Win Prizes in Global Poker’s Rattlesnake Open VI

The Global Poker Rattlesnake Open VI has officially begun, and with it comes a massive prize pool. For those unfamiliar, the event consists of 21 days of events, including 109 GC events and 109 SC events. Below, we’ll go over all the Rattlesnake Open details including events, prizes, and more.

What is the Global Poker Rattlesnake Open VI?

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The Global Poker Rattlesnake Open VI is a 21-day-long series of events, consisting of Freerolls, daily login bonuses, purchase offers, and tournaments. It runs from May 8, 2023 to May 28, 2023, and features all of the below:

  • 109 GC events
  • 109 SC events
  • 216 unique Rattlesnake Open VI trophies
  • Main Events GC40,000,000 & SC200,000 in total prizes guaranteed
  • GPC Rattlesnake 01-H: NLHE GC 20,000,000 Guaranteed
  • GPC Rattlesnake 01-H: NLHE SC 40,000 Guaranteed
  • New Rattlesnake Open Champion Packs, including Rattlesnake Open VI-specific merchandise

All in all, there’s a lot of fun to be had here for new and existing players alike.

Global Poker Rattlesnake Open VI Prizes

With so many events, there’s a truly massive prize pool spread throughout the promotional period. To help you decide when and what to play, and to get a birds-eye-view of everything on offer, we’ve put together a table below.

Main Prizes

Opening Freeroll (May 7)GC2,000,000 and SC5,000
GC Events*GC896,500,000 in total prizes guaranteed
SC Events**SC1,943,000 in total prizes guaranteed
Main EventsGC40,000,000 and SC200,000 guaranteed

* GC Events Schedule

** SC Events Schedule

Special Events

Rattlesnake Open VI Mother's Day Prizes

Aside from the events above, there are also special events scattered throughout the Rattlesnake Open VI that offer prizes including clothing (hats, socks, shirts), and even a temporary tattoo. These include:

  • Lost Sock Memorial Day Tournament (May 9, 9:30 p.m. ET): The top 20 GC players will win custom-branded Global Poker socks, while the top 20 SC players will win a classic Global Poker cap.
  • Mother’s Day Tournament (May 14, 5:30 p.m. ET): The top 20 GC players will win a unique t-shirt and a temporary tattoo, while the top 20 SC players will win a Global Poker t-shirt.
  • Champion Pack: All event winners from GC and SC events win an exclusive Champion Pack that consists of scaled-up goodies, including a Rattlesnake Open VI trophy.
  • GC Event Winners: GC winners will receive a Rattlesnake Open VI trophy and Rattlesnake Open VI swag, including a hoodie, t-shirt, and cap.
  • SC Event Winners: SC winners will take home core apparel prizes, including a classic Global Poker hoodie, t-shirt, and cap in their choice of color.


If you’re looking to see how much you stand to win based on your leaderboard position, you can find each laid out below.

Gold Coin Leaderboard

1st PlaceGC5,000,000 + Rattlesnake Open VI hoodie, t-shirt, and cap
2nd PlaceGC1,000,000 + Rattlesnake Open VI t-shirt and cap
3rd PlaceGC900,000 + Rattlesnake Open VI t-shirt and cap
4th PlaceGC800,000 + Rattlesnake Open VI T-shirt
5th PlaceGC700,000 + Rattlesnake Open VI T-shirt
6th PlaceGC550,000 + Rattlesnake Open VI T-shirt
7th PlaceGC450,000 + Rattlesnake Open VI cap
8th PlaceGC350,000 + Rattlesnake Open VI cap
9th PlaceGC250,000 + Rattlesnake Open VI cap
10th PlaceGC100,000 + Rattlesnake Open VI cap

Sweeps Coin Leaderboard

1st Place$2,500 in cash, opportunity to represent Global Poker at a Live Event and another $2,500 to help with this + Global Poker hoodie, T-shirt & cap
2nd PlaceSC1,000 + Global Poker T-shirt & cap
3rd PlaceSC900 + Global Poker T-shirt & cap
4th PlaceSC800 + Global Poker T-shirt
5th PlaceSC700 + Global Poker T-shirt
6th PlaceSC550 + Global Poker T-shirt
7th PlaceSC450 + Global Poker cap
8th PlaceSC350 + Global Poker cap
9th PlaceSC250 + Global Poker cap
10th PlaceSC100 + Global Poker cap

Hometown Heroes

Last but not least, winners can nab some extra discount offers and potential FREE SC and GC by showing off their trophies and Global Poker merch on the Global Poker social media channels.

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