Is Online Blackjack Rigged?

Many players question if online casino games are rigged in some form or fashion. Are you signing up with an online casino provider that offers fair games? Is online blackjack rigged?

For the most part, blackjack and other table games like roulette are not rigged. Legally-licensed and regulated online casinos in the US must offer verified fair games, and the results cannot be manipulated by the online casino.

However, there are instances when you might come across rigged games. Let’s explore the topic below and answer the question, is online blackjack rigged?

When Online Blackjack Might Be Rigged

An online blackjack game may be rigged only if you are playing at an illegal site based outside of the US. Online casinos that are not licensed and considered rogue operators may offer unfair games. Such titles are not always tested and are not required to meet certain regulations. This can lead to rigging towards the house, and players end up losing repeatedly. 

To avoid this, we suggest you only play with legally-licensed online casinos based in your country. This way, you ensure that any blackjack game you play is safe, secure, and fair to every player.

5 Reasons Legal Online Blackjack Isn’t Rigged

Here are the reasons online blackjack isn’t rigged at these sites and apps:

Read on for more information about each of these reasons.

1. Strict Regulations & Independent Auditing 

Online casino providers with licensing, such as BetMGM and Caesars, are subject to strict regulations. In states where services are offered, there are regulators in place that oversee the online casino market. These regulators keep an eye on casinos and make sure they provide fair and tested games. 

Independent auditing of games is also required. Third parties conduct such audits without affiliation with the operator or the industry. The goal is to ensure the integrity of the games. Independent testing companies will review blackjack games to check for fairness and any type of rigging. 

Random number generators will be tested along with verifying payouts and other elements. If you choose to only play with licensed providers that must adhere to regulations and independent game testing, you can rest assured that games are fair and secure. 

2. Casinos Can’t Manipulate the Game While You Play

An online casino dooesn’t rig a blackjack game because they don’t create the game. Third-party software developers are the creator of games, and online casino sites host the titles. The integrity of games is really on the shoulders of the software developer. Such developers make their money by creating quality and fair games. It would be crazy to rig a blackjack game because, quickly, it would be found out, and the developer’s reputation would be ruined, their games would be banned, and they’d face massive fines. 

Developers must also stick to industry requirements and guidelines when creating games. It’s not impossible to rig a blackjack game, but it doesn’t happen in the US thanks to regulations and oversight.

3. Random Number Generators (RNGs) 

Random Number Generators (RNGs) are a major component of online gambling games. The RNG is responsible for the outcome of a blackjack game. It dictates the random outcome of each blackjack hand. With RNGs in place, it creates a fair online gambling experience. 

RNGs are used to create a standard environment for each gamer. It doesn’t allow any player to have an advantage, and everyone has a fair shot at earning a winning hand. Auditors’ independent testing of such games is also conducted on the RNG mechanics of a blackjack game. 

4. The Math of Losing Streaks

Many players that enjoy blackjack regularly employ certain strategies and consider the math involved in the game. There is such a thing as an overdue win that players will consider with blackjack and other games. Some players may think that over time, they are due a win. Of course, that is not true, but mathematics and probabilities can play a role in whether you may be set to hit a winning hand. 

In our article The Mathematics of Losing Streaks, we get into the basic mathematics involved in gambling and how to use math to determine the percentage of a potential win. It’s a bit confusing, but we cover it in our article if you are into math or want to try it. 

Give it a quick read to learn more about calculating probabilities and how it can affect losing streaks and gameplay. 

5. Casinos Don’t Need to Rig Games

Online casinos don’t have to rig blackjack games to make money. They make money no matter what. The casino usually has an advantage of 0.2 to 4% over players depending on the game, which ensures they get paid. The small percentage doesn’t seem like a lot for the casino, but if you factor in thousands of players enjoying thousands of rounds, it adds up quickly for the provider.

Some players walk away winners. Some walk away breaking even. And many lose more than they started with.

The house edge ensures the casino will be the end winner in the long run. Blackjack players can also make mistakes, especially if a strategy is not involved, leading to more wins for the casino.

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