PokerStars Announces New Rewards Program In The US

In October of 2021, after months of trials, a new PokerStars Rewards program launched in Europe. It received rave reviews from players, and US online poker fans were left to wonder when it might land across the sea.

Well, the wait is over. Players in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey who are looking to earn rewards while playing one of the best online poker apps in the US are in luck. PokerStars, which also runs PokerStars Casino and FOX Bet, has launched a fantastic new rewards program. With it, players can earn up to 33% back in reward value.

Why Is PokerStar Rewards A Good Program?

The benefits of the PokerStars Rewards program now features:

1. Great Value

Most importantly, players earn a lot of rewards from the new PokerStars program. You start at 15% back, and you can earn up to 33% back as you level up. Thus, the new program offers some of the highest prizes in US online poker. 

2. Multiple Ways To Earn 

PokerStars players will now earn rewards for any of their play across all poker games. So whether you like tournaments, low-ante cash games, or high-stakes rooms, you are racking up rewards. Plus, players are rewarded for real money activity on Stars Casino and PokerStars sports betting (which is offered through FOXBet.)

3. Personalized Rewards

Though you can earn rewards no matter what you play, everyone has their personal favorites. PokerStars will notice what each player most enjoys and tailor rewards accordingly. This way, players are rewarded for playing what they most want to do anyway, rather than have to play a game they dislike just to jump through a hoop for the reward.

4. Easily Understandable Tiers

The PokerStars Rewards program has six levels you can earn (Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Black). Each level delivers a fixed rewards value. A progress bar is clearly displayed for each player, so they know how many more chests they need to get to upgrade. So, at all times, players will know where they stand and what they need to achieve to earn the next level.

Where Is PokerStars Rewards Available In The US?

PokerStars is currently available in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey. In most other states, online poker is not legal. So if you are really hoping to enjoy PokerStars Rewards, you need to advocate for your state’s legislature to allow real money online poker.

Nevada and Delaware also allow online poker for real money, but PokerStars is not operating in those states yet. So if you live in the Silver State or the First State, no need to contact your Governor. You just have to wait patiently for PokerStars to launch.

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