Speed Blackjack: NJ’s Newest Live Dealer Game

Speed Blackjack is a new live dealer casino game now offered in New Jersey, where players can access a quick version of 21. But it’s not just a fast variation of blackjack, it also changes the order players receive their cards. If you’ve ever been impatient for the player next to you to take their turn, Speed Blackjack is the game for you.

What is Speed Blackjack?

The new live dealer game Speed Blackjack changes which player gets to hit, stay, double down, or split first. Whoever makes the speediest decision gets the next card, adding an interesting strategy to real-money blackjack.

In Speed Blackjack, cards are dealt normally, and when the deal is finished, the players will be given a chance to hit, double down, or split at the exact same time. The players with the fastest decision will have the next card dealt to them. Being the first can help you get the best cards possible to increase your win potential, but waiting can also mean getting the bad cards out of the way.

Speed Blackjack minimum bet is $0.30, which works great for low rollers or beginners. The maximum bet for Speed Blackjack is $5,000 per hand, so it’s also a great choice for high rollers.

The Speed Blackjack RTP is 99%, which creates a 1% house edge, putting it among casino games with the best odds.

Other Unique Live Blackjack Variants in New Jersey  

Speed Blackjack at BetMGM Casino New Jersey NJ

Software developer Evolution created Speed Blackjack to offers players a fun twist on the most popular table game at a casino. The title has high-speed action in the mix once the cards are dealt. Like with other live dealer games, players can head to the “Live Dealer” section at the online casino, sit down with other players at the felt, and start betting in real time with real-life dealers.

Among the live dealer blackjack options, the best online casinos in the US (including Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia) feature a few unique variants. Two top options include Lightning Blackjack and Unlimited Blackjack, two games that vary from traditional blackjack to give players something new to explore, with fun elements connected to each hand. 

Lightning Blackjack

Lightning Blackjack offers the addition of “Lightning Card” multipliers and enhanced payouts to the standard form of blackjack. An infinite number of players can participate in each round. Players are guaranteed a randomly generated multiplier with each round. The multiplier will range from 2x to 25x the winning payout.

If the player’s hand wins, they earn the prize based on the multiplier. The multiplier is then saved for the next game round, and the payout increases by the multiplier if a win is scored in the next round. If the player decides to leave the game before a multiplier is used, it is held for up to 180 days, which is a unique element of this title that benefits the player. Come back anytime within those six months to try your luck.

Unlimited Blackjack

With this option, players do not have to wait for a spot to open again. The common draw format of the game allows players to always join a game with no wait times. Once you decide to stand, the hand continues for those who have chosen to hit but not for you. 

There is no cooperative play among the others at the table, which means you don’t have to wait for the other players to make decisions. This is a good option for players who want to enjoy quick play with the fastest hands possible. 

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