High 5 Games Gets the Regulatory Nod, Pennsylvania Product Launch Imminent

Slots lovers in Pennsylvania can give each other a high five because new games are on the way.

High 5 Games is one of the most original slots developers out there in terms of theme and presentation. Already operating in New Jersey, Michigan, and Connecticut, it has had its eyes on the Keystone State for some time now.

Getting the necessary approvals from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board took some time. The company announced today that it has cleared that hurdle.

Its new Interactive Gaming Manufacturer License covers a dozen games from the company’s catalog of over 200 online slots.

High 5 slots aren’t live in the state quite yet, but it could be only a matter of days now before they appear, depending on the operators.

The company mentions the following as titles that should appear soon at Pennsylvania online casinos:

  • Secrets of the Forest
  • Dangerous Beauty
  • Golden Knight
  • Midnight Eclipse

High 5’s most recent client is DraftKings Casino, having signed a deal with them this May. Once the games launch, however, you should be able to find at least some of them on most sites. In other states, you can find High 5 slots at Golden Nugget, FanDuel, Caesars, and BetMGM, among others.

Adding Pennsylvania means that High 5’s games are now available in every legal online casino state in the US, save for the two smallest markets: Delaware and West Virginia.

What Makes High 5’s Titles Special?

Let’s face it: Slots themes can often give you a strong sense of déja vu. There are only so many games about Cleopatra or herds of buffalo that you can play before they all start to look the same.

At Bonus, we’ve been doing some research that involves categorizing slots themes. We’ve noticed that when we have to test a game because it’s not immediately obvious what category it belongs in, it often turns out to be from High 5.

For instance, Cat to the Future is a furry parody of a certain classic film in the sci-fi comedy genre. It stars *ahem* Marty McFeline” and a MeowLorean time machine.

Betti the Yeti is another popular oddball, presenting a glamorous twist on a hunt for Bigfoot. Its eponymous heroine is, in the company’s own words:

A well-groomed Bigfoot with manicured nails, neatly combed, and accessorized with flowers.

Even when the company is treading more generic ground with titles like Golden Knight, it takes a more narrative approach than most slots manufacturers. Bonus rounds are often preceded by animated cutscenes and feature a change in background and music.

The overall effect is more laidback than many slots. It’s not just about dollars in and dollars out, but about enjoying the characters and animations while you play.

High 5 Featured Slot: Dangerous Beauty

This 5×4 reel video slot exemplifies High 5’s signature combination of elaborate themes and easy-to-understand mechanics. Give it a try with the demo above, no signup required. (Click here if you’re trying to play on mobile.)

It takes its inspiration from martial arts movies and features a sword-wielding heroine and her two pet jaguars – one black, one spotted.

The company’s description reads:

From an early age, she was drawn to the sword – admiring the quickness it demanded and cherishing the power it provided. Now, with her land under siege, she must join forces with heroines of faraway lands to protect what is rightfully theirs.

Despite all that narrative drama, it’s an easy game to play. There aren’t many bells and whistles, just a lot of super stacked symbols, meaning it’s easy to land up to four of any symbol on a single reel, making for big multi-line payouts.

There’s a bonus game triggered by the usual three scatter symbols. Even this is straightforward, however, consisting of free spins with a more favorable reel setup.

On the one hand, that means triggering the feature isn’t as exciting as it is in some slots. However, it also means High 5 isn’t holding back most of the payouts for the bonus feature. You’re more likely to hit some decent payouts from within the main game rather than just watching your balance drop while waiting for the next bonus feature.

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