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New ‘Ticket in-Bonus Out’ Casino Ticketing Tech Could Pose Problem Gambling Risk

September 6, 2023 | By: Robyn McNeil

New “ticket in-bonus out” (TIBO) technology from Acres Manufacturing (Acres) could change the casino industry for operators and players alike. However, whether the shift is viewed as positive will likely depend on how the tech is deployed. In the meantime, responsible gambling advocates are urging regulation of the new slot technology to protect player health. […]

Weight-Loss Drugs Show Promise for Treatment of Problem Gambling, Other Addictions

September 5, 2023 | By: Robyn McNeil

What if a pharmaceutical could offer an answer for people experiencing addictions and compulsive behaviors? That is the question many are asking as an increasing number of patients taking drugs for weight loss have reported an unexpected reduction in addictive or compulsive behaviors. While the evidence so far is primarily anecdotal, some users of Ozempic, […]

FanDuel Q&A With Bonus: VP Alison Kutler on Responsible Gaming

August 8, 2023 | By: Heather Fletcher

Responsible gaming is a duty shared by the entire US online gambling industry, says Alison Kutler, FanDuel Group‘s vice president of sustainability and responsible gaming. Her employer, sports betting leader and online casino heavyweight FanDuel, deemed responsible gaming a priority on “Day One,” Kutler said in an interview with Bonus. Her words said yesterday to […]

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