WynnBet’s Multi-State App Bound for New Jersey, Michigan, New York After Roll-Out in 6 States

WynnBet, luxury hospitality outfit Wynn Resort’s new multi-state online casino and sports betting app, will soon launch in New Jersey, Michigan, and New York. In the meantime, WynnBet’s replacement to its state-specific apps is available in six new states.

According to Wynn, the app now gives players in Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Virginia access to improved features, including faster withdrawals and deposits, a traveling wallet, and more sports markets and (where available) online casino games.

Wynn Sports Interactive president Ian Williams spoke to the expansion in a media release on Aug. 4.

We are thrilled to introduce the new WynnBET app with enhanced sportsbook technology to six more markets, which continues our commitment to offer players a five-star experience in each of the states we operate in.

We would like to thank state regulators for their timely review of our new platform as well as the many WynnBET team members and partners involved in this project for their diligent work in finalizing this significant task in a short amount of time.

WynnBet’s Online Casino Only in New Jersey, Michigan

Players with existing accounts in the new states can now enjoy a “seamless” betting experience alongside Massachusetts and West Virginia peers, whose states previously launched the latest tech.

To access the new experience, players must download the new app and log in using existing credentials. According to WynnBet, all existing funds, wagers, and Wynn Rewards points will migrate safely and automatically to the new platform.

WynnBet expects to touchdown in New Jersey and New York in the coming weeks and will release details as they become available. The app’s arrival in Michigan will follow, though the timeline, in that case, is still to be determined.

As noted, a significant advantage of the new tech for players in newly added and future states is its mobility.

For example, once New York and New Jersey come online, a player from New Jersey who crosses into New York can keep playing “seamlessly.”

However, the same player’s access to WynnBet’s online casino will disappear at the state boundary, as online casino games are still legally a no-go in New York.

Important Details for WynnBet Players Pre-Switch

While WynnBet players in the app’s newly onboarded states will likely welcome benefits like enhanced same-game parlays, there are a few other tidbits worth noting.

Players with multiple accounts in separate states using different usernames and passwords must sign in with credentials from the last account used.

However, once logged in, all existing and previous bets and wallets will be transferred and accessible. But, for security reasons, players must reenter payment information on the new platform.

For the most part, funds will be available in all regions where laws allow. Exceptions will occur in states restricting credit cards or other methods to fund accounts. In those states, only funds legally deposited will be available for play.

Similarly, any bonuses that are not state-specific will be accessible across states. An exception is casino bonuses, which are only available in states with legal online casinos.

Lastly, players on an exclusion list in one WynnBet state will see the exclusion extended to the others.

From the operator’s website:

WynnBET takes exclusion seriously, so if you are excluded in one state, you will be excluded from this app in all states. If you have an active account, you will be notified as to how to receive your funds.

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