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Casino Hold’em is an exciting table game where players compete against the house. In other words, your mission is simply to beat the dealer’s hand, which is different from the goal of most poker games. On this page, we’ll go over the basics, Casino Hold’em strategy, and everything else you need to know about this classic game, plus a free demo to practice before you play with real money.

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Casino Hold'em Poker

Casino Hold'em Poker

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Texas Holdem Plus

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Ultimate Texas Holdem

Casino Hold’em Rules

Unlike most other poker games, Casino Hold’em has you play against the house rather than other players. Your goal is to beat the dealer’s hand by combining your hand with a set of shared community cards. Below, we’ll cover the rules of the game.

  • The game begins with an ante. You can also place an AA bet, which pays out if your cards and the first three community cards (the flop) make a hand with a pair of aces or better.
  • Once bets have been placed, you and the dealer will both be dealt two cards. Following that, three community cards, known as the flop, are put down.
  • At this point in the game, you have two options: call (double your ante) or fold. If you fold, the game is over, and you lose your initial ante. If you call, the final two community cards will be put down.
  • Once all five community cards are dealt, your hand and the dealer’s hand will be compared, and the better hand will win. We’ve listed hand rankings below for your reference.
HandPayout (Ante Winning)AA Bonus PayoutHand
Royal Flush100 to 125 to 1Same suit Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10
Straight Flush20 to 125 to 1Any five cards in sequence in the same suit
Four of a Kind10 to 125 to 1Four cards of the same value
Full House3 to 125 to 1Three of a Kind + a Pair
Flush2 to 125 to 1Five cards in the same suit
Straight1 to 17 to 1Five cards in sequence
Three of a Kind1 to 17 to 1Three cards of the same value
Two Pair1 to 17 to 1Two different pairs of same value cards
Pair1 to 17 to 1 (Must be pair of aces)Two cards of the same value
High Card1 to 1NoneHighest card when no other hands are made

Casino Hold’em AA Bonus Side Bet

As mentioned in the rules section, you have the choice of placing a side bet, known as an AA Bonus, before any cards are dealt. This is the only bet in the game that does not depend on you holding a winning hand.

In the simplest terms, this bet pays out when your two cards and the flop (the first three community cards) combine to create a hand that’s equal to or better than a pair of aces.

Casino Texas Hold’em Strategy


Be aware that the house has an edge.

As with any casino game, you should realize that the house will always hold an edge even if you follow the ideal strategy. In the case of Casino Hold’em, that house edge sits around 2.5%. Therefore, don’t always expect to win even when you follow the strategy outlined here, as casino games all have an element of luck and favor the house slightly.


Call with a pair or better.

If your two cards plus the flop create a hand equivalent to a pair or better, you should call. Unlike many poker variants, Casino Hold’em has only one round of betting, so you know that you won’t have to wager more to stay in the game, and having a pair or better to start with sets you up for a potential win.


Call when you have a face card. 

If you have an ace or face card in your hand, you should almost always call. You’re already on the way to creating a high hand. The exception to this is if you have a queen or jack that are different suits from the cards in the flop.


Consider the dealer’s hand.

Always try to think about what the dealer may have. You can make some predictions based on the cards in the flop. For example, if all of the cards in the flop are the same suit, the dealer’s chance of having a flush increases greatly, so if you don’t have at least one card that matches that suit, you should fold.


Fold with low cards.

If neither of the cards in your hand is 10 or higher, you should fold. The exception to this is if you are on the way to a straight or flush.


Use bonus money.

Whenever possible, supplement your own funds with bonus money, whether from new player bonuses or existing player bonuses. Below, we’ve listed exclusive welcome bonuses from our top-rated online casinos.

Play Casino Texas Hold’em for Real Money

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Games Like Casino Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold’em

Of course, the most similar game to Casino Hold’em is multiplayer Texas Hold’em. It’s played almost identically, the main difference being that you play against other players at the table rather than against the house. In Texas Hold’em, there are also multiple betting rounds throughout the game, and your options include raising the ante.

Video Poker

Video poker is also similar to Casino Hold’em in that you are trying to make the best hand possible. The difference here is that you’re simply playing against a pay table, not a dealer or other players. Another difference is that you can choose to replace cards in your hand in hopes of receiving better ones. Video poker also happens to be one of the casino games with the best odds.

Other Poker Variations

There are plenty of poker variations that revolve around creating the poker hands we discussed in this article. Some, such as Stud Poker, Pai Gow Poker, and Four Card Poker, are widely available at online casinos. That said, you’ll find many other variations via a simple search on your favorite online casino.

Table Games With Cards

If you’re into card games in general, online casinos offer many options. These include blackjack, baccarat, and Casino War.

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