Betway New Jersey Plans ‘Brief Suspension’ for Platform Upgrade

Betway New Jersey notified customers this week to expect a “brief suspension’ of services beginning on March 11. The pause will allow the online casino and sportsbook to transition to a new, upgraded platform.

According to the emailed notice, the technology upgrade will offer “faster load times, new sports betting features, and general enhancements” to improve players’ wagering experience.

Betway is one of 29 online casinos and 16 online sportsbooks in the Garden State.

Suspension to Cause Minimal Disruption

Notice of the impending New Jersey upgrade assured users their available balance will transfer to the updated platform. However, bets will no longer be visible but will pay out on the new platform if they hit.

From the notice:

When we suspend services, your available balance will transfer over to your account on our upgraded platform. Additionally, any open bets won’t be visible on the upgraded platform. but if they hit, your winnings will be added to your account balance on the upgraded platform.

Further, users must log in and reset their password once the migration is complete before depositing, wagering, or withdrawing funds.

Once we are finished suspending services, you will need to log back in & reset your password to fully experience our great new changes.

Notably, Betway’s Pennsylvania platform underwent the same transition late last year, seemingly with few hiccups.

New Platform Will Offer New Features

According to a FAQ page detailing the shift, Betway’s new platform will offer expanded sports betting options and” world-class features” to elevate the wagering experience in addition to faster load times.

However, during the maintenance period, customers cannot access their accounts.

Specifically, during that time, players will not be able to:

  • Log in
  • Make a deposit
  • Place wagers
  • Cash-out

Notably, the FAQs note that any withdrawals not completed before the maintenance period starts will return to the player’s account. Once the switch is complete, users will be able to withdraw the desired amount.

Additionally, Betway specifies that any live progressive Casino Jackpot games will pause temporarily during the maintenance, resuming once the transition concludes.

Once the shift has concluded, players will have access to various new features, including:

  • Same Game Parlay
  • More Live (In-Game) Betting options
  • Additional promotional offers
  • Expanded live scoreboard & live stats for specific sports, games, and events
  • Expanded sports betting catalog
  • Faster load times
  • User-friendly interface & user experience
  • Bonus Bet Balance
  • Casino Bonus Balance

Finally, Betway assures that players’ responsible gaming limits & restrictions will transfer over to their account on the new platform. However, any limits partially met before the upgrade won’t carry over. Additionally, any unapproved requests for changes to RG limits and restrictions must be re-requested through the new platform.

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