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What Is Spin the Wheel?

Our spin the wheel is a customizable wheel with infinite options that you can spin to get a random result. Do you have a question that you can’t answered? Use our spinning wheel to decide. Just hit spin and allow the wheel to give you the answer from the answers you provide.

What Can You Use Spin the Wheel For?

There are lots of things you can use this custom wheel spinner for. Use it to pick an outcome from a number of options.  Here are just some of the infinite ideas you can do:

  • To pick the winner of a prize or contest
  • Use to decide the first overall pick in your fantasy sports league draft
  • Random selector for picking who goes first between a group of people
  • To assign people from a list of chores of things that need to be accomplished
  • To be the definitive pick for something you or a group of people cannot decide on

How To Customize the Wheel Spinner

  1. Use the text box on the right to customize the spinning wheel with your own text.
  2. Type something on your keyboard and hit enter to put type in the next entry.
  3. Repeat the process until you have no more entries to enter
  4. Once you’ve finished entering all entries for the wheel, click the spin button in the middle of the wheel
  5. The wheel will spin and announce in a text box the entry it landed on.
  6. Click “Remove” to take away entry from the wheel and spin again without the first winning entry.
  7. Click “Done” when you have completed your spinning of the wheel.

How Many Names Can You Have on the Wheel?

Our wheel offers the ability to have as many names or answers as you want. In the text box beside the wheel, just enter your name and press enter on your keyboard to enter the next name.  You can continue doing this for as many names as you can think of. 

How To Share Spin the Wheel

You can share your custom spin the wheel with friends! Click the share button above the entry box to get a custom link to your wheel or share directly on Facebook or Twitter.

Can You Rig the Wheel to Land on a Name?

You cannot rig the wheel.  Our spin the wheel code is designed to give a completely random result everytime.

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It’s not very common, but some of the top online casinos also run spin the wheel promotions that give their players extra boosts in their bankrolls. 

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