New Hampshire Online Casino Bill Moves to the House

SB104, the New Hampshire online casino gambling bill, passed the Senate on March 30. It now moves to the House for consideration. It’s the last viable online casino gambling bill in the US during 2023.

If that chamber of the New Hampshire General Court also approves the online casino gambling bill, it goes to Gov. Chris Sununu for his signature. Once it’s signed into law, SB104 calls for an iGaming marketplace to launch on April 1, 2024.

During 2024, New Hampshire online casino gambling will generate $6.75 million in revenue, estimates the New Hampshire Lottery Commission (NHLC). That entity will oversee the marketplace that’s open to those 18 and older, according to the bill sponsored by state Sen. Timothy P. Lang Sr., R-Sanbornton.

Lang compromised with legislators by removing slots from the online casino offerings that operators can offer, so the revenue estimate is 55% lower than it was when Lang first introduced SB104.

State Sen. Daryl Abbas, R-Salem, restated his worry that iGaming will cannibalize retail casino gambling revenue.

Lang emphasized that gamblers who want to play slots must venture to land-based casinos.

He said:

These are table games only in this bill.

Only DraftKings may be interested in launching such a limited online casino, considering DraftKings Sportsbook is already taking bets in New Hampshire. However, the bill outlines the possibility of three to five skins.

Proceeds from the 35% tax rate on online casino bets will benefit the Community College Scholarship Fund that Lang’s bill would create.

The NHLC says the state will receive $9.45 million in revenue in 2025 and $14.175 million in 2026.

UPDATE: 04/10/2023

On April 6, SB104 entered the House. The New Hampshire online casino bill resides in the House Ways and Means Committee.

No hearing is scheduled yet for the proposed legislation.

Lang Tweeted Support for the Bill

On Feb. 3, Lang tweeted:


I hope SB104 helps change this outdated thinking, the Community College System of NH ( @CCSNH603 ) produces:


Radiology techs

Dental Hygienists



HVAC techs



CDL Drivers

Power Linemen


Computer engineers

early childhood educators


Normalize sending kids to trade schools after high school without making them feel like they’re less than 4-year university kids.

New Hampshire Online Casino Bill Is 2023’s Only Hope

New Hampshire’s online casino bill is the only one still active in the US.

On March 22, Iowa’s iGaming bill returned to the Iowa House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee “without recommendation.”

That’s the most recent demise of an online casino bill. Others that appear dead for 2023 are in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, and New York.

A Confusing Moment

The first roll call showed Senators passed SB104. However, it appeared to fail when Senators answered how they voted once their names were called.

So the Senate entered a recess around 11 a.m. today to sort out the matter.

When Senators returned, they approved SB104 in a 12-11 vote.

Lang explained in a 5:03 p.m. tweet to Bonus:

One senator in support voted the wrong way, he asked for reconsideration (request to re-vote), the re-vote was taken, and the bill then passed 12 to 11

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