Maine Online Casino Bill Tabled As Supica Works to ‘Flip Votes’

The Maine online casino bill that would allow tribes to offer iGaming remains alive in the Senate, even though it was tabled on April 10. LD1777‘s sponsor, state Rep. Laura D. Supica, told Bonus that the bill could still pass before the legislature adjourns on April 17.

Supica, D-Bangor, told Bonus four hours after the April 10 Senate vote to table LD1777 that:

Folks are working to flip votes.

A miracle could happen. The Maine online casino bill could be pulled off life support, approved in both chambers, and signed into law by Gov. Janet Mills.

That makes it the only US online casino bill that still has a chance to pass in 2024.

Its journey hasn’t been an easy one. So far, LD1777 has survived being carried over from 2023, having a hearing aborted due to the Maine State House being evacuated because of a bomb threat, and subsequently spending a month tabled for a month in the Joint Standing Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs.

Online gambling insiders could be forgiven for calling Maine a longshot to become the next legal iGaming marketplace.

The LD1777 Miracle’s Requirements

The Maine online casino bill, which includes a 16% tax rate on operators, failed on April 9 in the House.

After the three-vote defeat, Supica explained how the Senate could still approve LD1777 and send it back to the House for another vote.

On April 9, the “ought to pass as amended” version of LD1777 failed 74-71. On April 10, the same version failed in the Senate 20-14.

However, Supica succeeded in getting the House to forward LD1777’s “ought not to pass” report from the committee.

She explained to Bonus on April 9:

The hope is the Senate will pass and we will recede and concur. Now, folks are on the record and folks can try to flip their votes.

That hasn’t happened yet.

On April 10, Senators tabled the “ought not to pass” version of LD1777 in a 27-7 vote.

Bonus will continue to monitor the bill.

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