Is FanDuel Casino Rigged?

After a long dry spell, do you ask yourself, are online casinos like FanDuel Casino rigged? You’re not alone, as casinos have faced that question since the first opened in the 1600s. 

The short answer: no, FanDuel Casino is not rigged.

If you’re playing at one of the legally licensed online casinos in the US, like FanDuel Casino, every game is audited and verified for fairness and accuracy of odds. The results are completely random, determined by built-in random number generators (RNGs) that can’t be manipulated by the online casino, be it FanDuel or any other.

FanDuel Casino Quick Overview

FanDuel has been around for over a decade, starting with fantasy sports. After the 2018 Supreme Court decision to give power to the states to legalize online gambling, the company jumped on board and is one of the pioneers of expanding legal online gambling across the US.

FanDuel Casino is among the top online casinos in Michigan, and it ranks in the top three online casinos in Pennsylvania. FanDuel Casino is also available and licensed in New Jersey, West Virginia, and Connecticut, offering a constantly increasing list of online slots, table games, and live dealer games, making it a one-stop online casino for every need. 

On top of that, the FanDuel Casino promotions offer excellent bonus deals for new and existing players, with transparent terms and conditions that make it simple to play more for less.

Why FanDuel Casino Is Not Rigged

FanDuel Casino is one of the leading online casinos in the US. It has a long history of providing safe and legal gambling services. So, there are multiple reasons FanDuel Casino isn’t rigged:

1. Fanduel Casino Is Fully Licensed & Regulated

To operate in any state, FanDuel must meet applicable laws and regulations. Consumer protection is one of the main objectives of state regulators, who ensure that FanDuel is not rigged and follows all applicable laws.

2. Fanduel Casino Offers Games By Reputable & Trusted Developers

FanDuel Casino doesn’t develop its games. Instead, it offers games by the world’s most reputable game developers, including IGT, NetEnt, White Hat Gaming, Microgaming, and Big Time Gaming. These operators are also beholden to state, federal, and international regulations and best practices, and undergo regular, independent audits to ensure total player safety.

As mentioned, every online casino game uses a random numbers generator (RNG), the same as the random number generators at slots machines in brick-and-mortar online casinos. Game developers include RNG to ensure results are entirely random, legitimate, and match the stated return-to-player. RNG is also constantly audited to ensure it matches what the developer claims.

3. FanDuel Casino Is Part of a Publicly-Traded Company

FanDuel Casino is part of Flutter Entertainment, a publicly-traded, global holding company with a long history of providing legal gambling.

When a company is public, it must share its financial status and future with shareholders and the government. In addition, the information is available for the public to see.

Moreover, publicly-traded companies are subject to financial audits by the respective regulatory agencies in the states where they operate.

If FanDuel Casino were rigged, it would show on reports, and agencies would see it.

4. FanDuel Casino Has Security Features That Protect User Information

FanDuel Casino uses encryption to ensure that all information is safe. In addition, it has teamed up with HackerOne, a leading cybersecurity platform, to protect its users. Players are encouraged to report any suspicious activity directly to HackerOne. 

Additionally, FanDuel Casino has Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. MFA is a security method that requires more than one way to access users’ information. A typical example is receiving a text message or email confirming it was the user trying to enter their profile, not a scammer.

5. FanDuel Casino promotes responsible gambling

FanDuel Casino offers multiple features to ensure its players follow responsible gaming, such as:

  1. User Limits: Players can set limits on their accounts to ensure no overspending
  2. Timeout: Players can set a timeout to ensure they take a healthy time away from gaming
  3. Self-Exclusion: Users can ensure they stay away from gambling with a self-exclusion form
  4. Parental Control: If a player is sharing a computer with an underage person, they can install software to ensure no illegal activities would occur
  5. Account information: The casino has guidelines on passwords, account handling, and other security features for its users to ensure all information is safe

Can An Online Casino Be Rigged? 

Yes, an online casino can be rigged if it’s not legally-licensed. If you’re playing in the US, any real-money online casino offering services outside of legal states are shady, offshore, illegal websites that are known to offer rigged games and do other nefarious practices. 

However, online casinos can’t be rigged if they’re legally-licensed. All the casinos featured on our website are fully regulated, licensed, and legal in their offered states. State regulators constantly audit the operators to ensure the stated RTP is correct and RNG technology is used.

The worst part of an illegal website is that you won’t be able to get your money back or pursue legal action, as these casinos are not within US jurisdiction. That is why you must always choose legal online casinos, like FanDuel Casino, over rigged offshore casinos.

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