New York Online Sports Betting

New York online sports betting might actually be in the future for sports fans.

The Empire State is making slow and steady progress with regard to sports betting. New Yorkers have access to a plethora of land-based gaming options, including casinos across the state and plenty of retail sportsbooks. 

Online sports betting, however, remains elusive. New York has more than 20 land-based properties, including racinos, commercial casinos, and tribal casinos. Retail sportsbooks came to New York just last year. Even though the state is fairly gambling-friendly, legislation to bring sports betting to the online space has seen limited success. 

Still, there’s hope for online sports betting in New York. Two of the state’s neighbors, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, have seen massive success as early adopters of online sports betting. Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC have all legalized online sports betting and should see various forms of sportsbooks heading into 2021. Though the legislative process is slow, it’s highly probable that New York will allow online sports betting in the near future. 

Legal Online Sportsbooks In New York

Joseph Addabbo, a New York State Senator, has pushed for online sports betting legislation. He hopes for more progress in 2021. Thus far, Governor Andrew Cuomo has stood in the way of progress, but in December 2020, Cuomo seemed to be open to the idea of mobile sportsbooks for the first time. Senator Addabbo is trying to push things forward so that sports betting could see the light of day in an April 2021 state budget package. 

In a best-case scenario, New York would likely launch online sportsbooks in late 2021 or early 2022. Lawmakers and governmental agencies take time to finalize regulations and grant licenses. From there, building up the technology necessary to launch a sportsbook is a time- and resource-heavy project. 

We will update this page as New York makes progress toward online sports betting and launches online sportsbooks.

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Possible New York Online Sportsbook Operators

Despite a slow regulatory environment in the state, there are still quite a few industry juggernauts expected to enter the New York sports betting arena. Once online sportsbooks are regulated in The Empire State, there are some key players we expect to join the market. 

BetRivers NY

BetRivers will almost certainly launch an online sportsbook as soon as New York legalizes them. Rivers has a casino in Schenectady, New York, plus an online presence in numerous regulated states. BetRivers is live in Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and New Jersey. The company will undoubtedly look to add New York to that list as soon as possible. 

DraftKings NY

Alongside its competitor FanDuel, DraftKings is one of the top online sportsbook providers in the US. A DraftKings online sportsbook in New York is less a question of “if” and more of a “When?”

The company partnered with Del Lago Casino in Waterloo, New York to launch a retail sportsbook. When New York legalizes online betting, the partnership could extend to the digital space. DraftKings has partnerships with plenty of casino operators, so there’s no guarantee the provider will launch an online New York sportsbook in partnership with Del Lago. However, that seems the most likely path for right now. 

FanDuel NY

FanDuel partnered with Tioga Downs Casino Resort in Nichols, New York to launch a retail sportsbook in July 2019. 

This positions the supplier for an easy path to online sports betting, should New York legalize it. If the state requires online sportsbooks to be tethered to a land-based property, FanDuel and Tioga Downs could bring the partnership to the mobile and digital space in New York. 


The Stars Group operates FOX Bet. In July of 2019, The Stars Group partnered with Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort to provide retail sports betting at the property. 

It looks likely that the two companies could extend their partnership into online sports betting once New York allows it.

Oneida Indian Nation

The Oneida Indian Nation owns three casinos in New York: Turning Stone Resort Casino, Point Place Casino, and Yellow Brick Road Casino.

Oneida is partnered with Caesars Entertainment and Scientific Games. If and when online sports betting reaches New York, it’s likely that one of those partnerships will extend to the online space, possibly with another technology provider.

New York Online Sports Betting Bonuses

When New York eventually launches online sports betting sites, you’re likely to find bonuses and promotions similar to those in other states. Here’s a quick overview of a few popular bonus types that might pop up in New York. Always keep an eye out for terms and conditions. Most are fairly straightforward, but sometimes you’re required to place a bet within a certain time window in order to be eligible for the promotion. 

Risk-Free Bets

Risk-free bets, or lossback bets, serve as a safety net when you first start playing at an online sportsbook. Usually, these bonuses apply only to the first bet you place at an online sportsbook; sometimes your first two bets, if you’re lucky. 

It’s pretty simple in practice. Place a bet and wait for the outcome. If your bet loses, the sportsbook will refund some or all of the money back to your account and the bonus expires. If the bet wins, the offer expires. 

Risk-free bets give you some reassurance that you won’t lose too much on your first wager, and they’re common among sports betting operators. 

No Deposit Bonuses

Step 1: sign up at an online sportsbook. Step 2: receive a bonus. That’s how simple no-deposit bonuses can be. 

Promotions like deposit match and risk-free bets require a deposit. No deposit bonuses, as the name implies, don’t require any funding or money in your sportsbook account. 

These bonuses typically come in smaller amounts around $5 to $25. It’s the operator’s way of thanking you for signing up with their site. 

Initial Deposit Match

Deposit matches are some of the most lucrative bonuses available at online sportsbooks. Usually, they apply only to your first deposit, though some sportsbooks offer a deposit match on your first two or three deposits. 

Once you make a deposit, the operator will match the amount you use to fund your account, essentially doubling your deposit. There’s almost always a cap on the amount the company will match. Most commonly, you’ll find $250 to $500 is the limit. 

Available Bets In New York

New York law clearly outlines which bets are allowed at the state’s retail sportsbooks. If New York eventually legalizes online betting, these restrictions could carry over to digital sportsbooks. Of course, there’s always the possibility that New York expands its betting offering when the online market launches. For now, there are still plenty of wagers available. 

US Professional Sports Betting In New York

Most fan-favorite US sports are available in New York. You can wager on the following leagues, events, and tournaments at New York retail sportsbooks. 

SportLeagues/Events Available at NY Sportsbooks
BaseballMLB, Olympic baseball
BasketballNBA, WNBA
FootballCFL, NFL
GolfThe PGA Tour, LPGA, Ruder Cup, European Tour
HockeyNHL, Olympic hockey

Betting On College Sports In New York

New York followed in the footsteps of many other states in its approach to college sports betting. Most NCAA Division I sports are available to sports bettors. However, New York law prohibits betting on any in-state schools, even if they’re playing in a match out of state. 

Unfortunately, fans of Syracuse, Cornell, and other New York universities won’t be able to wager on those teams for the foreseeable future. 

International Sports For New York Bettors

Sports with global appeal are popular among sports bettors everywhere, and New York is no exception. Bettors in the Empire State can wager on soccer, tennis, rugby, and much more. 

SportLeagues/Events Available at NY Sportsbooks
SoccerFIFA World Cup and Qualifiers, MLS, UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues, English Premier League, Spanish la Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue I, Mexican Liga Bancomer, CONCACAF Gold Cup, Copa America 
TennisUSTA Pro Events, ATP Tour, WTA, and Grand Slam Tournament
RugbyRugby World Cup

Betting On non-Sporting Events In New York

Non-sporting events such as esports, elections, and awards ceremonies (e.g. The Oscars or The Emmys) are not permitted by New York’s legislation. 

Other Bets In New York

New Yorkers have many other betting options outside of the most popular US and international sports. 

Racing enthusiasts can bet on the NASCAR Cup Series and Outdoor Truck Series plus Formula One and IndyCar races. 

Boxing matches are fair game, too. Fights sanctioned by the IBF, WBA, WBC, WBO, and the Olympics are all approved in The Empire State. UFC fans can wager on fights as well. 

Can I Place Parlay Bets At New York Sportsbooks?

Yes, you can. Parlays are a particularly popular form of betting, and New York law allows them at the state’s retail sportsbooks. 

When you place a parlay bet, you wager on the outcome of multiple games, matches, or events at once. Typically, those matches take place on the same day or in quick succession. Essentially, you place one wager that covers all of these games, combining your bet into a single pool. 

The catch? To collect on your bet, you need to win all of the bets within your parlay. If even one loses, you lose your wager. But because you pool multiple bets into a single wager, your winnings can be much higher than they would be if you placed each of those bets individually. 

Parlay bets amp up your odds due to this combination factor. Predicting the winner of one match is difficult in and of itself. When you predict multiple outcomes and they all need to be correct for you to win, your odds increase and the possible payout can be high. Skillful bettors can increase their winning chances in a parlay bet, but luck plays a key role, too. Even with a small bet, you could win hundreds of dollars if not more. 

If New York legalizes online betting in the future, sports betting sites will likely offer parlays on their platforms. Parlays are a win-win for the operators and players. The low likelihood of winning means more income for operators, but those same odds give risk-takers a chance at a big jackpot. 

New York’s Biggest Online Sportsbook By Revenue

As of this writing, New York has yet to legalize online sportsbooks, so there’s obviously no revenue leader. 

Once online sports betting makes its way to New York, there are a few leading operators to keep an eye one. DraftKings leads in many markets, and it could be a frontrunner in New York. FanDuel sits in a similar position and often vies with DraftKings for the top spot in legal markets. 

Operators like BetRivers, FOX Bet, and others shouldn’t be discounted, though. In a market like New York where demand is high and retail sportsbooks already have a strong footprint in the market, unexpected leaders can emerge. 

What Do I Need To Create An Online Sportsbook Account In New York?

Right now, you can’t create an online sportsbook account in New York. That opportunity is likely at least a year away, if not longer. As residents wait for New York to play catch-up and legalize online betting, there are a few options available for anyone looking to place a few bets. 

New York has retail sportsbooks at many of its casino properties. You can visit any one of them to open an account and place a bet. 

For New Yorkers living near New Jersey or Pennsylvania, there are many options. Neither state requires you to be a resident to register for a sports betting account. Instead, you simply need to be 21 years old or above and located within state lines at the time you place your bet.

If you drive to Pennsylvania or New Jersey, you can create an account, place your wagers, then head back to New York. Bets you place across state lines will still be honored back in New York, but you can’t place new ones unless you’re in a state that allows online sports betting. 

Offshore And Grey Market Sports Betting In New York

If you’re in New York and looking to place wagers online, chances are you’ll encounter a fair number of grey market sites. They’re pretty common, but you should be very cautious and avoid them where possible. 

These sites are technically legal in most cases because they base their operations in jurisdictions with very relaxed sports betting laws. 

Betting at offshore sites is extremely risky. The sportsbooks are rarely held accountable and don’t have any regulatory restrictions in place. Your data and information can be at risk if you use them, and payment options are sketchy at best. 

If you focus purely on wagers available, grey market sites will almost always be severely lacking. They don’t have access to league data, so they can’t offer live betting like a sanctioned sportsbook can. 

New York Online Sports Betting FAQs

What is New York’s minimum age for online gambling?

New York’s gambling age is 21. 

For now, this doesn’t apply to online gambling because the state prohibits online sports betting and online casino gaming. 

In the future, should New York legalize online and mobile gaming, there’s no reason to believe the gambling age will be different for those channels. Expect the age to remain 21 even if online sportsbooks make their way to The Empire State. 

Does DraftKings have an online sportsbook in New York?

No. Online sports betting remains prohibited by New York law. 

If New York does legalize sports betting online, DraftKings will almost certainly make an early entry into the market. DraftKings is partnered with Del Lago casino and operates the property’s retail sportsbook. That partnership could possibly expand to online sports betting if legislation comes through in the future.

Is there a FanDuel online sportsbook in New York?

No. In the absence of regulated online sports betting, FanDuel does not have an online presence in New York. Of course, there’s plenty of opportunity for the operator to enter the market as soon as New York legalizes online sportsbooks.

FanDuel operates the retail sportsbook at New York’s Tioga Downs Casino Resort, so the company has the pieces in place to launch an online offering when New York regulates the online sports betting market. 

Do New York sportsbooks offer credit?

No. To place a bet at one of New York’s retail sportsbooks, you need to have funds in hand. You can, however, deposit using a credit card. 

This will likely be the same for online sportsbooks when New York regulates. 

Can I bet on college sports in New York?

Yes. New York allows sports betting on many National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I events, including football. 

The one stipulation is that you can’t bet on any in-state schools, whether they’re playing in New York or elsewhere. College sports bettors in New York must stick to out-of-state schools when placing wagers. 

Do I have to visit a casino to create my sports betting account in New York?

Yes. To bet on sports, you’ll need to register with one of New York’s retail sportsbook on-property. Some may allow you to pre-register online before you visit to confirm your identity. 

Online regulations vary by state, so when New York begins to offer online sports betting, it’s possible you’ll be able to fully register online. For now, there’s no way to tell what the state’s online registration process will be until meaningful legislation comes through and sets a framework in place. 

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