$700 Million Powerball Jackpot Has Americans Excited for Another $1 Billion Pot

The Powerball jackpot grew to $700 million on Dec. 27, up $15 million overnight. Lottery officials say the Powerball drawing has Americans so excited that the prize pot rose due to “strong ticket sales.”

Drew Svitko, Powerball product group chairman and Pennsylvania Lottery executive director, suggests that this euphoria may be due to the holidays and the approaching New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day festivities.

He said in a Dec. 27 press release:

This is a fun time to get into the game, especially over the holidays when you can dream big with family and friends.

That’s far more polite language than what Powerball ticket buyers are using in their exuberant social media posts. Many of them say they expect no one to win the Dec. 27 drawing, which would make the jackpot total rise again.

According to Powerball’s “game leaders,” those social media users are accurately noticing a trend.

The site’s Dec. 27 press release said:

This is the fourth Powerball jackpot to exceed half a billion dollars this calendar year.

Bonus noticed it takes about three months for a $1 billion Powerball jackpot to form. That date is coming soon, considering the last time all Powerball numbers matched a ticket was on Oct. 11.

Because a Californian won that $1.765 billion grand prize and another Golden Stater picked up 2023’s other $1 billion-plus Powerball jackpot, Americans are joking that this winner will also live in California.

Bonus found a post with language that can be shared at work:

Powerball 12/27/23

Google shows a snapshot of how Americans search for Powerball numbers beyond using dates that matter to them. Birthdays and anniversaries top the list, but “dream numbers” also show up.

Bonus also notices a spike in interest in the Powerball Lottery Generator page every time the potential winnings near $1 billion.

The Dec. 27 Powerball drawing is no different.

Thousands of Americans looking for help in picking their Powerball numbers are using the page in earnest. They’re spending several minutes per visit to assemble their lists.

By contrast, only hundreds of lottery ticket buyers are using the Mega Millions Generator page.

That multi-state lottery only has a $92 million jackpot that may be won in its Dec. 29 drawing.

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