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Players looking to get the best value out of their casino games look for the best odds. The better the odds, the better the chances of winning. While all casino games give the house a slight edge over the player, some have a much lower house edge than others.

Best Odds in the Casino

GameRTPHouse EdgeBest Online Version
1. Blackjack99.6%0.4%Blackjack Player's Choice
2. Video Poker99.54%0.46%Jacks or Better
2. Baccarat98.94%1.06%IGT Baccarat
4. Roulette98.65%1.35%French Roulette
5. Craps98.64%1.36%Live Dealer Craps
6. Caribbean Stud98.35%1.65%Live Dealer Casino Stud
7. SlotsUp to 97.87%As low as 2.13%Starmania

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1. Blackjack Odds – 99.6%

Blackjack IGT Screenshot
Blackjack IGT


Blackjack holds the top spot for casino game odds, but it comes with some consideration. Primarily, it’s important to follow perfect blackjack strategy to maximize your RTP and minimize the house edge. Also, there are many blackjack rules that can affect odds in either direction. Here’s how to play blackjack if you’re new to the game.

What Affects Blackjack Odds?

As far as play, sticking to strategy will have the largest positive effect on blackjack odds. Otherwise, make sure to look out for rules that favor the player. Some of these include 2:1 payouts for blackjack, double down bets allowed at any time, and a rule stating that the dealer must stand on a soft 17.

Blackjack Games with the Best Odds

While not commonly available online, the absolute top choice for a blackjack game with the best odds is single-deck blackjack. If you can find single-deck blackjack at a legal online casino, that is hands-down the best option. That being said, we strongly recommend Blackjack by IGT. It’s a straightforward option with player-friendly rules, and perhaps most importantly, it can be found at all US online casinos. Another solid option, as mentioned in the table above, is Blackjack Player’s Choice, available at many online casinos.

2. Video Poker Odds – 99.54%

Game King Video Poker Jacks or Better Screenshot
Game King: Video Poker – Jacks or Better


Video poker is another popular option as it features odds similar to those in blackjack. The biggest difference here is that there is no easy-to-follow strategy like you’d find with blackjack, making the nuances of this game harder to pick up for new players.

What Affects Video Poker Odds?

Video poker odds are primarily altered by the pay table. For example, in Jacks or Better, you receive a payout if your hand is equal to or better than a pair of jacks. In other variants, such as Joker Poker, the minimum hand to receive a payout is a pair of kings, making a win less likely. That being said, players should also take volatility into account; some variations may feature less frequent wins, but bigger payouts for when they do occur. Other than the pay table, all variations of video poker are essentially the same.

Play free video poker at, no signup or download required.

Video Poker Games with the Best Odds

The first example mentioned above, Jacks or Better, tends to be the video poker game with the best odds as it has a low minimum hand value to receive a payout. Better yet, it’s available at most, if not all, US online casinos.

3. Baccarat Odds – 98.94%

Baccarat IGT Screenshot
IGT Baccarat


While not one of the most popular table games, real money baccarat is an underrated option due to both its great odds and relative simplicity. If you’re looking at baccarat vs. blackjack, you should consider more than just their close odds. For example, keep in mind that baccarat is easier to pick up and play than blackjack, especially when rules and side bets are introduced.

What Affects Baccarat Odds?

There aren’t many things that affect baccarat odds, as it’s completely determined by luck. In fact, you won’t even find Baccarat Dragon Bonus variations that involve side bets at US online casinos. Essentially, no matter which baccarat game you choose to play or how you play it, your odds will remain the same.

Baccarat Games with the Best Odds

As mentioned above, baccarat games will generally share the same odds. In terms of the best choice, we lean toward IGT Baccarat as it’s widely available and has a clean, intuitive interface.

4. Roulette Odds – 98.65% (French)

French roulette screenshot
French Roulette Online


An increasingly rare roulette option at land-based casinos (outside of Vegas high roller rooms), French roulette has found its place at online casinos, much to the benefit of online players. When you’re seeking roulette games with the best odds, your first choice should always be the French iteration. (New to roulette? Here’s how to play roulette in the simplest terms.)

What Affects Roulette Odds?

Roulette odds are affected by the spaces on the wheel as well as additional rules. For example, American roulette has two zero spaces, while European roulette and French roulette only have one, already shifting the odds in favor of French roulette. In addition, French roulette features rules known as En Prison and La Partage that further push the odds in its favor. The En Prison rule locks your stake for a second spin if the ball lands in the zero space, while the La Partage rule returns half of your even-odds bet if the ball lands in the zero space.

Roulette Games with the Best Odds

As mentioned above, French roulette is the clear winner of the best odds. Of course, European roulette is another solid choice if French roulette is unavailable. Whatever option is available, absolutely play that one over American roulette.

5. Craps Odds – 98.64% (Don’t Pass/Don’t Come)

DraftKings Craps Screenshot
DraftKings Craps


Craps is arguably the most complicated game mentioned thus far, but some simple bets give solid odds. The Don’t Pass/Don’t Come Line is slightly better than the Pass Line in terms of odds, despite the Pass Line being the most popular bet on craps.

What Affects Craps Odds?

Craps odds are affected most by the bets you choose to place. There is a huge variety of bets and bet combinations, and it’s important to learn optimal strategy if you want to maximize your chances.

Craps Games with the Best Odds

Craps games all essentially share the same rules and odds. However, we recommend playing Live Dealer Craps (a recent addition to the live dealer catalog) as it attempts to replicate the fun and exciting group dynamic that has made craps so popular at land-based casinos.

6. Caribbean Stud – 98.35%

Casino Stud Light & Wonder Screenshot


Caribbean stud, also known as casino stud, is a poker game where players go hand-to-hand against the house. If they win, they at least double their money, up to a 100 to 1 payout for a Royal Flush.

What Affects Caribbean Studs Odds?

Caribbean Stud is essentially the same no matter where you play it. However, playing it with a sound strategy and within your budget will ensure that you maximize the odds, which are 98.35% on average. The hardest part about Caribbean Stud is accepting that you have to give up your initial ante bet and resist risking it every time with twice the bet.

7. Slots – 97.87% (Starmania Slot)

Starmania Slot Screenshot


Although slots’ RTP percentages can be all over the place, some options feature excellent odds. We’d be remiss not to mention those options on this list.

What Affects Slots Odds?

Slots odds are easily the most varied in the casino and can be affected by many different factors. These factors include volatility, bonus features, symbol values, game format, and so much more. The truth is that every slot is different, and finding the option with your ideal RTP/volatility combination is key.

Slots Games with the Best Odds

As mentioned above, some slot options feature excellent odds. Most notable is Mega Joker, which has a whopping 99% RTP on select casinos. However, that high RTP comes with a high minimum bet of $10 (ideal for high roller slots players). More accessible is the Starmania slot, pictured above, which features 97.87% RTP and low minimum bets. Other slots that are still good choices hover in the 97% RTP range, such as Fruit Shop and Butterfly Staxx. These games also generally feature low volatility to prevent massive wins off small bets, although, with slots, anything is possible.

How Odds in the Casino Work

Random Number Generators (RNG)

One of the most important pieces that determines how online casino software works is random number generators (RNG). Every legal, regulated online casino will utilize RNG to determine game outcomes, ensuring that games are fair and not rigged. Essentially, every time you have a hand dealt, spin a roulette wheel or slot machine, or participate in any other online casino game, random numbers will be generated in the backend to determine the outcome of your action.

Physical land-based casinos also utilize RNG for all slot machines and other digital games. For table games, the shuffled decks of cards serve as the RNG. Whether you’re playing online or in-person, the odds are the same.


We’ve discussed RTP, or return-to-player, a lot. That’s for good reason, as RTP is the best indicator of odds. Also known as payback percentage, the RTP percentage is theoretical math that determines the expected return of a game. For example, if a casino game features a 98% RTP, you can theoretically expect to get back $98 for every $100 wagered. Of course, that’s a long-term projection, and the true return can skew heavily in both directions due to RNG and game outcomes.

House Edge

The house edge is simply the reverse of RTP. So, essentially, they mean the same thing. If the RTP of a casino game is 98%, the house edge is 2%. The lower the house edge, the better. The higher the RTP, the better. Unfortunately, the house always has an edge over the player. Casinos are for-profit businesses that make their money from gambling. While playing casino games with the best odds means giving yourself the best chance, you’re mathematically guaranteed to lose it all if you play for long enough given the house edge built into every game.


As we mentioned in the video poker section, RTP isn’t the only thing that should be considered. Volatility is also an important piece of the puzzle. Multiple games can have the same RTP but vastly different volatility, and that creates entirely different outcomes. Low-volatility games feature frequent smaller wins, while high-volatility games feature less frequent large wins. Games can range from very low to very high volatility and may even see volatility shift within the gameplay itself. For example, you can place a low-volatility bet in roulette by betting on red or black (frequent, smaller wins). Alternatively, you can place a high-volatility bet in roulette by betting on specific numbers (less frequent, large wins).

Human Error

If an artificial intelligence played a casino game with absolutely flawless strategy, the house would still have a slight edge. But even still, it would have the best chance of winning more at an online casino. Unfortunately, people can make mistakes. That’s why responsible gambling strategies go beyond avoiding an addiction. Longer play means fatigue. Tired eyes make mistakes. We can be distracted by friends and family and everyday life. Playing out of boredom or to cope with other stressors is another good way to make poor gambling decisions.

But, all that aside, games like video poker can entice us to go for a royal flush when the best move is to keep a three-of-a-kind. Humans can make “errors” that hurt the odds while still being a key part of the fun.

Other Factors

Other factors that affect the odds of a casino game are immeasurable because of their unpredictability. For example, if you sit down at a physical blackjack table, the cards in the shoe may be majority face cards, which means better odds for the player. The house has a bigger edge if there’s a tilt to more number cards. An undetectable earthquake could shake underneath the casino right as the roulette wheel spins, affecting where the ball lands. And maybe some people truly have the magic touch when it comes to throwing the dice in craps.

The point is, feel free to rub your lucky rabbit foot. It can’t hurt.

Are Casino Games Fair?

Casino games are fair if you accept that the house has a slight advantage over the player. True fairness would be 50/50 odds on every game, but that doesn’t exist at the casino. In a sense, players are playing a commission to the casino for the chance to win. The commission, built into the odds, covers operating costs and ensures the house makes a profit over the long term.

Even in sports betting, the house includes its commission into the odds (known as the “vig”), so even bets with a higher than 50% chance of winning pay a portion back. In competitive poker, the casino charges a commission known as “the rake,” which is a percentage of the pot.

The point is, no matter what casino game you’re playing or what the odds are that you’ll win, the house always wins overall. You pay for the fun and thrills, just like any other form of entertainment.

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