New York Casino Application Deadline Set By Siting Board for 3 Downstate Licenses

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On June 27, 2025, New Yorkers will know which developers are serious about building casinos downstate. Because that’s the due date for formal applications for full commercial casino licenses.

Until now, New York City residents have only seen public relations campaigns and rumors about entities interested in building casinos or expanding existing ones. On June 27, 2025, the body ultimately selecting winning bidders for those three licenses expects applications to be submitted.

After that, the applicants’ names may become public in as few as 30 days. However, the siting board didn’t state if the original licensing process timeline would remain the same for that information to become public knowledge.

On June 27, 2024, the New York State Gaming Facility Location Board (NYSGFLB) met in Harlem. The board, appointed by the New York State Gaming Commission (NYSGC), is tasked with recommending to the commission which bidders should be selected for the casino licenses.

The meeting came 20 days after the New York State Legislature passed SB9673 to “accelerate” the licensee selection process.

Indeed, the siting board members mentioned the bill that hasn’t yet been signed into law by Gov. Kathleen C. Hochul. Plus, they had to vote to refresh the rules for the process they started on Jan. 3, 2023. The original timeline stalled on Oct. 6, 2023.

During the June 27 meeting, NYSGFLB Chairwoman Vicki Been told siting board members:

We don’t have to wait for the governor.

Timeline Doesn’t Match SB9673

Siting board member Stuart Rabinowitz said Aug. 31, 2024, is “too soon” to request formal applications for downstate retail casino licenses. That’s the application deadline outlined in SB9673.

However, siting board members agreed that they would adhere to the deadline if Hochul signed the bill into law.

The deadline they unanimously approved — June 27, 2025 — would allow would-be applicants to square away their land use processes before the deadline. That includes zoning and environmental impact studies.

NYSGC Executive Director Robert Williams answered Rabinowitz’s questions about the current law. Williams said that, yes, the siting board can only consider applicants with approved zoning.

State Sen. Joseph P. Addabbo Jr. told Bonus on June 25 that while he would rather see due dates “codified,” he was happy to see licensing process deadlines.

Addabbo, D-Woodhaven, sponsored SB9673. Using the bill’s deadlines, the state could see $2.75 billion to $3 billion in revenue from application and licensing fees in 2026, he said. Revenue is slated to fund the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).

Responding to Developers

Speaking of deadlines, Williams informed siting board members that he would get the commission’s answers to them regarding questions would-be license applicants submitted on Oct. 6, 2023.

He said he would send them a draft of responses “within a month”:

So, that way, you guys can take a look and review and make amendments as you so choose and then publish this as soon as you’re all comfortable.

Been said:

Knowing that people have waited for those answers, we will move quickly.

New York City Residents Involved

Been said the new schedule requires New York City Community Advisory Committees (CACs) to work during Summer 2025 and into September to seek input from residents.

CACs will be appointed once the siting board receives the license applications.

Been added:

We recognize that that’s a hardship, but it’s necessary to keep to the schedule.

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