Casino Games You Can Only Find Online

Most online casino games are designed to be digital versions of their physical counterparts. For example, digital roulette is mathematically identical to a roulette table. However, these casino games you can only find online, meaning they’re exclusive to online casino players.

Digital Scratch-Offs

Digital scratch-offs are similar to the lottery’s scratcher tickets. But instead of a set value for each game, you can set the value of the scratch card from $0.01 to $5 or more. And instead of uncovering set values, you reveal multipliers that apply to the value of the card.

For example, the Merlin’s Millions Scratch at Golden Nugget Casino has you set your bet between $0.01 and $4. You can win as little 1x your bet and as much as 1,000x your bet.

You can also choose to have all the spaces on the scratch-off revealed at once, or click each space individually. Digital scratchers have auto-play functions like slots as well.

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports are getting increasingly common across the US. Vegas began offering them in 2016, and Atlantic City had them years before that.

Still, virtual sports are far easier to find at an online casino than at most in-person casinos.

A virtual sport is a simulation of a real-life sport, with odds based on performance stats. However, the element of randomness can still mean underdogs win, and the payout is higher accordingly.

The types of virtual sports most common at US online casinos include:

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Horse racing
  • Auto racing
  • Greyhound racing
  • Motorcycle racing

European And French Roulette

Brick-and-mortar casinos in America usually only offer American roulette, and it has nothing to do with patriotism. American roulette features two green pockets, which doubles the house’s edge over the player. 

European roulette and French roulette have one green pocket, which cuts the return to player (RTP) percentage for outside bets in half compared to American roulette.

French roulette takes that a step further by refunding outside bets by 50% if the ball lands in the single green pocket. That means French roulette’s RTP is 25% that of American roulette.

RTP is the casino version of ROI (the expected “return on investment”). Some casinos also call it the “payback percentage.” Basically, it’s the average amount a player keeps of their total wagers. For example, the average player wagering $100 total would keep $98 playing a game with 98% RTP.

Here is the roulette RTP breakdown for outside bets:

  • 94.74% on American Roulette
  • 97.30% on European Roulette
  • 98.65% on French Roulette

Certain Types Of Blackjack

Many casinos across the US offer side bets on blackjack games. The same is true for many blackjack variations available at online casinos. However, some of the options have special rules that are only feasible online.

For example, Zappit Blackjack is a popular online blackjack variation that allows you to “zap” your cards to replace them with different cards from the same deck. If you get a 15, 16, 17, or 18, you can leave it be if the dealer’s card looks promising, or zap it for a new hand.

$0.10 to $1 Minimum Table Games

Online casinos will usually have at least a few table games with a minimum as low as $0.10. Zappit Blackjack and Super Fun 21 at Golden Nugget both have a $0.10 table minimum.

Golden Nugget also has $0.10 French, European, and American roulette, and the maximum bet for all three variations is $5,000 per round too.

As far as we know, standard six- to eight-deck blackjack at all licensed online casinos in the US allows $1 bets per hand. Some may allow $0.50 standard blackjack as well.

It is extremely hard to find $1 blackjack or roulette in the US. We’re not saying it doesn’t exist. For example, the Downtown Grand in Las Vegas is an off-the-strip casino offering $1 blackjack

But the cheapest you’ll find in Atlantic City is $5, and that’s with rules unfriendly to the player, such as 1:1 blackjack (versus 3:2). Most of us in the US are also limited to brick-and-mortar casinos that are the closest to our home, and they rarely have $5 blackjack much less $1. 

Certain Types Of Slots

If you like to play slots, online casinos make it wildly easy to browse through all the different options, favorite your go-to’s for easier navigation, and be one of the first to play a new release. Further, online casinos will usually launch a new slot once or twice a month too, many of which are only available online.

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