Casino Ball Games Available Online September 2023

Enjoying a ball game at a casino is quite easy. All US online casinos provide players access to games that include a ball element, such as roulette and keno. Ball games add an extra boost to gameplay with a moving component, giving each round some extra suspense and fun.

In fact, each of the casino ball games offers a unique feature or theme that makes the gameplay interesting. Check out the options below and give a few suggested titles below a try.

Top 5 Most Popular Ball Games at a Casino

1. Roulette

The most recognizable ball game at a casino is roulette. The basic operation of roulette involves a small ball, a wheel, and a table. Players wager on the wheel’s red or black numbered compartments and see where the ball will land after it is placed in the wheel by the croupier (AKA the dealer).

Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to play online roulette.

Wagers are placed on a table with the same black and red sections as the wheel. If you select correctly, you win the bet and earn a prize based on odds. Playing in the game can be exciting as you watch the ball go round and round before the wheel stops. It is also fun to play online and is featured in many formats within a live dealer casino setting. 

Roulette comes in several formats, the most common being French, American, and European. Differences in these games include the house edge, wheel layout, and zeroes. American has two zeroes (single and double) while French and European have only one zero. American has a house edge of 5.26%, while European and French have a ~2.7% house edge, although French roulette can have even better odds depending on the rules.

Here are the online casino games with the best odds (AKA the lowest house edge).

2. Bingo

Another fun game that includes a ball is bingo. Players can enjoy bingo in live and online formats. In both instances, players choose to purchase one or more bingo cards. Balls are then called that list a letter (B, I, N, G, O) and a number. Players mark off sections on the bingo card that apply the called ball information.

Check out our guide to playing online bingo for real money wins.

Land-based bingo gaming is standard, but online options offer more of a selection of themes and features. Online bingo often includes chat rooms where players can mingle and earn big jackpot prizes. Online games also have themes, strong graphics, and animations that stimulate excitement. Overall, games are affordable and take just a few minutes to play. If you score a bingo pattern, you can earn a solid prize, one that is based on your card purchase.

3. Slingo

If you are a fan of bingo gaming, you will love Slingo. This game is a mix of bingo games and slots, offering a perfect fusion of fast-paced action. There are many variations of Slingo, but the basic game will include a 5×5 game grid. You will have a random 25 numbers on the grid, and balls are drawn typically in a 75-ball bingo style.

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At the bottom of the game grid, you will see a single line, which is where the slot feature comes into play. This will spin to show five numbers on a single spin, and the row can be spun ten times per game. The goal is to mark off as many of the numbers in your game grid as possible. This is the bingo element. 

As you earn a winning line, you score points. The total points at the end of 10 spins dictate your prize. Slingo games can also include bonus features to ramp up the action. You can land bonus symbols in the slot line to enhance your experience. It’s this type of element that makes Slingo fun for most gamblers. 

4. Keno

Lastly, we decided to add keno to this list. Players will find keno via lottery providers and in virtual format at online casino sites. With online keno games, players have several variations with unique themes and affordable buy-ins. According to basic keno rules, you will need to select a set of numbers from one to 15 and wait for the balls to be drawn.

The numbered balls then pop up on the screen as part of the drawing. If you can match numbers, you can win a prize. The more matching numbers you receive, the better your payout!

Players in most US states can win cash prizes playing Keno at social casinos with promotional sweepstakes games.

5. Lottery

The lottery gets an honorable mention for being the most popular ball game for gamblers. But it’s not generally available at a casino, online or in-person, so it’s not exactly a ball game at a casino. Still, the Powerball and Mega Millions are among the two most popular ball games that give players the chance to win money.

Players can buy free tickets with our online lottery promo codes.

Play Ball Games at a Casino For Free

All the above ball games with the exception of the lottery are available for free with US online casino bonus codes. Here are our picks for the top five deals:

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