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Heather Fletcher

Heather Fletcher

Heather Fletcher is the lead writer at Bonus, concentrating on online casino coverage. She had her first published byline at age 10, but didn't get paid for her writing until she got her first newspaper job. Fletcher's newspaper career started at Suburban News Publications in Ohio and eventually took her to The New York Times, where she's still a contract freelance reporter for the National Desk. She covers breaking news from Philadelphia, as needed. In March 2021, Fletcher began writing about online casino gambling as the lead writer for Online Poker Report.

Latest articles

$1.5 Billion Powerball Jackpot Sends Searches Soaring 3,500%

November 3, 2022 | By: Heather Fletcher

In 45 states, eyeballs are on the Powerball jackpot today. It’s $1.5 billion now and will only continue to rise as more Americans buy the $2 ticket to Saturday’s drawing. Because of the attention on the likely record-breaking prize, a page on Bonus that helps Powerball ticket buyers pick numbers saw a nearly 3,500% increase […]

Cashless Casinos Gain Analyst Approval With J.P. Morgan’s Aristocrat Note

November 2, 2022 | By: Heather Fletcher

In gambling industry circles, cashless casinos are “of course” propositions. Yes, they’ll happen. Naturally, gamblers want them. Of course, the technology will work. Yet, Wall Street remained largely silent on the topic until now. That changed on Oct. 24, when Sydney-based J.P. Morgan analysts released an analyst note lauding Australia’s Aristocrat Leisure for its cashless […]

Powerball Jackpot $1.2 Billion – Searches for Magic Numbers Quadruple

November 1, 2022 | By: Heather Fletcher

The Powerball jackpot is $1.2 billion for tomorrow’s drawing. Beginning yesterday when the jackpot reached $1 billion and no one won the drawing, searches for the magic numbers more than quadrupled. It seems hopeful Powerball jackpot winners are having trouble picking six numbers for their $2 tickets. Because as tomorrow’s 10:59 p.m. EST drawing approaches, searches […]

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