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Everyone has seen or heard stories of a seismic slot jackpot being hit, whether at an online casino or a land-based casino. In the spirit of excitement, we wanted to look deeper at the biggest slot wins of 2023, where they happened, and what games paid out to the lucky winners. Let’s take a closer look.

10 Biggest Online Slots of 2023 & 2024 — Updated Daily

For context, the biggest online slots jackpot in the US legal market hit in November 2021, with a $3,500,000 jackpot paid out on MGM Grand Millions at Borgata Casino online in New Jersey. This win was one of many massive wins recorded on MGM Grand Millions, a game exclusive to BetMGM Casino and its skins (of which Borgata Casino is one).

There are multiple $1,000,000+ wins at online casinos each year, so let’s take a look at the 10 largest online slot wins of 2024.

1. $3,297,864.13 — Ancient Fortunes: Zeus

  • Total Jackpot Amount: $3,297,864.13
  • Game: Ancient Fortunes: Zeus
  • Online Casino: DraftKings Casino
  • Date Won: 6/14/2023

Ancient Fortunes Zeus Screenshot

2. $3,028,335.94 — Bison Fury

    • Total Jackpot Amount: $3,028,335.94
    • Game: Bison Fury
    • Online Casino: Borgata Casino
    • Date Won: 10/16/2023

    Bison Fury Cash Money Online Slot at BetMGM Casino

    3. $2,839,968.97 — MGM Grand Millions

      • Total Jackpot Amount: $2,839,968.97
      • Game: MGM Grand Millions
      • Online Casino: BetMGM Casino
      • Date Won: 1/7/2023

      MGM Grand Millions Online Slot at BetMGM Casino

      4. $2,420,549.95 — Luck O’ The Jackpot

      • Total Jackpot Amount: $2,420,549.95
      • Game: Luck O’ The Jackpot
      • Online Casino: Borgata Casino
      • Date Won: 6/7/2023

      Luck O' the Jackpot slot screenshot

      5. $1,978,196.27 — Extra Chilli MEGAWAYS

        • Total Jackpot Amount: $1,978,196.27
        • Game: Extra Chilli MEGAWAYS
        • Online Casino: DraftKings Casino
        • Date Won: 4/20/2023

        6. $1,837,896.00 — Divine Fortunes MEGAWAYS

        • Total Jackpot Amount: $1,837,896.00
        • Game: Divine Fortunes MEGAWAYS
        • Online Casino: DraftKings Casino
        • Date Won: 10/5/2023

        Divine Fortune PokerStars Slot

        7. $1,593,457.58 — Wheel of Fortune Triple Gold Spin

        • Total Jackpot Amount: $1,593,457.58
        • Game: Wheel of Fortune Triple Gold Spin
        • Online Casino: Hard Rock Bet
        • Date Won: 6/25/2024

        Wheel of Fortune Triple Gold Gold Spin

        8. $1,520,988.15 — Wealthy Monkey

        • Total Jackpot Amount: $1,520,988.15
        • Game: Wealthy Monkey
        • Online Casino: DraftKings Casino
        • Date Won: 5/02/2024
        • Won In: New Jersey

        Wealthy Monkey Slot


        9. $1,504,527.85 — Atomic Meltdown

        • Total Jackpot Amount: $1,504,527.85
        • Game: Atomic Meltdown
        • Online Casino: DraftKings
        • Date Won: 5/15/2024
        • Won In: New Jersey


        Atomic Meltdown Slot

        10. $1,490,000 — Cleopatra

        • Total Jackpot Amount: $1,490,000
        • Game: Cleopatra
        • Online Casino: Golden Nugget Online Casino
        • Date Won: 2/07/2024
        • Won In: Pennsylvania

        Cleopatra Slot Machine Screenshot

        Biggest Online Progressive Jackpots Available Now

        If you’re looking to land the biggest slots wins, you should generally search out the games that offer the biggest jackpots. Often, these are progressive jackpot slots as they are first seeded with a base jackpot amount and then continue to grow the more they are played until the jackpot hits. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest online progressive jackpot games available.


        MGM Grand Millions - $5 Million+

        MGM Grand Millions Online Slot at BetMGM Casino

        This exclusive slot holds the record for the largest online slot win. Now, MGM Grand Millions is poised to add another to the record books as the jackpot passes $4 million. It hasn’t been won yet, so anyone could be the lucky record-setting winner. Even when it’s not poised to break another record, this jackpot is frequently sitting around $3 million or higher, making this game a great choice for those looking for a life-changing win.


        Wheel of Fortune Triple Gold Gold Spin - $1 Million+

        Wheel of Fortune Triple Gold Gold Spin

        Not sitting far behind MGM Grand Millions is Wheel of Fortune Triple Gold Gold Spin. Wheel of Fortune slots have always been popular, but this one may take the cake as it offers a progressive jackpot that often sits over $1 million.


        DraftKings Progressive Jackpots - $700,000+

        DraftKings Casino Progressive Jackpots in New Jersey

        DraftKings Casino offers a unique sitewide jackpot shared among many of the popular DK slots. That jackpot also happens to be one of the largest available, often sitting above $1 million. Even better, players can take their pick of the game they’d like to play to attempt to win it.


        IGT Mega Jackpots - $510,000+

        Mega Jackpots Slots

        You may have heard of classic IGT slots such as Cleopatra, Wolf Run, and Elephant King. But did you know they are also offered as linked progressive jackpot slots, known as Mega Jackpots? If not, there’s no better time to find out, as their jackpot often exceeds $600,000.


        Divine Fortune - $24,000+

        Divine Fortune Slot

        Divine Fortune is almost always named one of the most popular online progressive jackpot slots, and for good reason. The progressive jackpot usually climbs to above $100,000. Even better, there’s no minimum wager to qualify for jackpot play, as you may find on other games. However, the chance to win the progressive jackpot does increase with bet size.

        Where Are the Biggest Jackpots?

        The biggest online jackpot slots can be found at Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Of those three, New Jersey boasts the large top prizes for online slots players due to having the most active players. The more who play, the higher the jackpot climbs. Here’s more on each state with the biggest slots jackpots:

        How To Land the Biggest Slots Wins


        Get Lucky

        Realistically, slots are completely luck-based, as random number generators determine outcomes. In the end, there’s not much you can do to influence a slot to pay out other than following a plan that keeps you playing responsibly.


        Play Comfortably

        As corny as it may sound, the biggest win you can enjoy at an online casino is having fun, and the only way to do so is to play comfortably. This means practicing responsible gambling and never betting above your means or utilizing a play style that feels uncomfortable to you.


        Play Progressive Jackpot Slots

        As mentioned above, progressive jackpot slots often offer the largest possible win amounts at both online and retail casinos. Therefore, if you want to land the biggest slot wins, it tracks that you should play the games that offer them.


        Participate in Slots Tournaments

        Online slots tournaments offer the opportunity to play big win slots while going for a piece of a prize pool. Players climb the leaderboard by placing bets or accruing wins. Either way, players can win twice over if they earn a prize in addition to a winning session on the slots.


        Play High-Volatility Games

        Volatility is an important part of understanding how slots work. Essentially, it’s a theoretical measure of a slot’s win frequency and win size. Low-volatility slots offer frequent but smaller wins. High-volatility slots offer less frequent but larger wins. So, if you’re looking to land the biggest slots wins, you’d be better off playing a high-volatility game, so long as you’re comfortable doing so.


        Play Games with High RTP

        Lastly, if you want the best chance of landing a big slot win, you should play games that have a high return-to-player (also known as RTP). This is a theoretical measure of how much you can expect a slot to pay out over time. For example, a slot with 97% RTP would theoretically pay out $97 for every $100 wagered. Of course, as we discussed in the first point above, slots are completely random and can stray from their return-to-player percentages frequently. However, you can utilize these numbers to find a game that is theoretically built to pay out more than its counterparts.

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