Washington’s Lottery Ends ‘Test Drive a Win’ Campaign After AI Generates Topless User Photo

Washington’s Lottery has shut down its Test Drive a Win app after its artificial intelligence (AI) tool created a topless image of a female user.

The lottery’s AI-based online marketing campaign gave users the tools to visualize the dream vacations possible with a lotto win. The app allowed users to upload or take a photo that the app’s generative AI would then superimpose onto a dream vacation experience.

However, for Megan, a 50-year-old mom from Tumwater, the app created a photo with her head on a woman’s topless bikini-bottom-clad body, according to an interview with conservative radio host Jason Rantz on 770 KTTH.

More 50 Shades Than $50 Million

According to reports, when Megan (last name withheld) visited the lotto’s new AI-powered site on March 30, she expected entertainment.

Using the Test Drive a Win tool, she launched a dart at a dream vacation board and landed on a “swim with the sharks” option.

From there, Megan told Rantz she used the in-site option to take and upload a selfie. But instead of swimming with sharks, the resulting photo featured her topless, wearing only floral bikini bottoms, seated on a bed, smiling. And, rather than sharks in open water, the bed appeared to be in a room-sized aquarium with goldfish swimming about. A Washington’s Lottery logo watermarked the image’s lower right corner.

Photo credit: Megan, as provided to The Jason Tantz Show

Megan told Rantz she found the result startling. She also said those responsible should lose their jobs.

Our tax dollars are paying for that! I was completely shocked. It’s disturbing, to say the least.

Lottery Pulls Site, Issues Statement

As yet, it is unclear what went wrong with AI, and neither KTTH nor Bonus could authenticate the image.

However, a spokesperson confirmed the lottery received a report indicating the AI system created the described image. Additionally, nearly three hours after Rantz’s show asked about the not safe for work (NSFW) image, the Test Drive a Win site went offline.

A week later, there’s been no change. A message reading, “We apologize. The Test Drive a Win app is currently unavailable,” greets site visitors.

In a statement provided to Bonus, Washington’s Lottery said despite efforts to avoid them, even one mistake is too many.

Prior to launch we worked closely with the developers of the AI platform to establish strict parameters to govern image creation.

We were made aware that a single user of the AI platform was purportedly provided an image that did not adhere to those guidelines. This campaign was launched more than a month ago and has had thousands of images created that all fall within the prescribed guidelines. Regardless, one purported user is too many and as a result we have shut down the site.

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