Do Gambling Superstitions Pay Off? (Yes, And Here’s Why)

Remember the Bud Light ad campaign that said, “It’s only weird if it doesn’t work?” about sports fans doing lucky rituals to help their teams win? Well, where you sit on the couch (probably) won’t affect players on the TV – but it may help you win more at the casino. Whether it’s a certain type of clothing, a lucky number, or a specific seat, gambling superstitions really can pay off.

Pro-tip: The only way to guarantee a successful betting experience is Responsible Gaming.

Comfort Equals Concentration

If you’re even slightly convinced that a superstition is legit, that’s reason enough to stick with it. A small bit of doubt will distract you, which leads to mistakes. Approach the game in the way that makes you feel the most comfortable, and you set yourself up for success.

Some Rituals Are Just Good Strategy

What if a bettor considered it bad luck to drink while gambling? Similar to how distraction can lead to mistakes, so too can intoxication.

Or maybe you think it’s good luck to have a blackjack strategy chart next to you while you play. Perhaps you never even look at it – but if you blank that one time, it’s right there with the answer.

Perhaps you’re at your luckiest during a specific time of day. Whether it’s only in the morning or in the hours before bed, this can naturally limit your gambling – which is an essential aspect of a Responsible Gaming strategy.

Who Knows What Really Works?

The concept of luck and good fortune has existed for thousands of years before the existence of any modern casino games.

Gods of fortune have been written about since ancient times. The number seven is considered lucky in many modern cultures, including the United States and Japan. And we’ve all had something happen to us that felt lucky (or unlucky), even if we also think that it was random circumstance rather than divine intervention.

Regardless, can we say with total certainty that luck is a mythological force? Maybe. But why risk it, especially if it’s as simple as wearing your hat to the side instead of straight?

All Numbers Can Be Lucky

Lots of people play their lucky numbers when placing bets at the roulette table. And why not? The ball has an equal chance of landing in any pocket. Even if one of the numbers just hit, it has the same odds of hitting again.

The gambler’s fallacy is the idea that randomness is against the laws of nature. If the roulette ball landed in a black pocket ten spins in a row, red must be next, right? Wrong. Go with whatever numbers you like to play, then hope for the best.

It Can’t Hurt

A lot of things can hurt your gambling success rate. But a lucky ritual that’s separate from the game itself won’t hurt the outcome. Whether it helps the outcome is your call, and that’s the whole point. Do what makes you feel confident, relaxed, and safe. You can’t go wrong!

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Mike Epifani

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