bettors have apparently taken notice, sending former Vice President Joe Biden’s odds to win the presidency surging in the past seven days. Biden is now favored to win by more than 2% and climbing as of this writing.

Biden’s ability to narrow the gap in recent days is a likely reflection of the tide of U.S. sentiment turning against the president and his apparent refusal to call for an end to the conflict. This week marks the first time Biden was able to close the odds gap since mid-March, when the coronavirus was first declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization and social distancing began.

With the election just five months away, Trump’s ability (or inability) to show leadership in this time of chaos may well define his presidency. Oddsmakers and bettors will certainly be closely watching what happens over the next few weeks and months.

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Chris Nesi

Chris Nesi

Chris Nesi is News Editor of & Managing Editor of Colorado Sharp. He’s been an editor and writer for more than a decade, with experience spanning newspapers, magazines, digital news, and commercial writing. His work can be found in publications including TechCrunch, Mental Floss and Huffington Post. Chris lives just outside of Denver and enjoys regular trips to Black Hawk.
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