Fanatics Sportsbook Can Finally Take Over the New York Sportsbook It Owns

Fanatics Sportsbook can finally rebrand the New York sportsbook it owns, thanks to an approval on Oct. 3 by the New York State Gaming Commission (NYSGC). The commission okayed Fanatics Betting and Gaming (FBG) transferring the license for PointsBet Sportsbook to its brand, Fanatics Sportsbook.

Today’s approval comes months after Fanatics bought the US holdings of Australian online gambling operator PointsBet. Fanatics agreed on June 30 to pay $225 million for the US holdings that include online casino and sports betting licenses in several states.

Fanatics Kentucky is the newest out of five other states to go live under the Fanatics Sportsbook brand.

However, on Aug. 3, NYSGC Chairman Brian O’Dwyer said New York gaming officials would look “closely” at Fanatics’ marketing and advertising approaches to ensure the state didn’t repeat past mistakes.

So when FBG began rebranding its apps to “PointsBet, a Fanatics Experience” on Aug. 31, Fanatics didn’t do so in New York.

That’s perhaps why a Fanatics representative jokingly confirmed today that the commission and staffers put FBG “through the wringer” to gain this approval.

FBG emailed Bonus a statement this afternoon:

Today, the New York State Gaming Commission approved Fanatics Betting and Gaming’s acquisition of PointsBet New York LLC.

We would like to thank the commissioners and staff of the New York State Gaming Commission for their time and effort in delivering us some great news today.

We look forward to working with the staff of the New York State Gaming Commission to bring the Fanatics Sportsbook to the largest sports wagering state in the US.

New York is No. 1 in US sports betting revenue.

New York Sportsbook, Not Sports Collectibles

O’Dwyer asked Fanatics representatives today to ensure they don’t provide Topps trading card promotions to sports bettors. Fanatics owns Topps.

He said some of those collectibles depict superheroes and other images that appeal to minors like his grandchildren.

A Fanatics representative responded to O’Dwyer that Fanatics isn’t advertising trading cards with superheroes to sports bettors. Plus, he said, Fanatics ensures the customer data it uses for cross-promotions includes adults of legal gambling age before Fanatics engages in any sports betting promotions.

O’Dwyer’s question coincidentally related to language the commission approved today about marketing and advertising to minors or using images of anyone under 21 to promote sports betting. Those safeguards were in tightened sports betting ad regulations.

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