What Is The Best Free Casino Game? 5 Reasons Slots Are Number One

Legal online casinos are available in five US states (Learn more about Connecticut casinos, Michigan casinos, New Jersey online casinos, Pennsylvania online casinos, and West Virginia casinos, but most US players have access to games for cash prizes at sweepstakes casinos. And of all those free games on offer, what is the best free casino game?

In a word: slots.

Slots are immensely popular, and the biggest reason is just how easy it is to play the huge number of slots available online – and for free. Most online slots games are available for demo play too, including all the free slots to play on Bonus.com. These are the five reasons why slots are the best free casino game.

1. Biggest Variety

There are thousands of titles to choose from when it comes to real money online slots. Each game will have its own rules and payout structures, but there are many similarities between the different games.

The key is understanding the rules, the payout structure, and knowing the Return To Player (RTP) percentage of any particular game. The best way to learn about how an online slot game works is by playing it for a while to get a feel of the game – and you can do exactly that for free.

Online casinos, such as Golden Nugget and DraftKings Casino, offer free versions of their slots games for players to find the game that is best for them. In fact, you don’t even need to create an account at either of those online casinos to play all their slots for free.

Some players prefer to play online slots with high RTP rates while some prefer high slots volatility, including those that offer progressive jackpots that can grow to over a million dollars.

2. Available At All Sweepstakes Casinos

In most US states, sweepstakes casinos also offer slots for a chance to win cash prizes. These are great options for folks looking for New York online casinos or California online casinos.

Sweepstakes casinos are required by law to offer their games with no purchase necessary. That means it’s entirely possible to turn free sweepstakes coins into a cash prize by hitting it lucky on the slots. Plus, you can purchase more coins to continue playing, or log in once per day for free coins that way.

Here’s our complete guide to sweepstakes casino gaming.

3. Always Offers Demo Play

Players can go to the online casino of their choice and choose which slot game they would like to try for free – without having to open an account. This “demo play” is the best way for potential players to “test drive” the free version of the slots game of their choice.

For example, say a player wanted to demo play the popular Cleopatra 2 game. Without having to open an account, the potential player could try the game completely for free.

If it is a game they would like to play, they would then have the option to open an account, fund that account and start playing for real money. Many online slots players go this route before playing new games.

But, there is also an option to open an account with the very popular no deposit bonus, which gives players free money at real-money online casinos.

4. Most Associated With No Deposit Bonuses

As the name implies, a no deposit bonus is a bonus that online casinos will offer to new players without the players having to deposit money into their newly-opened accounts.

For example, New Jersey no deposit bonus codes offer nearly $200 in free money while the Pennsylvania no deposit bonus codes offer $125 in free money.

Unfortunately for players of blackjack and roulette, no deposit bonus codes usually only apply to slots. Fortunately for slots players, that means the chance to win massive jackpots without actually risking any of their own money. 

No deposit bonus codes are as simple as they sound. Players can open an account, receive the bonus money, and use that money to play the real version of the game without adding money to their casino account. That’s a textbook win-win offer.

5. Best Playthrough Requirements

Playthrough requirements are simply the number of times a player has to wager their bonus money before withdrawing associated winnings. This prevents someone from opening an account, getting a no deposit bonus, then making a withdrawal without actually playing any of the games.

The online casinos are in the business of providing fun, fair, and enticing games for people to play, not giving away free money. But the playthrough requirements are usually different depending on the game. For instance, if a certain casino places a 5x playthrough requirement on slots, a player who received a $10 bonus would have to wager $50 on slots before being able to withdraw any portion of that initial $10.

It does not mean a player has to lose $50, it simply requires the player to wager $50, which is 5x the bonus. If a player wins $1,000 on their very first spin, they would still have to wager a minimum of $50 in order to be able to withdraw the first $10 received as a bonus.

Some playthrough requirements are as low as 1x on certain games, and some can be as high as 30x. Some games other than slots may have additional requirements. Some games aren’t even eligible for no deposit bonus play at all. 

But slots always contribute 100% toward the playthrough requirements. That’s arguably the best reason of all that slots make the best free casino games.

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Ryan Dickey

Ryan Dickey

Ryan Dickey has worked in the gaming industry for parts of three decades, with stints at two Las Vegas casinos, as a journalist covering horse racing, and in the sports betting realm as part of a handicapping service. Once again a Vegas resident, he continues his involvement in horse racing as an owner and public handicapper. He has a penchant for online casino offers as well as finding opportunities on various sports betting platforms.
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