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High 5 Casino is one of the most popular social casinos in the world. First launched in 1995, the site has become a favorite of many over the years since, particularly after moving onto Facebook in 2012. According the company, nearly 17 million players enjoy playing casino games on High 5. High 5 Casino is currently offering 10,000,000 coins to new players with a $9.99 purchase. However, Pulsz Casino is a far better option, as you can win cash prizes by playing casino games. Visit Pulsz today for free premium credits on signup.

As a social casino where players strictly play for virtual currency, High 5 Casino is available in all 50 states. One reason for the site’s popularity is the sheer number of slots titles available on the site. In 2020, High 5 Casino announced it had added its 350th new slot game, and the total keeps increasing.

A second reason for High 5 Casino’s popularity is the consistently high quality of the games available. Here, the social casino benefits greatly from its affiliation with High 5 Games, the well-established creator of real money slots for both retail and online casinos.

High 5 Games appear in casinos on six continents as well as in real money online casinos around the world. Popular and recognizable titles like Da Vinci Diamonds, Secrets of the Forest, Golden Knight and Way Out Wilds are all produced by High 5 Games.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect to find when playing at High 5 Casino, including information about bonuses, the loyalty program, game selection and site features, banking options and customer support.

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High 5 Casino Bonuses December 2022

In addition to having a variety of slots to play, High 5 Casino also features a large number of bonuses. Whenever you log on to play, expect frequent offers of discounts, free coins, free spins and more.

This starts with a special offer for new players. A deposit of $9.99 will get you 10,000,000 coins. No promo code is required. Your coins will be credited within five minutes of your purchase.

Free Coins, Treasure Chests, & Coin Store Discounts

The virtual currency at High 5 Casino is simply called “coins.” New players automatically receive some coins free so they can jump straight into the action.

During a recent trial, the starting gift was just over 2 million coins, equivalent to about a $10 in-app purchase. The price of coins varies according to the amount purchased and your VIP level. Special deals and discounts are frequently available, as well.

As soon as you start playing, more offers for free coins will start rolling in. Generally these require only a click to accept the additional coins.

Players receive a daily bonus whenever they log in for the first time each day, earned by a spin of a wheel. There is also what the casino calls a harvest that builds up over the course of each hour you play and that you can collect at any time.

There are quest challenges that award free coins when you satisfy them. There are also slot tournaments that provide yet more ways to win coins. Also, once you begin playing, a personal treasure chest begins filling with coins. You can “open” the chest and collect the coins for a $1 purchase.

Players can purchase coins directly by clicking the green “Buy” button in the upper left and visiting the coin store. Here are the current prices for a beginning player at the lowest VIP level:

  • $1.80 USD = 336,000 coins
  • $4.50 USD = 960,000 coins
  • $9 USD = 2,400,000 coins
  • $18 USD = 6,000,000 coins
  • $45 USD = 22,800,000 coins
  • $90 USD = 86,400,000 coins

As you can see, the cost per coin goes down as the purchase price goes up. All purchases come with additional VIP points and Lobby Spins (both of which we discuss below).

Note, however, that there are plenty of ways to receive coins for free and enjoy the games without having to purchase anything.

Bonus Player & Game Levels

As you put in time at High 5 Casino, your player level goes up. You’ll notice this advancement at the top of your screen. With every five “level-ups,” you start receiving bigger daily bonuses and harvests as well as better deals in the coin store.

Within each game, you also have a personal game level. That number also increases as you play the game. Your current game level for each game is always visible in the lobby in the corner of each game’s icon. There are “milestone bars” associated with these numbers, and when these are filled, players earn stars and achieve “super stardom.”

Unlocking New Games

New players are initially only able to play a limited selection of games, just seven of the 350-plus available. This starting lineup consists of:

  • A Night of Mystery
  • Double Da Vinci Diamonds
  • Empress of the Nile
  • Goldstruck
  • Russian Wolf
  • Triple Monkey
  • Wellspring

However, the more you play, the more games you unlock. Moving up in player levels, increasing your VIP status and other volume-related triggers unlock new games as you go.

Often you’ll have a choice of which game you’d like to unlock. That’s nice, say, for Da Vinci Diamonds fans or those who wish to play particular games that are initially unavailable when they are getting started.

Lobby Spins

Lobby spins represent another fun “game within the game” feature on High 5 Casino, as well as another way to earn rewards. Lobby spins (or “free spins”) accumulate as you play, the total appearing along the bottom of the screen. Click it to play a simple three-reel slot game that awards free coins and unlocks games.

High 5 Loyalty Program: Club High Five

High 5 Casino has a VIP loyalty program called Club High Five. Players accumulate Club High Five VIP points in a variety of ways.

They can earn up to 15 points per day for playing the games. They can also earn 50 points for every $1 they spend in the coin store. Players can additionally receive points for sending virtual gifts to friends or for sharing their play on social media.

The amount of VIP points a player has determines the player’s VIP level. Everyone starts at Silver, with Diamond representing the highest possible level. Moving up in levels earns better deals in the coin store as well as higher daily bonuses.

Starting with the Platinum level, additional games become unlocked (including some exclusive ones). At the Ruby level, players begin to receive “sneak peaks” at new products, and at Emerald and Diamond, they gain access to a dedicated VIP manager.

All levels also include receiving an email perk containing more bonuses. Those arrive once a month to the lower levels, twice a month to the middle ones, and weekly to those reaching the top levels.

High 5 Slot Games

High 5 Casino calls itself “The Home of Slots,” and indeed slots are the primary focus. The slots library features over 350 titles, giving slots fans a lot of variety. Don’t bother looking for other casino games such as roulette or video poker, because High 5 Casino is all about slots.

As noted above, these games include some of the most popular slot titles around, such as:

  • Beer Barrel Bash
  • Da Vinci Diamonds
  • Eagles’ Flight
  • Golden Knight
  • Secrets of the Forest
  • Shadow of the Panther
  • Way Out Wilds

Many of the games also include a number of special mechanics that are popular with video slots aficionados:

  • 3 for 1
  • Connected lines
  • Lasting loot
  • Locking wilds
  • Power bet
  • Scatter bucks
  • Split symbols
  • Stacked wilds
  • Triple symbols
  • Tumbling reels

High 5 Casino Site Features

The High 5 Casino has a pleasing design with an eye-catching purple-and-orange color scheme. A window in the browser’s center contains all the information, although users will likely want to toggle to full-screen mode when playing.

Along the top and bottom rows are discreet bars showing total coins, player level and VIP status, treasure chest and shortcuts to Club High Five, the coin store and other information.

In the middle are the game icons. They are arranged in alphabetical order, but players have to do a lot of horizontal scrolling to reach particular games. There is a search function, however, to help locate certain titles more quickly. You can also have recently played games, games with jackpots or popular titles show first.

The games take a short while to load, but once they do they run smoothly with crisp animation and a musical soundtrack with punctuating sound effects. (You can toggle the sound on or off.) The changeable bet amount and game level appears along the bottom.

Everything is intuitive and easy to navigate, and in terms of gameplay the slots function as well as you’ll find at any online casino.

Web-Based & Mobile Versions, Links To Other Casinos

The desktop version of High 5 Casino works on most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Safari (among others). However the site does not work on Internet Explorer.

There is a High 5 Casino app as well that you can download directly from the website. There are apps for iOS (Apple) and Android devices, as well as an Amazon app for Android. The apps function in much the same way as the web-based version of High 5 Casino does, with all the same games and features.

Note: Within High 5 Casino there are links to other “sister” casinos also powered by High 5 Games, including:

  • Cats Casino
  • Da Vinci Diamonds Casino
  • Electri5 Casino
  • High 5 Vegas
  • Golden Goddess Casino
  • Golden Knight Casino
  • Hoot Loot Casino

There is no need to create a separate account to play the games in these other casinos. All High 5 products share a single user profile.

Banking Options

The games on High 5 Casino are strictly for coins, the site’s virtual currency. These coins have no real money value, you cannot withdraw them and there are no prizes to be won. This is a purely for-fun casino app.

You can purchase the coins in two ways:

  • Credit card (Visa, Discover, Mastercard, American Express)
  • PayPal

You can store your payment information on the site for quick access, if desired. You can also purchase and use gift cards.

Where Can I Play High 5 Casino?

High 5 Casino is free to play in all 50 US states. Players must be at least 18 years old to play at the casino.

High 5 Casino Customer Support

The site includes a comprehensive and searchable FAQ with answers to many questions you might have about High 5 Casino. For additional help, you can “Submit a Request” and a member of the support staff will respond to your query.

High 5 Casino is active on social media with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. There is also an active High 5 games blog with regular posts that report on new games and offers and list winning players.

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