LuckyTap Games At Golden Nugget Casino – What Are Non-Spinning Slots?

LuckyTap is a type of game from Design Works Gaming (DWG) that became available at Golden Nugget Online Casino in December of last year. While it is exclusively available in New Jersey for the time being, the DWG plans to bring its game to other states and online casinos in the near future through a partnership with Light & Wonder (formerly Scientific Games).

But how do the LuckyTap casino games work? And is it worth it to play a non-spinning slot? Let’s break down this exciting new addition to the US online casino landscape.

What Is A LuckyTap Slot?

LuckyTap is an innovation from DWG that’s best described as a mix between a slot and a scratch-off (AKA scratcher). Rather than symbols across spinning reels, players place a bet for a chance at scoring a multiplier. It’s sort of like an online casino carnival game, and it will likely appeal to any player of the slots.

How the multiplier is triggered depends on the game, but payouts are won based on random number generators (RNG), just like any other online casino game. And, rather than clicking symbols to reveal multipliers like with a digital scratch-off, you simply click the play button once to go for a win.

Play LuckyTap Slots In Demo Mode Below

Curiosity leads to discovery, or so they say. Click to play any of the most popular LuckyTap slots below, no signup required:

Break the Bounty LuckyTap

Break the Bounty LuckyTap invites players to try and hit the lock on a treasure chest with enough force to break it. That will unleash the coins and score up to 500x their wager.

Flippin Rich LuckyTap

If throwing a coin into a well brings luck, then Flippin Rich LuckyTap is one of the luckiest games out there. There’s a reason this is the best-rated LuckyTap game at Golden Nugget!

Other LuckyTap Slots At Golden Nugget

Here are the other three LuckyTap slots available now at Golden Nugget:

  • Piggy Payouts Bank Buster: Place your bet, press play, and try to hit the piggy bank with enough force to break it open. This game also includes free plays if you hit the three bonus symbols.
  • Fu Bao Bang LuckyTap: This Asian-themed game has players attempting to light the end of a chain of firecrackers. If they’re successful, multipliers are triggered that go up to 500x the wager.
  • Balloon Bash LuckyTap: One of the more carnival casino games of the bunch, Balloon Bash involves throwing darts at balloons, each one marked with a dollar amount. Players can win up to 100x their wager.
  • Test Your Strength LuckyTap: The other textbook carnival game, Test Your Strength is probably exactly what you’re imagining: a hammer has to hit the target hard enough to ring the bell. Players can win 500x their wager if they hear a ding-ding-ding.

No one game is better than another, it’s all about the kind of volatility you prefer, the RTP of the game, and what type of carnival game you’re normally drawn to. Remember to practice Responsible Gaming.

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