Casino Loyalty Programs To Improve With Integration Between Konami And Bet.Works

Everyone likes incentives and rewards. Gamblers love bonuses and perks earned through loyalty programs. An announcement today signals the advent of better loyalty and convenience products for gamblers in the near future.

Las Vegas-based Konami Gaming Inc. and Bet.Works are teaming together to produce comprehensive and improved loyalty programs that will serve gamblers at retail locations and casinos, as well as online gamblers. The system allows licensed operators to better validate and authenticate members in a loyalty program, and affords more sophisticated methods for delivering offers, bonuses, and loyalty perks across multiple channels. The effort is built on Konami’s award-winning SYNKROS® casino management system.

According to Tom Jingoli, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Konami Gaming, Inc., “SYNKROS is designed to empower casinos to grow and leverage the latest top technology available, through its robust, dependable, and scalable architecture.

“When we can work together to create more convenience for the player, more growth opportunities for the operator, and more technology advancements for the industry, then everyone benefits.”

About Konami Gaming

Las Vegas-based Konami Gaming Inc. is at the forefront of the manufacturing and design of slot machines and casino management systems. You can learn more about their SYNKROS® casino management system at the product website.

About Bet.Works

Bet.Works, which was recently purchased by Bally’s Corporation, is a U.S.-based gaming services company. Bet.Works specializes in advanced iGaming and sportsbook products and programs.

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