How To Win A Chumba Social Media Contest 2022

Social media contests are among the most exciting elements of sweepstakes casinos. Sites like Chumba Casino utilize social media to promote certain games and offer contests that provide both Gold Coins (GC) and Sweeps Coins (SC) to winners.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are hotspots for such contests across many sweepstakes casinos. And Chumba social media contests 2022 are currently heating up, with many options for gamers to explore. But how do you win a Chumba social media contest? While there is no set way to guarantee a win, you can take a few steps to boost your potential to be the next prize winner.

5 Ways to Win a Chumba Social Media Contest

1. Enter as Many Contests as You Can

One of the first steps is to enter as many contests as possible. Log in to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram and seek out contest options. Most require you to comment on a post, use a hashtag, or follow other simple directions. It takes a minute or two to meet the set requirements.

Most people are already on social media sites daily anyways, so take a few minutes when you log in to enter the available contests. You can stick with your favorite social media outlet or log in to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter daily to enter all available Chumba social media contests in 2022.

2. Turn on Notifications for New Posts

Be sure to note if you have notifications turned on for new posts via Chumba Casino social media pages. You must follow the online gaming site via Facebook and Instagram to receive notifications. Check your account settings to make sure the alerts are set up. Turning on notifications alerts you when a new post is added. This is the best way to avoid missing out on new contests.

Once you see an alert, check it out. If the contest looks appealing to you, go for it – but be sure to read the full post and follow all the directions so you enter it correctly. Forgetting a hashtag or another important step can result in disqualification.

3. Follow All Social Media Channels

Don’t forget to follow all social media channels. Chumba Casino utilizes the top three and most people already have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. The contests offered via Chumba vary based on the social media platform. You may find one contest on Instagram on a Monday and a new option on Twitter on Tuesday.

Following all social media channels pays off so that you can compete in every contest. The more contests you enter, the better your chance of earning sweepstakes or gold coins from the provider!

Below are links to Chumba Casino’s official social media pages:

4. Read Through News Posts

Following the Chumba social media pages is essential, but you must also read through all posts on the channel to avoid missing any important details. Don’t just look for contests. Chumba often adds news articles or information on new games. These posts can also mention upcoming contests or giveaways. Reading through a social media post takes only a few minutes, and it can pay off in the long run.

Read everything to ensure you don’t miss out on a new contest that could help build your social casino bankroll with more gold coins!  

5. Search Hashtags

It can be hard to find time to log in each day to social media sites to check up on contest options. You get busy with work or kids and at the end of the day, realize you didn’t log in and see if Chumba is offering a new contest. One way to check quickly is to search hashtags.

Chumba Casino uses #ChumbaGiveaway quite often. Search this hashtag on social media to weed out the most recently announced contests. Use the search bar on Instagram and Facebook to find this hashtag.

Search results will pull up the most recent contests, and you can quickly enter. It’s a good way to find contests without scrolling through all the Chumba Casino posts.

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