Would-Be Downstate New York Retail Casino Applicants Get Answers From Licensing Board

While no developer names are attached to the questions from possible downstate New York retail casino applicants, all of the content in those queries became public record on Aug. 30.

That’s because today, the Gaming Facility Location Board (GFLB), appointed by the New York State Gaming Commission (NYSGC) to oversee the siting process for three full gaming licenses, released its answers to those queries.

The 613 questions and answers in the 103-page-long document released today touched on subjects ranging from “applicant instructions” to “zoning.”

Next, would-be licensees must submit their second round of questions to the board by Oct. 6.

Again, the board has 30 days to respond to those inquiries.

Only then can the 30-day-long window open for downstate New York retail casino applicants. Perhaps after that deadline, which the GFLB calls the “RFA Return Date,” New Yorkers will learn which developers the board is considering.

However, the board hinted in Answer 4 that the Request for Applications (RFA) Return Date may not arrive for a couple of months:

Submissions will be due by either 4 P.M. Eastern Standard Time or Eastern Daylight Time, dependent on which is being observed on the scheduled RFA Return Date

Daylight Saving Time will end on Nov. 5.

Patience Is a Virtue for Downstate New York Retail Casino Applicants

The board officially began the casino siting process on Jan. 3.

This process for the three downstate casino licenses seems to be moving slower than the 2014 selection of four upstate New York retail casino licensees recommended by the board. From the March 31, 2014, beginning to its Dec. 17, 2014, licensee recommendations to the commission, that board took less than nine months to complete the process.

This board will probably still be active in 2024 with its selection process for downstate casino license applicants.

Once the GFLB requests applications and then makes the developer names public, it will be interesting to see if the list includes companies New Yorkers have been discussing for months.

If those theories are accurate, possible downstate New York retail casino applicants may include:

Then, after the RFA Return Date, the procedure to form the Community Advisory Committees (CACs) to help review the applicants will begin.

Per GFLB Answer 96:

Upon [application] submission, Commission staff will examine the materials to verify that each component part is reflected. The GFLB will not begin reviewing an Application submission in total until the CAC and zoning process has concluded with respect to such Application.

In other words, the board won’t rush this process.

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