Five Problem Gambling Podcasts Bringing Recovery to Light

Gambling-related content is seeing a huge uptick alongside the expansion of regulated gambling in the US, and that includes a healthy dose of content about responsible gambling and dealing with gambling addiction. It’s a refreshing counterpoint to gambling streams on Twitch and Kick, sports betting shows, and endless, oft-complained-about advertising.

HBO Max is even betting on a new comedy, How to Be a Bookie, starring Sebastian Maniscalco and Charlie Sheen. As gambling becomes more mainstream, it’s important that people have access to information on how to enjoy it responsibly.

Podcasts are becoming popular for sharing problem gambling stories and supporting a niche audience. Notably, many hosts are sharing their real-world experiences with gambling harm.

Gambling Problem? There’s a Podcast for That

Podcasts have proven such a popular way to reach the masses that even state gambling regulators are getting involved.

In April, Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) launched Double Down, a monthly podcast hosted by executive director Henry Williams. Five episodes in, its clear responsible and problem gambling will figure prominently.

But when it comes to podcasts devoted to problem gambling, it’s not regulators taking the lead—usually, it’s former gamblers. And they’ve got a lot to say that’s worth sharing.

In the past, we’ve plugged our frequent interviewee Jamie Salsburg and his After Gamling PodcastBut there’s a lot more out there. So, we’ve combed the airwaves, uncovering a virtual trove of problem gambling podcasts.

Here are five more we think are worth checking out and where to find them.

Five Problem Gambling Podcasts Worthy of Your Time

Don’t get us wrong, there are more than five—but these will surely get you started.

All In: The Addicted Gambler’s Podcast

Creator and host Brian Hatch started All In in 2015 after a 14-year struggle with gambling harm. According to Hatch, All In was the world’s first problem gambling podcast.

Over the past eight years, All In has published over 265 episodes spanning personal stories and academic or clinical points of view. The show also regularly features perspectives from public health and examines responsible gambling narratives.

In one recent episode, Hatch, Caitlyn Matykiewicz, and Nakita Sconsoni from Cambridge Health Alliance Division on Addiction discuss Massachusetts‘ gambling screening day and its importance.

Screening Day is a grassroots effort the Division of Addiction started in 2014 to promote screening for gambling disorders. The event, which celebrated its 10th year in 2023, happens annually on the second Tuesday in March.

In another recent show, Hatch speaks with author and podcaster Maria Simon for a “lived experience” episode. Simon is a middle-American housewife and homesteader who unexpectedly became addicted to slots.

She also hosts The Feeling Better, a podcast tackling compulsive gambling addiction with a faith-based approach.

Where to listen: Apple | Spotify | Libsyn

The Problem Gambling Podcast

The Problem Gambling Podcast is an awareness-raising project of Extern Problem Gambling, an arm of the registered charity Extern Ireland.

Presented by addictions counselors Barry Grant and Tony O’Reilly, the podcast series published 70 episodes before taking a break in 2022.

In those episodes, listeners will find interviews with former gamblers and problem gambling advocates. They’ll also find deep dives into challenging ideas that benefit from O’Reilly’s IRL experience of gambling harm.

There hasn’t been a new TPGP episode for eight months. Still, as recently as April, it was number 13 on Apple’s Irish mental health podcast ranking.

Where to listen: Apple | Spotify

Fold ‘Em: Help for Gambling Problems

Fold’ Em is hosted by problem gambling counselors making it a little different from the other podcasts on our list. That said, the show’s 62 episodes highlight experience and guidance from those with firsthand experience overcoming gambling addiction.

A project of British Columbia’s (Canada) Gambling Support BC, Fold ‘Em dishes “straight talk” about the fall-out from gambling.

The podcast aims to help listeners looking to stop to scale back their gambling. It’s also there to help loved ones take back control.

One recent episode offered comprehensive tips to prevent a problem gambling relapse. It also shared how to create a relapse plan should problems resurface.

Where to listen: Apple | YouTube.

Hello, My Name is Craig

Host Craig Carton is a New York-based radio and television personality. These days, he hosts WFAN’s #1 afternoon-drive program, Carton and Roberts, with cohost Evan Roberts. He also hosts The Carton Show on weekday mornings on Fox Sports 1.

In 2017, Carton hosted another show on WFAN, Boomer and Carton, with former NFL star Boomer Esiason. The show became the most listened-to show in WFAN history.

However, in September that year, the FBI arrested Carton for wire and securities fraud. He resigned from WFAN, was tried and convicted, and spent a year in federal prison. He’s since admitted compulsive gambling helped land him in that hot seat.

When he got out, Carton returned to WFAN and the airwaves. But this time, in addition to Carton and Roberts, he hosts Hello, My Name is Craig. The weekly podcast and public service program examines gambling addiction and promotes responsible gambling.

On the show, Carton mainly speaks with other gamblers in recovery. He also welcomes guests from the industry to talk about available problem gambling support.

In one recent episode, Carton spoke with a woman named Emily about her perspective as the wife of a compulsive gambler.

Where to listen: Apple | Spotify | Audacy

The Broke Girl Society

Christina Cook is a compulsive gambler in recovery and the creator of The Broke Girl Society.

Through the podcast, Cook aims to bring awareness to the harm problem gambling can create. She also seeks to ease the extra stigma women problem gamblers face.

Recently, Cook welcomed Jody Bechtold, a gambling harm clinician, to share advice on disclosing a gambling problem to the people in your life. Bechtold is CEO of The Better Institute, a counseling service based in Pennsylvania.

Where to listen: Apple | Amazon Music | Spotify

Extra Credit: The Bet Free Life

The Bet Free Life (TBFL) isn’t a podcast; it’s a long-form YouTube show focused on gambling addiction and recovery.

However, we’re mentioning it here because it’s a collaboration between two of the above hosts, Brian Hatch (All In: Addicted Gambler’s Podcast) and Christina Cook (The Broke Girl Society).

On the show, Hatch and Cook talk about addiction, recovery, and the impact of the gambling industry on addiction.

Like their podcasts, TBFL includes interviews with others in recovery, therapists and counselors, and problem and responsible gambling advocates.

Where to watch: YouTube

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