Win BetRivers Casino Bonus Codes With RushRaces In Michigan

Online casino players in Michigan can compete head-to-head for BetRivers Casino bonus codes with the new RushRaces daily tournaments. These leaderboard tournaments give all players the chance to win a daily bonus code up to three times per day at BetRivers Casino.

The RushRaces feature is part of the RushArena tournament engine that BetRivers rolled out late last month. It’s inspired by the popularity of the casino’s free daily Bingo games, as well as the inaccessibility of big prize pool tournaments at other online casinos.

How RushRaces Work

The RushRaces at BetRivers Online Casino allow every player to participate in one daily prize pool tournament per day. Players can also purchase additional automatic entries in the Bonus Store using iRush Rewards loyalty points.

Otherwise, a RushRace works the same way as any other slots prize pool tournaments, just at a smaller scale. Players bet on the select game. The more they bet, the higher up the leaderboard they climb. The top 20 players receive a prize, with the best overall player receiving the grand prize (biggest BetRivers Casino bonus code).

Types Of BetRivers Casino Bonus Codes You Can Win

You can win three types of prizes by playing RushRaces at BetRivers:

  • 1x Bonus Money: Most of the time, the top prize will be bonus money that’s tied to the famous BetRivers 1x playthrough requirement. That means you just need to bet the bonus amount once to turn it into withdrawable cash.
  • Bonus Store Points: The Bonus Store is where you can gain additional entries to RushRaces as well as purchase bonus money, free spins, deposit-match bonuses, and beyond.
  • Other Promotions: There’s no telling what BetRivers Casino could offer as prizes in a RushRace prize pool tournament. It may even be a physical prize, like tickets to a trip or an electronic device.

Why RushRaces Matter

Prize pool tournaments can be exciting for all levels of players. But when you see you’re hundreds of points behind before the first spin, it can be a big turnoff. So, by hosting three or more RushRaces slots tournaments every day for smaller prizes, more players can feel comfortable participating.

For example, Golden Nugget Michigan is hosting a $500K prize pool tournament for the month of November with a $5,000 grand prize. That’s huge win potential, but it can be a little daunting given the competition. If you’re just now learning about it, you’re over two weeks behind other players building their leaderboard points. It might still be worth going for, especially with the Golden Nugget Casino bonus code: SHARP that gets you $30 free on signup, no deposit required. Use this link to claim.

But the BetRivers RushRaces is for more casual players who want a real shot at winning BetRivers Casino bonus codes.

BetRivers Slots Tournament Going On Right Now

The current schedule of RushRaces at BetRivers include three Wild Wild Gems RushRaces per day. Wild Wild Gems is a classic 3×3 slot with a top prize of 10,000 coins. While the top 20 players receive a prize, the top five players for each daily tournament receive guaranteed BetRivers Casino bonus codes with 1x playthrough:

  1. $50 Bonus Money
  2. $25 Bonus Money
  3. $20 Bonus Money
  4. $15 Bonus Money
  5. $10 Bonus Money

Places 6 through 10 get a wheel spin for $1 to $10 in bonus money. So, technically, you could come in tenth place and win as much as the fifth place player if you have a lucky spin. And places 11 through 20 get a free entry into an extra slots tournament, which can be used that day or later on, your choice.

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