Ohio Sports Betting Tips – What To Know Now That It’s Live

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Ohio sports betting is finally available online, which means bettors in the state have access to some of the best sportsbook apps in the country. But where do you start, and how do you get the most out of your betting funds? Here are some Ohio sports betting tips that bettors often overlook.

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1. Claim All the Ohio Sports Betting PromotionsOhio sports betting apps on iPhone screen including DraftKings, BetMGM, and Caesars.

Around launch is the best time to join Ohio sportsbooks. Even if you already did the pre-launch offers, there’s a good chance you can find a few more to claim. The best Ohio sports betting promotions include deals from DraftKings, Caesars, BetMGM, and more, so it truly doesn’t get better than this launch day.

Once the dust settles, online sportsbooks will be more focused on retention than acquisition, which means you can expect the deals to be at their best right now for signup, then get better over time for existing customers. This is based on the many other online betting launches we’ve covered across the US.

2. But Claim Each Promo One at a Time

A classic mistake is signing up for all the online sportsbooks on day one, burning through all the promotions, and then hoping a new sportsbook will launch to claim more. It’s a much better idea to try to maximize your favorite promotion upfront rather than spread your budget across multiple sportsbooks. That way, you can move on to the next promotion once you’ve gotten the most out of the one before it.

3. Read the Promo Terms & Conditions

We’re all used to ignoring terms and conditions that come from companies we trust, and legally-licensed online sportsbooks should be trusted… for the most part. However, the promotions can have some terms and conditions bettors may not be expecting, such as:

  • Minimum Odds: Many of the signup offers involve second-chance deals or free bets, but they may not apply to short odds. In many cases, the minimum odds can fall between -300 to -200, meaning -150 and +100 would qualify but -350 would not.
  • Restricted Features: When using bonus money or free bets, you likely can’t use cashout options, and you may be restricted from certain types of parlays.
  • Style of Payback: For second-chance promotions, a lost bet can be refunded as betting credits, multiple free bets, or a single free bet equal to the wager. The terms and conditions will specify which type of refund you can expect.
  • Time Limit: You’ll likely have to use your free bets within 7 days of receipt.
  • Wagering Requirements: Some bonus money and free bets are subject to wagering requirements (also known as playthrough requirements), meaning you have to wager the amount a certain number of times before it’s turned into real-money available for cashout.

4. Shop Around for the Best Odds

Shopping around for the best odds sort of goes against the second tip, but not really. It shouldn’t take you too much time to play through the initial, but even still, you can check the odds at different sports betting sites and apps without signing up for an account. If a sportsbook offers better odds on an event, chances are they offer better odds on that sport in general.

For example, let’s say you want to place a $100 bet and find +100 odds on BetRivers, then check DraftKings and find +120 odds. If you bet with BetRivers and win, you missed out on $20 in winnings. (Those are just examples, BetRivers can have better odds than DraftKings and vice versa, which is why it’s always worth shopping around.)

5. See Win Potential Before Placing the Bet

New bettors might find it intimidating to go up to the counter at an in-person sportsbook and place a wager. The way American odds are displayed, it can get a bit confusing. But with a sports betting app, you can simply select some bets, type in a wager, and see what the win would be before submitting the bet. You can also type in the winnings that you want, and the sportsbook will auto-fill the wager size. You can then close out of the bet or submit it if you like what you’re seeing.

6. Check the Odds Boosts Regularly

If you’re a fan of Ohio sports, be it Buckeyes football or Cleveland Cavaliers or any of the other athletic programs that make this such a sports state, you can expect tons of odds boosts specific to local teams. For example, a three-leg Cincinnatti Bengals parlay could be boosted from +300 to +500.

Sportsbooks regularly offer odds boosts on the most popular events.

7. Parlays Are More Fun Than They Are Smart

Look, I love placing parlays. They’re a lot of fun, but they rarely pay out. That’s why sportsbooks boost the odds so much when you combine multiple wagers. The more you have on your ticket, the less likely it is to win. It’s practically impossible to win a 10-leg parlay, but even three-leg parlays will pay out few and far between.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t bet parlays. But sharp bettors aren’t afraid to place minus-money bets, like -300 odds, to lock in the best possible chance of a payout. It’s also a smarter idea to place multiple individual bets on one game rather than combine them into a same-game parlay.

8. Do Every Free Contest

Free is free! While free contests are popular, which means the odds of winning are low, who knows? You could be the one that lucks out and wins it, making every free contest worth playing.

Apps that most commonly offer free contests include DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook, but every app will host a free contest every now and again, especially when it comes to odds on Super Bowl 2023.

9. Make Your Deposit & Cashout Method the Same

In most cases, you need to make a deposit with PayPal before you can use it as a withdrawal method. But if you’re going to use online bank transfer (my preferred method) to cash out, trust me, you want to do it for deposit before doing it for cashout. You’re going to be much less motivated to type in that info when it comes time to get your winnings than you will be when you want to make a deposit.

Plus, deposits with a debit or credit card are often rejected by the issuing bank as part of its automated fraud prevention, which is a pain. Credit card deposits are also often considered cash advance chargers as well, and those come with extra fees. It’s also just bad practice to provide an unnecessary amount of your personal information over the internet, even at extremely secure sites and apps like legal sportsbooks.

10. Practice Responsible Gambling

This often gets overlooked as much as terms and conditions. But responsible gambling is even more important than knowing a promotion’s T&Cs. Some responsible gambling tips include:

  • Bet Like You’re Going to Lose: Every bet has a chance of losing, so it’s crucial that you only bet with money you’re willing to never see again.
  • Keep Track of Your Betting: It’s easy to lose track of how much you’re putting into an online sportsbook. A couple of deposits over the course of a week may not seem like much in the short-term, but doing that every week really adds up. Hey, you can keep track of your cashouts too so you know how much you’re winning. When you see your net spending on sports betting over time, it’s a great way to keep your finances safe.
  • Never Chase Losses: The worst thing you can do if you’re down is bet more to try to be up. More often than not, you’ll be even more down. And if it doesn’t happen the first time, it’ll happen the second time. It always does.
  • Have Other Hobbies: Gambling addiction is a real thing. If a friend’s only hobby were drinking alcohol, you’d likely see that as a problem. The same is true for sports betting.

Now that you’re an Ohio sports betting intermediate, you’re ready to take things up a notch by getting out there and placing bets, doing more research, and becoming the sharpest bettor this side of Lake Erie.

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