Tipico Casino’s Efforts to Appeal to Women Are Bearing Fruit

Since launching its reimagined New Jersey online casino platform in late 2023, Tipico says its share of women casino players has climbed by 5%. Almost seven months into its softer rebrand, the operator reports over 60% of its online casino customers are women.

Notably, Tipico told Bonus that it always “pushed into the female segment” more than its competitors. Now, appealing to women is an official strategy.

“More importantly,” Tipico’s VP of casino, Claire Alexander, told Bonus via email, women have embraced the refreshed offering from Tipico.

We’ve seen a 48% increase in slot play from females since the launch of 2.0, so the games we are releasing and the experience are resonating.

So far, it seems the effort is working for the casino app that Eliers & Krejcik ranked #1 in New Jersey even before the rebrand.

Tipico Casino Targets Women with Friendlier Feel

Last October, Tipico Casino New Jersey launched its platform upgrade—offering players faster performance, more games, and a friendlier interface. At the time, Bonus speculated that the move, intended to attract a “more diverse” audience, might be a play to entice more women.

In a recent media push, Tipico confirmed that hunch, saying it intends to grow and differentiate its casino brand by addressing the underserved female market.

The entire redesign, it said, was an effort to appeal to a broader audience—particularly women.

Tipico is purposefully targeting women who have been unaddressed industry-wide with significant content and design changes to draw in a broader audience. The brand embarked on this strategy with a complete relaunch of its online casino platform in Fall 2023.

A giant in European sports betting, so far in the US, Tipico operates sports betting in just New Jersey, Colorado, Ohio, and Iowa. Tipico Casino, however, is only available in New Jersey. While sports betting tends to skew heavily male, a recent study found a rapid increase in women gambling online in New Jersey.

Before the recent app upgrade, the vibe of Tipico’s various platforms skewed heavily masculine, with a red and black color scheme and functional casino interface. Now, decked out in navy, teal, and magenta, that macho vibe is long gone.

Further, Tipico Casino 2.0 is much less static, with animations that entertain players between games.

Are Standalone Casino Apps a Woman-Baiting Tactic?

In a follow-up email with Bonus, a Tipico spokesperson said it actively features slot titles inside the casino app and on social channels.

It also continues to add influencer content and contests, which it says have proven attractive to women. And, the almost 50% jump in women’s slot play since the upgrade seems to bear that out.

Another facet of the plan is focusing on Instagram—whose user base skews heavily towards women—as a marketing platform. Tipico has separate Instagram accounts for its casino and sportsbook, and the difference between them is stark.

Tipico’s sportsbook Insta delivers a typical sports betting feel, featuring a ‘manly’ red theme, plenty of odds, and few women. In contrast, the Tipico Casino account is awash in bright colors, diverse women, and popular memes reimagined with casino-related themes.

For instance, one Valentine’s Day post uses the Drake Hotline Bling meme to suggest that your partner might prefer to receive slots play than chocolate for the special day.

While certainly less glaring visually, it’s worth considering if other operators with secondary casino-only apps are also attempting to appeal to more women.

However, if so, BetMGM’s Wheel of Fortune Casino and Caesars Palace Online Casino are whispering the invitation.

Tipico Casino chose a megaphone.

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