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FunzPoints is not the average casino, but players who enjoy interactive slot games will have a home here regardless of what state they are in. Sweepstakes gaming offers an opportunity to play casino games online in states without legal online casinos. Although not as well known as some of its competitors, it offers some strong options with respect to the types of games it offers. 

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  • Sweepstakes casinos allow for random draws for real prizes without making a purchase
  • Standard mode is free to play and can earn you more raffle tickets to the drawings
  • Highly responsive customer support
  • Legal in every US state except for Washington

FunzPoints Casino Promo Code 2021

FunzPoints Casino Promo CodeUse our exclusive link
Purchase Bonus$20.00
No Purchase Bonus$2.50 free on sign-up
Minimum Deposit$10
Date Last VerifiedSeptember 2021

What Do You Get For A Signup Bonus At FunzPoints Casino

FunzPoints Online Casino offers a no-purchase bonus of $2.50 and an additional $20 bonus on your first purchase. There is no bonus code necessary to receive the purchase bonus; just use the link provided to enjoy. 

Claim offer with our exclusive link at FunzPoints Casino.

Steps to purchase at FunzPoints: 

  • Register for a FunzPoints Account 
  • Go to your email to verify the account
  • Edit and Update Profile 
  • Claim Free $2.50 no purchase necessary bonus 
  • Purchase at least 2,000 Premium FunzPoints to get the maximum bonus

The minimum purchase is just $4.99 (500 premium FunzPoints) while the maximum is $100.

FunzPoints Online Casino: Quick Facts

  • FunzPoints is a Sweepstakes Casino where players can play for free and potentially win cash prizes.
  • There is a $2.50 no purchase necessary bonus, which provides the opportunity to test the premium mode product for free. 
  • The max bonus offered by FunzPoints is a 100% purchase match up to $20.
  • FunzPoints only offers slot games; no table games are currently offered.  
  • Sweepstakes Casinos are legal in every state except Washington.
  • FunzPoints Casino has not developed a mobile app for their product, but they do allow mobile web browsers. 
  • The Daily Casino Jackpot is worth $350 and is divided out between 40 different winners.  
  • FunzPoints is not currently recognized by Visa credit cards so be sure to have other purchase cards readily available. 


  • Sweepstakes casinos allow for random draws for real prizes without making a purchase
  • Standard mode is free to play and can earn you more raffle tickets to the drawings
  • Legal in every state across the US, except Washington


  • Premium playing does not come with a large sign-on bonus
  • Little variety of games; this is only a website for slots
  • There is no mobile app for any device
FunzPointsLuckyLand SlotsChumba Casino
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Purchase Bonus:
First purchase match up to $20
Purchase Bonus:
$10 Gold Coin Package for $4.99
Purchase Bonus:
$30 Gold Coin Package for $10
No Purchase Bonus:
No Purchase Bonus:
No Purchase Bonus:
PayPal Purchases: NoPayPal Purchases: NoPayPal Purchases: No
Cash Purchases:
Cash Purchases:
Cash Purchases:

Full Review Of FunzPoints Casino

FunzPoints Casino is not an ordinary casino. This product is for the player who enjoys slots exclusively and does not have an interest in any sort of table games. Furthermore, when living in a state where traditional online casinos are not yet legal, this is a fantastic alternative.

FunzPoints Casino is legal across the United States (other than in Washington). For players who are there for fun, standard mode is able to offer free play for many of their slot games. The minimum bet in the standard mode is 8 points. 500 points are the cost of a raffle ticket for the Daily Jackpot. The Daily Jackpot does not require any sort of purchase and is what makes FunzPoints a sweepstakes casino and legal throughout the country. 

FunzPoints Casino is strictly for the player who wants to use the $350 Daily Jackpot to their advantage and who lives in a state where online gambling is otherwise illegal. Sweepstakes casino players will not be surprised to learn that FunzPoints does not offer a mobile application. Their competitors like Chumba Casino and LuckyLand Slots also do not have mobile apps. Overall, FunzPoints has a variety of fun games to play and is legal across the country. 

What Is Sweepstakes Gaming

Sweepstakes gaming is specifically designed for players who are not able to play with regular online casinos due to legislation. The idea of sweepstakes gaming offers players the ability to play for free as well as enter raffles with tickets that can be obtained through playing in Standard Mode. This is how Sweepstakes Gaming maintains legality in states that do not typically allow for online wagering. 

How Do You Win Cash Prizes At FunzPoints Casino?

The option for fans to play online for free with the potential to win prizes can be extremely appealing to some. FunzPoints has a $350 Daily Jackpot to entice their players to enjoy the opportunity for free prizes. The points accrued through free play can be redeemed for tickets that are entered into the raffle. One entry into the raffle costs 500 tickets. Players are given 1000 raffle tickets upon the creation of their account. 

What Is The Difference Between FunzPoints Casino And an Online Casino?

FunzPoints Casino is not a traditional online casino. There are no table games or live dealers or anything of that nature. FunzPoints only offers slots and virtual gaming. The option to play for free and still win prizes is a major difference between FunzPoints and your typical online casino.

The other obvious difference is that you cannot play FunzPoints for real money. Instead, your play for cash prizes.

What Is The Difference Between Play-money Games And Sweepstakes Games?

Sweepstakes casinos offer play-money gaming and sweepstakes gaming. Sweepstakes games are played for free and offer the opportunity for cash prizes similar to a lottery-type draw.

At FunzPoints, they offer a Daily Jackpot worth $350. The Daily Jackpot is determined by the luck of a raffle rather than skill. Play-money games are games that are played without having to purchase any coins. In the case of FunzPoints, play-money games are used in the standard mode of their website where you can earn standard points.

Key Features Of FunzPoints Casino

Games offered: Online Slots

Rewards program: No.

Mobile apps: No mobile apps available, web version only.

Purchase methods: Paysafe using credit and debit cards.

Playing limits: Standard Mode is free. Premium Mode: Minimum is 8 points, Maximum is $5,000

States available: Legal across the US besides Washington

How Do Purchases Work At FunzPoints Casino? 

It is not mandatory to make a purchase on FunzPoints Casino as you can play for free. 

However, when players do want to make a purchase at FunzPoints Casino they can follow these steps below:

  • The first step is to fully create their profile. 
  • Once that is complete there will be a green button in the upper-right part of the page that says “BUY.” 
  • A table will pop up there listing the cost of each denomination for FunzPoints.
  • After choosing the number of points, you will be prompted to make a purchase via PaySafe. PaySafe accepts any Debit or Credit Card to make a purchase. 

Players will want to take advantage of the FunzPoints first purchase bonus. The first purchase will give $20 for a $20 purchase. The purchase match is pretty competitive compared to other Sweepstakes Casinos in the industry. 

Available Games At FunzPoints Casino 

Slots In Standard Mode

FunzPoints casino only allows for slot gameplay. The types of games are traditional slot games and can be used in free play and cash games. In order to play for free, you must enter into the standard mode section of FunzPoints.

When entering standard mode you will have plenty of options at your disposal for fun games. Games that are available consist of Kongo’s Adventure, The Java Cafe, Enchantress Luna, Paintball Keno, and many more. Standard mode is a fantastic platform for fans to enjoy lots for free and accrue raffle tickets in the Sweepstakes market. 

Slots In Premium Mode

In premium mode, you will see a few changes in their platform. For instance, upon completion of a purchase, you will no longer see ads. Secondly, the FunzPoints Casino does allow for cash prizes in its premium mode.

Their premium slots are fantastic and give fans the option to play with real money. The premium mode has exclusive premium games that are not available in the standard mode. These games include Criminal Cash, Start Your Engines, Buckaroo Bongo, Chase the 8’s, Game of Crowns, and plenty more to choose from. 

Most Popular Slots

The most popular games on the platform can be found on the website and are labeled popular. In standard mode, one of the more popular games available is the Paintball Keno slot game. Paintball Keno is a virtual game where different numbers are throughout the board up to 80. The board is laid out and you can choose the numbers that you choose. The bet amount determines the numbers you can choose from. The “Paintball Gun” shoots randomly throughout the board and the numbers that you hit equate to the payout that you get. Paintball Keno is clearly a fan favorite and one of the most interactive games you can play. 

One of the most popular premium mode games is called Start Your Engines. This is your typical slot game that features car parts in a 5-row slot. Matching the different types of tools when you click bet. The 5 icons are a female driver, wrench, RPM meter, driver’s helmet, and trophy. These are typical games that can be found on the site and premium mode offers cash prizes when you win.

FunzPoints CasinoLuckyLand SlotsChumba Casino
All states (except Washington)All states (except Washington)All states (except Washington)
44 Slot Games
39 Slot Games90 Slot Games
No table games currently availableNo table games currently available6 Table Games
No live dealer games are availableNo live dealer games are availableNo live dealer games are available

Purchase And Redemption Options

At FunzPoints Casino you can only purchase FunzPoints via PaySafe. PaySafe offers credit and debit cards to purchase these coins. Currently, there are no other payment options for fans to purchase and Visa is not allowing purchases on their website.

Check back as FunzPoints continues to add payment options.

In order to redeem your winnings, fans will go to the cashout options on their website. The minimum cashout on the site is $20 or 4,000 standard mode points + 2,000 premium mode points. 

How Can I Make Purchases At FunzPoints Casino?

Purchase MethodMinimum PurchaseHow long for funds to appear in my account?
PaySafe$10Generally instant

FunzPoints, per its website, is working to add more purchase options to their website. PaySafe does a solid job making purchases a reality but Visa is not currently recognized for purchase on FunzPoints. Be sure to check back in the future as these purchase options become more extensive.

My Credit Card Was Declined At FunzPoints Casino. What Do I Do?

Not every issuing bank for credit cards allows their credit cards to be used for purchasing at Sweepstakes Casino sites. So there’s some chance that your credit card may be declined. For instance, Visa is not allowing purchases at FunzPoints. FunzPoints is working on adding Purchase methods to combat this. In that case, consider the following options listed in terms of relative convenience for the typical purchaser:

  • Use a Mastercard or any other credit/debit card

How Can I Redeem Cash Prizes From FunzPoints Casino?

Purchase MethodMinimum CashoutHow long for funds to appear in my account?
Direct to bank account$2024-48 hours

One thing to watch out for is FunzPoints Casino will be adding more options in the near future as per their website. This is currently the only redemption option on their site. 

How Can I Play FunzPoints Casino?

Google PlayAndroid App. Not yet available. Use browser to access mobile website
Apple StoreiOS App. Not yet available. Use browser to access mobile website
BrowserBrowser. FunzPoints can also be played from any major browser, including Chrome, IE, and Firefox.

How Does Entry By Mail Work At FunzPoints Casino? 

FunzPoints Casino offers fans the option of mailing in for redemptions. This can be done at a limit of one redemption per 5 business days. This is something that many sweepstakes casinos allow for redemptions through mail. The following steps is how you can proceed with a mail-in redemption… 

  • Label an envelope “FunzPoints Sweepstakes” at the top of the page
  • Make sure to include your name, address, FunzPoints display name, and email address that you use with FunzPoints
  • Once the redemption is sent, FunzPoints says to make sure you check your account regularly to ensure that your redemption has been processed. 
  • FunzPoints does state if your handwriting is not legible, you will not receive the redemption bonuses. 
  • Players can receive 1,000 standard points into their standard bank and 500 premium FunzPoints into their premium bank. 
  • Each mail-in entry must keep an eye on their account to ensure their points are added correctly. 

Any questions can be asked via FunzPoints’ email address [email protected]

What You’ll Probably Like About FunzPoints Casino

Sweepstakes casinos allow for random draws for real prizes without making a purchase 

FunzPoints is a Sweepstakes Casino which is required to randomly draw real prizes for no cost. 500 points is worth one raffle ticket. The total jackpot is worth $350. The payouts are listed below and split between 40 players…. 

  • 5- $20 cash prizes
  • 15- $10 cash prizes
  • 20- $5 cash prizes

Customer support is easily available

By emailing [email protected] you will be able to get into contact with their customer support. Any and all issues with their product can go through them. 

Legal in every US state

States that do not allow for legal casino slot playing can find refuge at Sweepstakes Casinos. These are legal in every state in the United States besides Washington.

What You Might Not Like About FunzPoints Casino

No mobile app

There is no mobile app available through FunzPoints but that does not mean you cannot play on the go. There is still the option to use their website through a web browser on your mobile device. 

Only slots are offered on the site

For fans of table games and live dealer games, this is not the place for you. There are only traditional slot games available on this website. 

No major sign up bonus like at traditional casinos

Licensed casinos have the ability to offer extremely generous sign-on bonuses. FunzPoints is not able to offer such a bonus as their max purchase bonus is $20.

Is The FunzPoints Casino Right For You?

FunzPoints has a lot of things that fans will like about it. Their free play option, where you can grab points to exchange for raffle tickets, is quite fun and exciting for slot fans.

Furthermore, in states that do not allow legal online casinos to operate, FunzPoints is a great alternative. When purchasing FunzPoints, you will be able to cash those out for real money and be paid within 24-48 hours. FunzPoints is known as a sweepstakes casino because they have a free mode where you can accrue points and be a part of the $350 Daily Jackpot. 

The game selection is admittedly limited at FunzPoints Casino. However, their platform runs well and is a good alternative for players outside of states with legal online gambling.

Expect FunzPoints to increase their games offered as Chumba Casino has already started by offering table games on the site.

Can I win real money at FunzPoints Casino?

Yes, FunzPoints offers cash prizes for premium mode players. 

How old do I have to be to play at FunzPoints Casino?

18 years or older.

What states allow FunzPoints Casino to operate?

All states in the United States are licensed to operate FunzPoints Casino except for Washington.

How many slots does FunzPoints Casino offer?

Standard Mode: 8 games

Premium Mode: 34 games

Do I have to make a purchase to play at FunzPoints Casino?

No, you are never required to make a purchase at FunzPoints Casino. In standard mode you can play for free anytime. 

What kinds of games does FunzPoints Casino offer?

FunzPoints Casino only offers slot games.

What progressive jackpots does FunzPoints Casino offer?

The $350 Daily Jackpot is the only progressive jackpot offered at FunzPonts Casino. In order to enter you must accrue 500 standard points to redeem for 1 ticket. The ticket can then be redeemed for an entry into the $350 Daily Jackpot drawing.

Does FunzPoints Casino offer a VIP or loyalty program?

No, currently FunzPoints is not offering a VIP or loyalty program for their high rollers.

What other sites operate on a sweepstakes model?

Chumba Casino, Luckyland Slots, and Global Poker are three of the most popular casinos that run the sweepstakes model. 

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