Roulette Up—New Online Casino Table Game Offers Escalating Payouts on Unique Side Bet

Galaxy Gaming has brought its proprietary Roulette Up—a variation on classic American roulette—to the online casino space for the first time. The game, featuring a unique progressive side bet, is now available at DraftKings Casino, Golden Nugget Casino, and WynnBet Casino across multiple states. The company also plans to launch the game in Canada soon.

Some gamblers may already be familiar with Galaxy Gaming’s patented side bets for blackjack, including the 21+3 variant that has gained popularity at retail casinos nationwide. But the company’s new deal with distribution platform Oddsworks is bringing games like Roulette Up to players for the first time.

The game’s name refers to the progressive side bet, allowing roulette players to win bigger and bigger prizes so long as they keep spinning a number higher than the previous one.

Oddsworks will distribute Roulette Up and future US releases by Galaxy over the next two years.

Matt Reback, President and CEO of Galaxy Gaming, shared his excitement about the launch:

We’re thrilled to partner with ODDSworks to introduce some of our best-in-class table games to online players in North America for the first time. Galaxy Gaming represents the world’s premier collection of table games brands, and this partnership is yet another example of how we are working hard to make our games available to players in casinos, card rooms, and online.

Roulette Up Brings a Twist To Roulette Side Bets

Roulette Up is an American Roulette RNG game with an optional side bet based on streaks of ascending spins.Roulette Up uses a standard American roulette wheel with 0 and 00. All the conventional betting options for a single spin are available: exact numbers, even/odd, red/black, rows, columns, etc.

The difference comes with the side bets. There are two such bets available: Up and Jackpot. Each will play out over the course of several spins. The player can choose one bet or both, but the decisions must be made simultaneously. The Jackpot bet must be exactly $1, while the player can choose the bet size on Up.

After placing the side bets, the first spin sets the number to beat—spinning a 36 is an instant loss since there is no higher number. The player can tweak their standard per-spin wagers between each spin, but the side bets are locked in as long as the streak continues.

With each spin of the wheel, the streak continues if the new number is higher than the previous spin. As long as the player accomplishes this at least once, they are guaranteed to get at least their wager back. Spinning a lower number—or the same one again—ends the streak and pays out based on how long the player kept it going.

Traditional roulette payouts cap out at 35-1 for a bet on a single number. Roulette Up’s side bets allow for a more volatile experience, ranging up to 399:1 on the Up bet, and a progressive jackpot that’s likely to be in tens of thousands of dollars.

Galaxy Gaming Roulette Up Odds & RTP

Bonus has calculated the odds for Roulette Up. Here are the statistical odds and payouts for each length of streak:

Streak Ends After...Payout on $1 Up BetPayout on $1 Jackpot BetX-to-1 Odds% Odds
1 spinLoseLose0.95-151.3%
2 spins$1 (Push)Lose2-133.3%
3 spins$2 (Even Money)Lose7.45-111.8%
4 spins$4 (3-1)$10 (9-1)33.4-12.9%
5 spins$10 (9-1)$20 (19-1)184-10.54%
6 spins$25 (24-1)$100 (99-1)1239-10.081%
7 spins$100 (99-1)$450 (449-1)10,095-10.0099%
8 spins$400 (399-1)JACKPOT88,905-10.0011%

The RTP for the Roulette Up side bet is 77.5%, which is low even by the standards of table game side bets. However, keep in mind that these bets play out over multiple spins. The average duration of a streak is 2.68 spins. Averaged over that period, the house takes 8.4% of the bet per spin, compared to 5.3% of the main game bets.

The RTP for the Jackpot bet depends on the current value of the jackpot. When it is approximately $22,250, the statistical RTP is similar to the Up bet. Below that, the Jackpot bet has a worse return. Conversely, as the jackpot gets larger, the value to the player increases. If the jackpot reaches $42,300, it is a statistically break-even bet. Any higher than that, and the player holds an edge.

More Live Dealer & RNG Games Coming Soon

Through the partnership with Oddsworks, Galaxy Gaming plans to introduce more games soon. That includes Split To Double Blackjack, which also features a progressive jackpot.

Also, more live dealer games from Galaxy are coming to the US, thanks to its relationship with Evolution Gaming. Last year, the two companies announced a ten-year extension to their partnership. At the time, Galaxy’s Director of iGaming & Performance, Jason McCulloch, told Bonus that the deal included two Galaxy games launching at US casinos.

Evolution Gaming is the number one live dealer game provider in the US. The company’s games are available at most top online casinos in the US. However, Evolution’s earlier deal with Galaxy included only the use of some of its patented side bets in the US, like 21+3. Conversely, its international studios offer several complete Galaxy games. They include:

  • Double Ball Roulette
  • Texas Hold ’em Bonus Poker
  • Caribbean Stud

With Roulette Up live and possibly other games like Split To Double Blackjack launching soon, Evolution might introduce additional live dealer games by Galaxy sooner than anticipated.

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