Skimming Online Casino News Was Your Favorite Thing to Do on Bonus News in 2023

Skimming online casino news seems to be the default habit for Bonus visitors, according to an analysis of the most popular Bonus news pages from 2023. The home page had more than 2.5 times as many readers during the year than visitors who perused the most popular full article.

So, the most popular Bonus news in 2023 was the home page, where readers spent two minutes per visit. They could see each story’s image, headline, and a few lines of text there.

Skimming online casino news instead of opening up an entire article page isn’t so unusual.

While Americans spend more than 13 hours a day consuming media, it’s split into several categories. For instance, the US Time Spent with Media 2022 study forecasts that daily in 2024, Americans will spend two hours and 53 minutes consuming digital video and two hours and 48 minutes watching “traditional linear TV.” Additionally, 2024 is the first year Insider Intelligence expects digital to beat TV.

That leaves about seven more hours a day of screen time.

Among news consumers, that time is also fragmented. The Attention Stream research summarized on Dec. 8, 2022, by Insights by Stanford Business showed:

The median user spends more than 40% of their attentive reading time on the news site they visit most often. They spend less than 20% of their time on their second-favorite site, and the time they spend on other sites drops off from there.

So, quickly reading the Bonus news home page makes sense.

Skimming Online Casino News on Social

Skimming online casino news from Bonus takes several forms.

On LinkedIn, the Bonus news page provides followers with blurbs about what they can click through and read.

Most of the page’s visitors simply see the blurbs. Some react to them. Some members comment. A few click through to look at the articles.

The most-clicked article on the Bonus news page on LinkedIn in 2023 was published on Dec. 29.

However, Vox Pop: Is Online Gambling Legal? I Asked Pennsylvanians If They Knew by Heather Fletcher wasn’t even close to the most popular article of 2023, according to site analytics.

While LinkedIn and Facebook route hundreds of readers to Bonus news pages and X brings thousands, most social media users don’t click through.

Skimming online casino news is what they do.

For instance, more than 30,000 views of this post about Evolution (Evolution AB (publ) 4,48 -0,67%) didn’t translate into that many reading the article on the site.

However, to Bonus news, these social media users absolutely count as readers.

Also, Bonus news editors thought online casino legalization would be a bigger deal to readers than the analytics showed.

However, it did matter to this online gambling industry insider enough that he shared the Bonus news article on X:

Top 10 Bonus News Articles of 2023

Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Bonus News Articles of 2023.

They’re the stories Bonus news readers chose to see in full, on a page. No. 1 had the highest number of hits after the home page.

Top 10 Bonus News Articles of 2023:

  1. Claims Process Underway for $415 Million DoubleDown Interactive Settlement
  2. Gambling-Friendly Streaming Site Kick Owned By Crypto Casino Founders
  3. Red44 Shut Down, Seemingly Start of Crackdown on Offshore Betting Sites
  4. Federal Court Finalizes $415 Million DoubleDown Class Action Settlement
  5. Chumba Casino Owner VGW Settles Kentucky Class Action for $11.75 Million
  6. Jay-Z to Host Exclusive Blackjack Fundraiser for Reform Alliance at Ocean Casino in Atlantic City
  7. World Series of Poker Full Schedule Includes 20 Online Bracelet Events
  8. Connecticut to Launch Long-Awaited Online Lottery in Late 2023 With IGT
  9. Jackpot City Online Casino Debuts in Pennsylvania
  10. Login Issues Plaguing BetMGM Users in Wake of MGM Resorts Cyberattack

The obvious answer about why these were the top articles is that readers wanted more information about each topic. However, that would hopefully be true about all Bonus news.

Plus, there aren’t really themes here. Not all of the popular articles are about how to claim money in legal settlements. Some similar stories had far fewer visitors.

Nor are Bonus news readers honing in on information about illegal offshore gambling sites. Several other news items had that data, too.

So, the lesson here seems to be to keep reporting on the news because Bonus news readers are paying attention.

For instance, here’s an update regarding story No. 8 that Bonus news published on Jan. 5, 2024: As We Enter 2024, Connecticut Players Still Await an Online Lottery.

Because time moves on, as Insider Intelligence data shows below.

This chart provided to Bonus on Jan. 5, 2024, shows the number of minutes Americans spend each day reading “offline” news — AKA, newspapers:

Insider Intelligence Chart
Credit: Insider Intelligence

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