Evolution Rolls Out Dice Games – Pennsylvania Gets Them First

Evolution is rolling the dice for the first time. Today, the gambling vendor best known for supplying US online casino operators with live dealer products and services is debuting live dealer craps in Pennsylvania.

At noon, live dealers will start offering the games in one of the largest US live dealer studios in the Malta-based company’s catalog of facilities. This Pennsylvania online casino market launch adds to the existing First-Person Craps game, which doesn’t involve a human dealer but is available through the live dealer studio.

Evolution tells Bonus.com that it’s “aiming to launch Live Craps across Michigan and New Jersey in the near future.”

Indeed, Bonus.com found paperwork filed with the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) in which Evolution is seeking to offer dice games there.

On July 8, DGE Director David L. Rebuck signed an order saying:

Evolution is authorized to use the feather-edge dice that are not imprinted or impressed with the actual or trade name of the casino licensee in which the dice is being used.

Why Live Dealer Craps Needs Unbranded Dice in NJ

The reason it matters that Evolution can use unbranded dice is it offers live dealer products and services to online gambling operators in an unbranded capacity. The operators must pay extra to have dedicated tables and studios.

Many operators opt to offer online casino gamblers branded live dealer studio options in Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

For instance, FanDuel Casino has the largest branded studio at Evolution’s Philadelphia facility.

BetMGM, BetRivers, DraftKings, PointsBet, and Unibet also have branded studios there.

In branded studios, the tables and walls bear the brand logos.

Connecticut and West Virginia online gambling operators also offer customers live dealer games.

While there are branded studios in Nutmeg State, West Virginia gamblers are seeing an unbranded live stream from Evolution’s Philadelphia studio.

How Evolution Will Offer Live Dealer Craps

Bonus.com viewed Evolution’s 16-page guide to its new live dealer craps games.

Gamblers can choose their own skill levels and types of play.

First-Person Craps

This version doesn’t involve a live dealer, but players can push the “go live” button at any time to return to that setting.

This is an existing game that Online Poker Report reported on in April as being taken down briefly due to regulatory issues. It’s been back online and now offers a transition to the live game.

In First-Person Craps, Evolution supplies a random number generator (RNG) version of the game. The advantage here is gamblers can go at their own pace.

Easy Craps

Evolution says:

In Easy Craps, we have taken away the complexity of the Come Out roll and the Point roll. There are still multi-roll bets and one roll bets, but you don’t have to know which phase the game is in to play.


Evolution says:

Craps is actually quite a simple game that moves in different stages. The first stage is the Come Out roll, the first roll of the dice. The second stage is the Point roll. In Craps some bets are resolved after one roll while other bets can last several rolls before they are resolved which makes the game more entertaining.

At this game level, players will need to understand terms like hardways, pass line, and puck.

In other words, it’s more complicated than just rolling the dice.

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