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TheLotter is an online lottery ticket-purchasing service available in three US states and more than 150 countries. The site allows lottery players to buy tickets using a desktop or mobile device. Purchase options include daily draws, Mega Millions, and Powerball tickets. New customers in Texas, Oregon, and Minnesota will receive a 10% cashback offer when playing five or more standard lines.

Claim 10% Cashback Bonus at TheLotter

  • State lottery tickets
  • Daily games
  • Powerball entries
  • Mega Millions entries

Play the Lottery Online with Official Tickets
10% Cashback
On First Play
Get 10% Cashback on First Play
Online Lottery Play is Safe & Secure
Available in MN, OR & TX
To Claim: Click Play Now

TheLotter Promo Code - May 2024

TheLotter Promo Code - May 2024

TheLotter does not require a promo code to receive the 10% cashback bonus. Choose five or more lines on your first purchase, and the promotion will automatically apply. Those with winning tickets collect their prize without needing a rebate. Players who don’t win receive 10% of their purchase price back in their account. For example, a $25 lottery purchase would equate to $2.50 in cashback rewards.

TheLotter promo codeClick to claim 10% cashback promo
First purchase bonus10% cashback on the first purchase
Playthrough requirementsNone needed
Lottery bonusMulti-deal discounts, subscription discount
Total bonus10% of the first bet size
Minimum deposit$5 (with some exceptions)
Most popular gamesPowerball, Mega Millions, Texas Two Step
TheLotter Promo Code Valid InMay 2024

About TheLotter Welcome Offer

TheLotter’s welcome bonus offers 10% cashback on your first lottery ticket purchase. The promotion activates automatically when you buy five or more standard lines. No TheLotter bonus code is required to receive the offer.

Winning tickets do not trigger the cashback offer. Instead, you’ll receive the winnings on the lotto ticket as a standard payout. However, losing tickets do receive 10% cashback. Whatever you spend on your first set of lotto tickets, you’ll receive a 10% rebate on the purchase.

TheLotter also has multi-deal discounts and subscription discounts. Those who sign up for TheLotter’s email alerts receive a free ticket for every 10 lotto tickets they purchase.

Bonus money remains in your account for six months. Use your rebate cash within 180 days.

How To Claim TheLotter Welcome Offer

Follow the quick guide below to sign up at TheLotter and claim the 10% cashback promotion. No bonus code is required to receive the sign-up bonus.


Register for an account. TheLotter has unique websites for Texas, Oregon, and Minnesota, so search for your state.


To create an account, use the online registration form. Provide your correct address, phone number, date of birth, and name.


When prompted, confirm that you are 18 or older and have read the terms and conditions.


Next, link a payment method with your account. Visit the cashier page to add payment details. Use the dropdown menu to make your choice.


Browse the homepage or the “Lotteries” page to choose which game you wish to play.


Purchase five or more lines to qualify for TheLotter sign-up bonus, which gives 10% cashback on your first purchase.

Is TheLotter Available in Your State?

TheLotter is available in three US states: Minnesota, Oregon, and Texas. Customers can buy the full range of lotto tickets from those three states.

TheLotter in New Jersey

TheLotter does not currently operate in New Jersey. The Division of Gaming Enforcement must approve a third-party online ticket service before it can operate in the Garden State. Until the DGE approves TheLotter, New Jerseyans cannot buy tickets through the TheLotter app.

TheLotter’s Loyalty Program

TheLotter doesn’t have a proper loyalty program, but it offers rewards for certain behaviors. Sign up for its email alerts, for example, and every 10th lottery ticket purchase will be free.

Games Available at TheLotter

Because TheLotter is a ticket-purchasing service and not a lottery platform itself, the available games all depend on what’s available in the participating state lotteries. Thus, players in different states have different purchase options when they sign up for TheLotter. Here’s a snapshot of the games available for each state.

  • Minnesota: Lotto America, Gopher 5, Pick 3, North 5, Mega Millions, Powerball
  • Oregon: Megabucks Game, Pick 3, Mega Millions, Powerball
  • Texas: Lotto America, Gopher 5, Pick 3, North 5, Mega Millions, Powerball

    Lottery Games Available

    TheLotter allows residents of Minnesota, Texas, and Oregon to purchase lottery tickets on computers and mobile devices. The state lottery draws and daily games vary from state to state, while all three sites sell online Powerball and Mega Millions tickets.

    When you visit TheLotter website, each game has a timer that tells you how long until the next draw for that game. On your desktop or mobile device, you can browse games according to the size of the prize or the time until the next draw.

    Here is a list of the games with big jackpot prizes in three participating states. We’ve compiled a more comprehensive game list below.

    • Lotto America: Minnesota
    • Megabucks: Oregon
    • Lotto Texas and Lotto Texas Extra: Texas
    • Powerball: All three states
    • Mega Millions: All three states

    State Lottery Draws

    In addition to the big multi-state games, individual states have at least one major state draw. For instance, Minnesota offers the Lotto America game, while the Beaver State offers Oregon’s Megabucks game. Texas features Lotto Texas and Lotto Texas Extra. The “Extra” option increases the size of non-jackpot prizes while providing the chance to win $2 by matching only two numbers.

    State lottery draws work like Powerball and Mega Millions, where the prize goes up when a drawing doesn’t have a jackpot winner. Lotto America, Megabucks, and Lotto Texas have fewer entrants, so the prize pools do not grow as fast as those for multi-state lottery draws. Due to the odds of hitting a jackpot, the grand prizes usually are not as large as the multi-state lottery jackpots.

    Daily Games

    Each state lottery has unique daily games, so you’ll find different tickets sold on each site. Texas online lottery features the Texas Two Step, Pick 3, Daily 4, and Cash Five games. Minnesota features Gopher 5, North 5, and Pick 3. Oregon, meanwhile, has only Pick 4.

    In most states, the daily games have four draws per day. These are listed as morning, day, evening, and night. If you see a ticket that says “Daily 4 Evening,” it is the evening draw for the Daily 4 game.

    Multi-State Lottery Draws: Powerball and Mega Millions

    The Oregon Lottery joined the Powerball multi-state lottery association in 1988 and the Mega Millions multi-state lottery association in 2010. Then, Minnesota signed on to the Powerball Association in 1990 and the Mega Millions lottery in 2010. Meanwhile, the Texas Lottery joined the Powerball Association in 2010 and the Mega Million lottery in 2003.

    Thus, all three versions of the lottery sell Powerball and Mega Millions tickets online. To buy tickets, visit your state’s iteration of TheLotter website.

    Now, here’s the full list of games available in all three states via TheLotter.

    Games at theLotter Texas site:

    • Texas Two Step
    • Pick 3
    • Daily 4
    • Cash Five
    • Powerball
    • Mega Millions
    • Lotto Texas
    • Lotto Texas Extra

      Games at theLotter Minnesota site:

      • Gopher 5
      • North 5
      • Pick 4
      • Lotto America
      • Powerball
      • Mega Millions

        Games at theLotter Oregon site:

        • Pick 4
        • Megabucks
        • Powerball
        • Mega Millions

        Ways To Play TheLotter

        Whether you prefer desktop or mobile purchases, TheLotter supports your choices. TheLotter has a dedicated app for Android devices on the Google Play Store and an iPhone lottery app on the iOS App Store. If you prefer to buy tickets on your PC or laptop, TheLotter supports ticket sales on desktop computers.

        Texas, Minnesota, and Oregon have separate mobile apps. To download one, you should search for “TheLotter Texas,” “TheLotter Minnesota,” or “TheLotter Oregon,” depending on your residence.

        Key Features of TheLotter

        • Games: Lotto draws in the Texas, Oregon, and Minnesota lotteries
        • Rewards program: Subscribe to email alerts to get every 10th lotto ticket free
        • TheLotter mobile app: Download TheLotter app on the Play Store or App Store
        • Deposit methods: Visa Debit, MasterCard Debit, Skrill, PayPal, ACH bank transfer
        • Minimum deposit: $5
        • Other Products Available: None

        Banking Options at TheLotter

        The banking options at TheLotter are Visa Debit, Mastercard Debit, ACH bank transfers, PayPal bank transfers, and the Skrill web wallet. All five options work for deposits. Everything but PayPal will work for withdrawals.

        How Can I Deposit at TheLotter?

        TheLotter minimum deposit is $5. If the ticket you would like to purchase is less than $5, you can opt to buy the ticket directly and deposit the amount needed for that ticket. Thus, the effective deposit limit can be lower than $5.

        The maximum deposit for Mastercard Debit, Visa Debit, and ACH bank transfers is $5,000.

        Deposit MethodMin/Max DepositProcessing Time
        Visa Debit$5-$5,000Instant
        Mastercard Debit$5-$5,000Instant
        Skrill$5 - none listedInstant
        PayPal Bank Transfer$5 - none listedInstant
        ACH Bank Tranfer$5 - none listedInstant

        Players who want to use PayPal deposits must link their PayPal account to their bank account. This allows PayPal bank transfers. PayPal adds a level of privacy and security to these bank transfers.

        How To Cash Out from TheLotter

        TheLotter does not charge a fee to transfer money to your Visa or Mastercard debit cards. Domestic ACH bank transfers also have no fee. Meanwhile, Skrill charges fees for its transfers. These vary based on the amount being transferred.

        Withdrawal MethodMin/Max CashoutProcessing Time
        Visa Debit$1 - $1,0003-5 business days
        Mastercard Debit$1 - $1,0003-5 business days
        Skrill$1 - $2,0003-5 business days
        ACH Bank Transfer$10 - $50,0007-15 business days

        Things To Love about TheLotter

        If you want to buy lotto tickets in your state without visiting the convenience store, TheLotter is your answer. Here are the key strong points for using TheLotter to buy tickets.

        • No commission: When you win the lottery, the service does not charge a commission on your payouts. Minus taxes (held by the state), you collect every dollar that you win.
        • Safe and convenient: TheLotter combines safety with convenience. It has handled online lottery ticket sales for more than 20 years.
        • Lottery bundles: Anyone who likes lottery bundles receives discounts for multi-ticket purchases.
        • Added privacy: If you win the lottery, buying through a third-party vendor adds another layer of privacy.
        • Subscription discounts: Receive discounts when you subscribe, plus every 10th ticket free when you subscribe to alerts.

        Is TheLotter the Right Online Lottery Site for You?

        TheLotter notes on its website that it doesn’t charge a commission on winnings. That’s true, but lotto players should know it charges a fee for ticket sales. Several complaints on the App Store noted this fact, but TheLotter must collect a profit, and that’s the method.

        • Lottery ticket fees: While TheLotter doesn’t collect a commission on lottery winnings, it charges an upfront fee for ticket sales.
        • Available in just three states: Texas, Minnesota, and Oregon residents are the only Americans who can buy tickets from TheLotter.

        TheLotter FAQ

        What is the bonus code for TheLotter?

        This welcome bonus does not require a TheLotter bonus code. To receive the offer, simply open a new account at TheLotter and purchase five or more standard lines. If your first set of lotto tickets does not win, you’ll receive a 10% rebate.

        What is the TheLotter welcome offer?

        When you purchase five or more standard lines on your first purchase, you’ll receive a 10% cashback offer. Winning tickets receive the payout as they normally would. Those with losing tickets receive 10% of their purchase back in their account as a rebate. No TheLotter promo code is required to receive this offer.

        Is TheLotter legit?

        Yes. TheLotter launched in 2002 and is licensed in three US states: Texas, Minnesota, and Oregon. Its online lottery service operates in more than 150 countries worldwide, allowing the global community to buy lotto tickets across international boundaries. Famous stories exist of players in Iraq and Panama buying winning lottery tickets in the United States.

        Where can I play TheLotter?

        Those who live in the United States can play TheLotter in Texas, Minnesota, and Oregon. Each has different tickets, though options like Mega Millions and Powerball overlap all three states. Buy tickets on TheLotter site on the official website for each: TheLotter Texas, TheLotter Minnesota, and TheLotter Oregon.

        What’s the age minimum at TheLotter?

        It’s 18 in all three states.

        What banking methods does TheLotter support?

        The banking methods are Visa Debit, Mastercard Debit, Skrill, PayPal bank transfer, and ACH bank transfer. When it’s time to withdraw winnings, the options are Visa Debit, Mastercard Debit, Skrill, and ACH bank transfer.

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