Mobile Wagering Dominates In Top US Sports Betting States

The legal sports betting boom in the US continued in October. Overall betting handle in the US topped the $3 billion mark for the first time, as domestic sportsbooks took more than $3.2 billion in wagers.

Each of the top six sports betting states generated more than $200 million in overall betting handle for October. Those numbers are driven by mobile wagering, which proceeded to set US records yet again in a strong October showing.

The following table takes a look at overall handle from each of the top six US markets for sports betting, including what share of handle comes from mobile sports betting. Illinois has yet to release November revenue figures, so this roundup takes a look at the numbers from October 2020.

October 2020 Sports Betting Handle (Top Six US Markets)

Overall Betting HandleMobile Betting Handle% Handle From MobileMTM Handle Change
New Jersey
$743,899,049 92.6%
$659,222,395 $376,842,105 57.2%
$525,802,524 $472,276,003 89.8%
$434,310,957 $409,543,119 94.3%
Indiana$230,932,251 $191,579,593 83%+11.3%
Colorado$210,719,821 $206,441,153 98%+1.5%

1. New Jersey ($803,096,172 overall, 92.6% from mobile)

New Jersey set all-time US records for overall betting handle, online handle, and online sports betting revenue in October. The Garden State produced more than $743 million in monthly handle from mobile betting.

New Jersey’s online betting handle alone eclipsed the overall handle figures from any other US state. Mobile wagering accounted for 92.6% of wagers in October.

The COVID-19 pandemic prevented Atlantic City casinos from running at normal capacity for most of the year. Mobile sports betting apps, however, show no signs of negative effects from the shutdown of their parent casinos.

The mobile share of overall handle has steadily increased from the beginning of the year. Around 80% at the beginning of 2020, that number went over the 90% mark in September and climbed even more in October.

The October reports from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement can be viewed here.

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2. Nevada ($659,222,395, 57.2% from mobile)

Nevada’s retail sportsbooks take a bigger share of overall handle than any of the other states in this month’s roundup, by far. The world’s most robust land-based casino economy was still outperformed by mobile apps in the sports betting handle category in October, however.

With 57.2% of wagers coming from mobile apps, remote sports betting produced the majority of overall betting handle in Nevada for October. The Silver State’s online sports betting economy functions in a unique fashion compared to the other states on this list, especially considering the viability of retail sportsbooks on the Las Vegas Strip.

William Hill Sportsbook dominates the Nevada online betting economy, and US-leading brands like FanDuel and DraftKings aren’t available in Nevada as of now. Still, mobile betting plays a vital role in Nevada’s sports betting landscape.

The October figures from the Nevada Gaming Control Board can be seen here.

3. Pennsylvania ($525,802,524, 89.8% from mobile)

Much like neighboring New Jersey, Pennsylvania hosts a flourishing sports betting marker powered by mobile betting. Pennsylvania experienced new highs in overall handle, mobile betting handle, and mobile betting revenue in October.

Pennsylvania trailed only New Jersey in October mobile betting handle. The Keystone State’s online sportsbooks generated more than $472 million in bets in October.

Nearly 90% of overall handle comes from online sports betting platforms in Pennsylvania. The state’s top three online sportsbooks include FanDuel Sportsbook, DraftKings Sportsbook, and Barstool Sportsbook.

The monthly revenue breakdown reported by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board can be found here.

4. Illinois ($434,310,957, 94.3% from mobile)

Illinois sports betting handle exploded in October, driven by a mobile industry that produced 94.3% of all wagers. Illinois sportsbooks took in more than $434 million in bets in October, with $409.5 million of that total coming from online wagering.

The October overall handle figure represents a 52.3% increase month-to-month over September. Illinois ran away from Indiana and Colorado in October, bringing in nearly as much handle as those two states combined.

Illinois laws generally require in-person registration for an online sportsbooks account, but that mandate has been waived several times due to COVID-19 considerations in 2020. The waiver currently extends to January 9, 2021. The success of Illinois mobile sports betting sites could lead Illinois lawmakers to consider waiving the in-person requirement for good.

The interactive reports from the Illinois Gaming Board can be viewed here.

5. Indiana ($230,932,251, 83% from mobile)

Indiana took over the No. 5 spot from Colorado among US states in the October betting handle rankings. The Hoosier State saw new benchmarks reached in overall handle, mobile betting handle, and mobile betting revenue in October.

Indiana’s status as a top-five sports betting market in the US was driven by 83% of handle coming from mobile wagering. DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and PointsBet compete as the top four mobile sportsbooks in the Indiana market.

The monthly breakdown from the Indiana Gaming Commission can be viewed here.

6. Colorado ($210,719,821, 98% from mobile)

Colorado’s flourishing sports betting industry topped $210.7 million in October, the best month yet since legal sports betting launched in the state in May. Mobile wagering props Colorado’s sports betting economy more so than any other state.

Online sportsbooks produced 98% of overall wagers in October. Retail sports betting is limited to three small mountain towns and two tribal casinos in Colorado, and the trend of nearly 100% of wagers coming from online will probably persist for the foreseeable future.

The breakdown from the Colorado Division of Gaming can be viewed here.

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