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Katy Jean is a writer and regular contributor to Bonus. She’s also a front page writer for The Nova Scotian in The Chronicle Herald, delivering news focused on her home province. Katy rose to prominence on Twitter as a source of information on public health briefings, politics, and access to services during the COVID-19 pandemic. She began writing for Online Poker Report in January 2022, concentrating on the Ontario iGaming launch, including its impact on First Nations. At Bonus, she continues to use plain language to help new readers understand the complex online gambling industry, while adding her own expert insight.

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Bryn Kenney, Sergi Reixach Deny Cheating Allegations Made By Martin Zamani

April 25, 2022 | By: Katy Jean

If you follow poker gossip at all, then by now you’ve probably heard something about accusations directed at high roller Bryn Kenney by one Martin Zamani. On April 21, Zamani appeared on the Doug Polk Podcast to explain his allegations further. Zamani is a tournament poker player, and brother of Ben Zamani, another professional player. […]