Wyoming Sports Betting Bonuses

Wyoming sports betting is now live in the state, with DraftKings and BetMGM being the first to launch their sports betting apps.

Wyoming passed HB 133 in early Spring. It legalized sports betting and required Wyoming’s Gaming Commission to get sports betting online by September 1, 2021. It met this deadline by hosting a meeting to finalize apps launching in the state. 

It’s the third state after Tennessee and Virginia to have a sports betting industry that’s completely online at the start. There aren’t any commercial casinos, so tribal casinos will govern sports betting according to their own rules. But the State of Wyoming will still profit from tax revenue generated by sports betting. Here’s what Wyoming bettors need to know about the sportsbooks that are now available. 

Legal Online Sportsbooks In Wyoming

Wyoming sports betting apps are now live and offering bonuses for sports bettors who register for an account. Terms and conditions apply.

Wyoming Online Sportsbook Bonuses – September 2023

BetMGM Wyoming

  • Best for new bettors
  • Available as an Apple iOS app, Android app, and via desktop
  • Good offer of a $1,500 bet credits to be refunded as multiple bets

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BetMGM is backed by one of the most reputable brands in the industry, MGM Resorts International. BetMGM launched on September 1 in Wyoming. Bettors will enjoy its sleek app and sports offerings. This popular app is as good as it gets.

FanDuel Wyoming

  • Best for DFS players
  • Available as an Apple iOS app, Android app, and via desktop
  • Bonus offer: Bet $5, Get $200 in Bonus Bets

Claim the FanDuel Wyoming promo code with this exclusive linkBet $5, Get $200 in Bonus Bets

Most people have heard of FanDuel at this point, one of the most popular and highest-quality sports betting and daily fantasy sports (DFS) companies in the US.

Online Sportsbooks That Could Come To Wyoming

Sportsbooks of all stripes are looking at all the new markets they can enter. However, Wyoming bettors have so far seen just three of the largest brands spend money to gain a foothold in Wyoming’s market. DraftKings and BetMGM joined the market first, followed by FanDuel, but the Executive Director of the Wyoming Gaming Commission told bettors that several operators are expressing an interest in launching in Wyoming as well. Bettors could potentially see these other operators that include:

These are some of the largest sportsbook brands in the United States. They’re the ones with the resources to apply for licenses necessary to operate in Wyoming. They can also spend the money on advertising to Wyoming’s new bettors. Wyoming’s potential sportsbook list isn’t limited to these brands.  

Sports Betting Bonuses Available In Wyoming

Here is a breakdown of some of the best sportsbook promos that Wyoming bettors can take advantage of:

Wyoming SportsbookPromo CodesImportant Terms
BetMGM WY Bonus Code:$1,500 Bonus BetLost bet refunded in multiple bonus bets, each worth 20% of lost wager.
FanDuel WY Promo Code:No Sweat First Bet up to $200Lost bet refunded as bonus bets

Wyoming Sportsbook Bonuses September 2023

There are a few types of sportsbook bonuses that bettors can find throughout the market. The three types you can find in Wyoming include: 

  • Deposit Bonuses
  • Second Chance Bets 
  • Loyalty Programs 

While there are variations on these bonuses, these are the most common welcome bonuses that bettors see ads for. 

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses aren’t the most common in the sports betting world, but when they are available they could be worth taking advantage of. Essentially, they’ll match your deposit with a certain percentage, up to a certain cap. For example, you may see an offer for a 20% deposit match up to $500.

Second Chance Bets

A second-chance bonus offer gives players the ability to replay a bet if needed. If you lose your first bet at BetMGM Wyoming (or almost all other sports betting apps in the US), you receive multiple bet credits rather than a cash refund. You must then use those bet credits, and whatever winnings are left over are eligible for withdrawal.

Some online sportsbooks refund the lost wager as a single bonus bet of equal value. Things are different (and better) at BetMGM Wyoming. If you lose $50 or more, you receive bonus bets, each equal to 20% of the lost wager. So if you lost $100, you’d have five $20 bonus bets to utilize.

Loyalty Programs 

Loyalty programs come in all shapes and sizes. But what unites them all is a reward mechanism for consistently large bets. Some sportsbook loyalty programs unlock new sportsbook features, like exclusive bonuses or expedited deposits and withdrawals. Other casino-owned sportsbooks integrate their casino loyalty programs into the sportsbook.

For example, M Life rewards through BetMGM apply to both BetMGM bets and MGM Resorts bets. You can even exchange rewards points for free meals and stays.

Which Sports Can Wyoming Bettors Wager On?

Wyoming bettors have many sports to bet on. Here are the broad categories of sports that bettors can find at Wyoming’s sportsbooks:

Professional Sports 

Professional sports are the backbone of any serious sportsbook. It’s easy to find oddsmakers with the requisite sports knowledge to set lines on sports like football, basketball, baseball, and football. These sports are so popular and so well-understood that setting game lines with clear odds and win conditions is easy. Most Wyoming bettors flock to this section of their new sportsbooks first.  

College Sports 

College sports don’t command the market that professional sports do. However, they’re a strong second when it comes to sportsbook revenue. Wyoming bettors have a few college teams that could be featured in their local sportsbooks. That could lead sportsbooks to offer exclusive promotions based on the Wyoming Cowboys. However, high-stakes college rivalries will be available from teams across the country. There will be plenty of college games to bet on. 

International Sports

International leagues and sports that are more popular overseas both feature prominently in major sportsbooks. They give bettors new sports to explore if they’re tired of the same old favorites. But they also ensure there’s always live betting available for bettors itching to place a bet. Whether bettors want to explore a new sport or just have something to bet on when they open their sportsbooks, international sports will play key roles in both goals. 


Esports has become more popular in recent decades. However, not every state or sportsbook carries lines on them. Some state gaming commissions feel esports aren’t well regulated or understood enough to offer fair sports betting lines on them. However, many other states disagree, including Wyoming. When esports are in season, Wyoming bettors can sometimes find lines at BetMGM and DraftKings. You can also request a line if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

How Wyoming Residents Can Create Sportsbook Accounts 

Wyoming bettors will have to create sportsbook accounts. However, it’s no more difficult than creating any other online account. 

First, bettors find the registration button and fill the three sections of information out. Bettors will start with their personal details, like their names, addresses, and email addresses. Then they’ll enter their social security numbers. That allows sportsbooks to know who’s depositing and withdrawing money and prevents them from giving money to prohibited bettors. After that, bettors will set their account security questions. 

When they’ve finished registration, bettors will be able to make their first deposits. Major sportsbook brands have many deposit options. They include: 

  • Credit/Debit Cards 
  • Bank Transfers
  • Online Wallets
  • Cash Deposits 

There are often multiple services available to make these transactions through. So bettors often have a lot of flexibility in how they deposit. After that, bettors can make their first wagers. If they win, bettors can withdraw their winnings in the cashier section of their accounts. But if they lose, bettors will have to refine their choices the next time around. 

Why Legal Sportsbooks Are Safer Than Illegal Alternatives 

Legal sportsbooks have a few critical benefits over their illegal counterparts. First, bettors know where legal sportsbooks’ money goes. Legal sportsbooks pay most of their revenue back in bettor winnings.

Meanwhile, illegal sportsbooks may fund larger criminal activities. They can fund anything from a larger illegal sports betting empire to drug or human trafficking. Bettors don’t want to accidentally fund a human trafficking operation because a sleazy sportsbook offered some odds that looked too good to be true. 

Legal sportsbooks also have to pay their bettors the winnings that they’re owed. This is an underrated perk of betting at licensed sportsbooks. If bettors lock in on a set of odds and win, then they’re entitled to those winnings. But illegal sportsbooks don’t have good reasons to pay their bettors. Illegal sportsbooks can refuse to pay winnings and leave bettors with no recourse. There’s no customer service at illegal sportsbooks and bettors can’t sue illegal sportsbooks, either. 

So, if bettors want a fair shake and confidence in the sports betting process, licensed sportsbooks are the only way to go. 

Wyoming Sports Betting Bonuses FAQs 

18. Wyoming is one of the states with a low gambling age. That may be because it has no commercial casinos, and the tribal casinos don’t serve alcohol on the gaming floor. Wyoming’s online-only sports betting framework also circumvents the alcohol issue. 

Yes, DraftKings is legal in Wyoming. It’s entered more states than any other sportsbook as sports betting has become legal throughout the United States.

Yes, FanDuel is licensed in Wyoming.

Yes. College sports are among the sports that are fair game for sports betting. While some states restrict betting on college sports, Wyoming allows it. It trusts its gaming commission and its schools to maintain the integrity of college sports games. That’s more than other states can say. 

Yes. The Northern Arapaho Tribe set plans in motion to offer sports betting before Wyoming’s sports betting bill passed. There’s no gaming compact between the tribe and state, so the Northern Arapaho Tribe can offer sports betting whenever it wants. But with legal sports betting, the Northern Arapaho Tribe can offer sports betting without straining relations with the State of Wyoming. 

Yes. Wyoming sportsbooks are regulated by Wyoming’s Gaming Commission. Licensed sportsbooks also have their security regulated, so Wyoming can ensure that its sportsbooks can protect its bettors’ information. It’s a good way to make sure that bettors can place sports wagers in peace.  

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