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There are tons of great social casinos and sweepstakes sites to enjoy no matter where you live. These online casino-style platforms allow players to enjoy high-quality digital gaming action, even if their home states don’t allow other forms of online gambling.

But SweepSlots.com is a relatively recent addition to the sweepstakes casino industry, and many new players aren’t sure what to expect from this platform. Today, let’s break down SweepSlots in detail and explore its slot titles, payment options, and other major features so you can determine whether you want to give it a shot.

If you decide to create a SweepSlots account, you will be given a solid welcome bonus: 5 SweepsCoins and 10,000 GoldCoins. Use SweepSlots bonus code PLAYBONUS to claim this bonus.

Visit SweepSlots Casino

  • 25 slots options, including progressive jackpot competition
  • Available in 46 US states
  • Excellent customer service
  • Regular daily login rewards

SweepSlots Promo Codes And Bonuses July 2024

SweepSlots Promo Codes And Bonuses July 2024

Like all great sweepstakes casino sites, SweepSlots offers a handful of promotions to draw new players to its platform. The first of these is a welcome promo. New SweepSlots users get 5 SC and 10,000 GC just for signing up.

Players also get a “first deposit bonus.” You can always play on SweepSlots for free, but if you decide to purchase GoldCoins (which usually unlocks more free SC as well), you’ll get a special discount. This is where you can add in the SweepSlots bonus code PLAYBONUS.

On top of all that, SweepSlots also offers regular daily login rewards. Players receive 0.5 SC and 500 GC when they log in for the first time each day. Such a promotion is a great way to get players coming back for more over and over.

SweepSlots Casino Promo CodePLAYBONUS
Sign-up OfferSC5 + GC10,000
Daily Login BonusSC0.5 and GC500
Last VerifiedJuly 2024

SweepSlots Casino: Quick Facts

  • Sign up for 5 SC and 10,000 GC
  • Daily login rewards for returning players
  • First Deposit Bonus leads to discounts if you choose to purchase any GC packages.
  • 25 slots, low for a slots website, with a 24/7 progressive jackpot competition
  • No table games
  • Purchase methods are restricted to Skrill and credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Discover)
  • Minimum purchase rate of $5
  • Only available on browser, not yet available as a SweepSlots mobile app
  • Limited to players 18 and up in 46 US states (not available in Washington, Delaware, Kentucky, and Idaho).


  • 10,000 GC and 5 SC free upon sign-up
  • Progressive jackpot
  • Daily login rewards
  • First-purchase discount


  • Limited banking options
  • Not available as an app (web browser only)
  • Low number of slot games available

How Are Sweepstakes Sites Different Than Online Gambling Sites?

SweepSlots, like all the other sweepstakes sites, operates on a single principle: you you can’t gamble real money. Instead, sweepstakes sites like SweepSlots allow you to play with virtual currencies.

One currency is not redeemable for cash prizes. At SweepSlots, that currency is GoldCoins (GC).  The other currency is redeemable for cash prizes if you win enough. At SweepSlots, these are called SweepsCoins (SC).

As part of the law surrounding sweepstakes casinos, you can never buy the currency used for promotional sweepstakes gaming.  Users need to be allowed to always play for free. That is why you cannot buy SC at SweepSlots.  You always get them for free through the SweepSlots welcome promo, daily login bonuses, winning social media contests, and more.

You also get GC for free at SweepSlots. But SweepSlots does allow you to purchase GC if you want.  Doing so usually earns you some free SC.

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What Is SweepSlots?

SweepSlots.com is a relatively new sweepstakes casino that launched with a couple of dozen quality slots games. It aims to bring a modern sweepstakes casino experience to desktop gamers who prefer slot games with high-quality graphics and lots of opportunities to win real cash prizes through SweepsCoins.

That said, SweepSlots is still very young and doesn’t have the robust flexibility or high game count of many of its competitors. Because of this, it likely hasn’t reached its full potential and experienced sweeps casino fans may feel a bit underwhelmed by its offerings.

You can only purchase GC using credit cards and Skrill. SweepSlots has a limited catalog of titles (and they’re all only slot games, at that), plus just a handful of promotional opportunities and tournaments running at any one time.

Full Review Of SweepSlots Casino

Let’s start with breaking down the SweepSlots website. This sweepstakes casino, unfortunately, doesn’t have a SweepSlots mobile app for either iOS or Android users, but it does have a quality desktop site that you can access via mobile devices if needed. Fortunately, accessing the desktop site via mobile resizes the screen and its elements, so it doesn’t feel too cluttered.

Regardless, the desktop site is primarily dominated by its home page, at which point you can access each of the slot games currently available. Scroll further down and you’ll be able to check out the current gold coin jackpot amount, which increases all the time and which can be won at random by any player enjoying one of the slot games.

All of your account information is easily accessible via the top right-hand corner of the screen. Here, you’ll be able to access account controls, account statistics, and fund your account or change your contact information.

The desktop website is overall very intuitive and simplistic, so it’s easy to navigate through. We also didn’t detect any lag or stuttering during our time on the website.

Can You Win Real Money At SweepSlots?

No. As with all of the sweepstakes websites, SweepSlots does not allow you to win real money using its games. Otherwise, it would have to classify itself as a legitimate gambling casino and would be outlawed in the majority of states.

Instead, SweepSlots allows you to win SweepsCoins either through playing specific games or participating in tournaments. Alternatively, you can build up SC by purchasing GoldCoins packages. You’ll get a handful of SC for each GC package you buy. Over time, the SC can be built up and exchanged for cash prizes using a button at the top right-hand corner of the desktop screen.

How To Make A SweepSlots Account

Fortunately, SweepSlots makes it very quick and easy to make a new account. Simply visit the SweepSlots website and click “Register,” which is located at the top left-hand corner of the screen. This is also next to the “Login” button you use to access your setting and play games after you’ve made an account.

Fill in the information requested, like your name and email address, then enter your birthday so that SweepSlots can verify that you’re 18 years of age or older. Once you’ve done this, SweepSlots will send a verification email to your account.

Verify your account by visiting your email and clicking the required link when you receive the email message. At this point, your account is activated and you can either fund your account using one of the below payment methods or start enjoying a couple of free games right off the bat.

One of the more fun aspects of SweepSlots is that you can make a nickname for your profile. This nickname is what you will be known by should you win one of the jackpot contests (more on those below) and is a great way to personalize your account for even more fun.

Once more, SweepSlots doesn’t have any mobile apps at this time. But that could change if this sweepstakes casino ends up being more popular than anticipated.

Bonuses At SweepSlots (4/5)

The promotions offered at SweepSlots are fairly typical of other social and sweepstakes casinos. New users who sign up for a SweepSlots account get 10,000 GC and 5 SC. Existing users get 0.5 SC and 500GC every day as a login bonus. After you make an account, you can also look for promotions on social media or in the Promotions section of the site. Finally, you can get a bonus for referring friends.

Slot Games At SweepSlots (3.5/5)

At the moment, SweepSlots’s young age shows most in its spread of slot titles. At the time of this writing, there are only 25 slot games to play. On the plus side, the games benefit from a very wide range of themes, settings, and game mechanics.


  • Napoleon in Egypt, which combines tons of free spins with a Napoleonic theme and Egyptian aesthetic
  • Fruit Cocktail, a fast-paced game with a high RTP or return to player ratio
  • 777 Slot, a classic slot game with multiple reels and a traditional casino look that old-schoolers may particularly appreciate

On the downside, 25 games aren’t enough to satisfy the most hard-core sweepstakes casino fans.

Luckily, has already stated that they plan to offer a variety of new games sometime shortly. For example, the site plans to offer a “Flamelink” series of games very soon. For now, the limited range of slot titles will have to be enough for slot casino players.

SweepSlots Progressive Jackpot

SweepSlots also has a progressive jackpot competition that runs 24/7. In a nutshell, all you have to do to enter this progressive jackpot is play one of the gold coin games listed above the jackpot tally near the bottom of the desktop platform.

Every time you play, you have a chance to win the progressive jackpot and take all of the gold coins that have built up so far. Note, of course, that you can’t win sweeps coins directly in this way. But if you win all the gold coins in the progressive jackpot contest, you can then enter the SweepSlots tournaments.

The SweepSlots tournaments are where sweeps coins are won at a far higher rate than through traditional games. The tournaments award both gold coins and/or sweeps coins depending on the tournament currently running.

That means you should be strategic with your gold coins if you want to win sweeps coins; save them up and enter the tournament for a chance at getting a massive prize.

Are There Table Games At SweepSlots?

No. At the moment, SweepSlots is purely a slots game casino, so there are only slots titles available. This is unlikely to change anytime soon, either, as SweepSlots’ very name demonstrates its dedication to offering high-quality slot casino games to players.

Making Purchases At SweepSlots (3.5/5)

Like all other sweepstakes casino sites, SweepSlots doesn’t allow you to purchase SC directly. However, you are able to purchase GC in packages using a credit/debit card. Alternatively, you can use the payment platform Skrill if you want to purchase GC.

Odds are that some players will find this approach innovative and effective. Others may find it a little off-putting since it’s not as easy to purchase GC. through SweepSlots as it is with other sweepstakes sites that use Trustly or PayPal.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine whether the purchase system for SweepSlots is more attractive or more of a downside. SweepSlots has a $5 minimum purchase requirement, so you can’t spend less than this amount when buying GC.

What about once you accumulate enough SC to redeem them for a cash prize? SweepSlots makes it easy through a dedicated redeem prize button located at the top right-hand corner of the screen. This allows you to quickly and easily redeem your SC for both cash and gift cards.

Does SweepSlots Offer Entry By Mail?

Unfortunately, SweepSlots doesn’t offer an entry-by-mail program at this time. Many other sweepstakes casino sites offer entry by mail programs where players can send in a request for SC to a dedicated address and get the coins credited to their accounts within a few business days.

Perhaps because of its age, SweepSlots doesn’t have a program like this quite yet. But we wouldn’t be surprised if the platform did open up entry by mail contests sometime in the near future.

SweepSlots Customer Support (4/5)

SweepSlots offers two lines of customer support or communication: a 24-hour live support phone line, which players can access if they have an immediate technical problem that they need to be solved ASAP, and an email message system that’s great for getting a more in-depth response to a long-term issue or question.

Players can access the customer support options right on the site’s homepage. On the downside, there isn’t a live chat system, but this is ultimately a minor downside given that players are still able to get help for their technical problems anytime they need to.

SweepSlots Responsible Gaming Controls

SweepSlots also earns high marks because of its extra responsible gaming controls. While it offers SSL certification and good digital security to protect the personal information of all users, SweepSlots also offers user-operated responsible gaming tools including:

  • A close account feature that allows players to restrict access to games and prevent them from making new deposits for between 1 and 365 days
  • A deposit limit restriction control
  • A session duration and session loss limit notification system. These allow players to remind themselves when they have been spending too much time on the site or depositing too much money into their accounts

These responsible gaming controls are great optics for the website and indicative that it wants to do its part to foster a responsible, healthy gaming environment.

Is SweepSlots Casino Right For You?

All in all, it’s clear that SweepSlots’s social casino site has a lot of potential, but its young age and relatively limited spread of slot titles are handicapping it at the moment. 

For now, we’d advise sweepstakes casino enthusiasts to stop by and play a few slot titles to see if there are any new favorites. But it’s unlikely that long-time sweepstakes casino fans will stick around for too long, at least until SweepSlots updates its catalog and adds a SweepSlots mobile app for iOS and/or Android devices.

Other Sites Like Sweepslots:

Whether it’s sweepstakes and social sites that we wouldn’t recommend (like Golden Hearts) or it’s among the best (like WOW Vegas), we’re constantly playing at and reviewing these sites to identify the top-quality choices. Others include:

How old do you have to be to play at sweepstakes sites like SweepSlots?

You need to be 18 years of age or older, which is the legal age you must be to enjoy any sweepstakes casino website.

Can you win real money at sweepstakes casinos like SweepSlots?

No. But you can win SweepsCoins, which can eventually be redeemed for cash prizes.

How do you deposit at SweepSlots?

You can deposit funds to your SweepSlots account either through Skrill or through most major credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.)

How do you get paid at SweepSlots and other sweepstakes casino sites if you win?

If you win enough SC to redeem them for a cash prize, you can redeem those prizes and transfer the money to your bank account.

How busy is SweepSlots right now?

Given SweepSlots’s overall age, it’s not a very busy or packed sweepstakes casino site at the moment. But that could soon change due to the reasons we outlined above. Ultimately, SweepSlots is a solid sweepstakes casino you can and should check out if you enjoy these online gaming platforms.

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