Pennsylvania Police Arrest Five Suspected of Cheating at Live! Casino Philadelphia

The Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) have accused five people arrested in Philadelphia of participating in a $170,000 casino cheating scheme involving a table games dealer at Live! Casino Philly.

According to a PSP release, dealer Khai Ho allegedly conspired with a group of players while dealing cards and tiles for baccarat and Pai Gow. Investigators from PSP’s Bureau of Gaming Enforcement, Philadelphia Live! Gaming Enforcement Office claim the cheating occurred “over the course of several days in April.”

As reported by PlayPennsylvania, police made three arrests at Live! Casino Philadelphia in April, and the remaining two arrests last month.

Bonus contacted Live! Casino Philadelphia and the PSP for additional details. Live! didn’t immediately respond to Bonuss request, and the PSP declined further comment.

Investigation Yields Felony, Misdemeanor Charges

Investigators say Ho conspired with several casino-goers to cheat the Live! Philly out of $170,791.25 during a short span in April.

The release directly names three alleged coconspirators to the accused’s crime:

  • Dong Liao, 38, Philadelphia, PA
  • Jessica Yao, 36, Philadelphia, PA
  • Hang Lin, 39, Philadelphia, PA

However, police identified a fifth alleged collaborator by only the last name ‘Tran’ in the incident details. According to PlayPennsylvania, the accused’s full name is Van Tran, though their age remains unknown.

According to the details provided in the incident report, the group’s coordinated deception offered an illegal advantage to defraud the casino.

During the commission of this crime, HO, who is employed as a table games dealer, colluded with patrons in an effort to cheat and defraud the casino. While HO was dealing Baccarat, he would switch hands so it would appear as if the players had won. Those players were then paid out. While HO was dealing Pai Gow Tiles, he would falsely shuffle the tiles, leaving behind hands that were already determined. Players would bet based on the knowledge of the falsely shuffeled tiles and therefore gained an illegal advantage. For this involvement, HO was paid in cash outside the casino by these players.

As a result of the investigation, Felony Theft charges and Misdemeanor Cheating charges were filed against Ho, LIOA, YAO, TRAN and LING.

The case is currently pending a preliminary hearing before the Philadelphia Municipal Court.

Casinos Popular with Gamblers and Thieves

The latest arrests are just the most recent charges brought against groups suspected of attempting to cheat at Keystone casinos.

In March, PSP arrested two employees from Pittsburgh’s Rivers Casino over an alleged “complex cheating conspiracy” police say revolved around a Roulette table.

During the same month, police also arrested six people at Wind Creek Casino in Bethlehem, PA, for an alleged baccarat scam worth $300,000.

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