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Brian Carlton

Brian Carlton

Brian Carlton is an award-winning journalist who has covered casinos, the gaming and finance industries for more than a decade. His work has been published by the BBC and a variety of newspapers across the U.S.

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Much-Ballyhooed IRS Memo Doesn’t Change Anything For DraftKings

August 19, 2020 | By: Brian Carlton

There’s one key part missed in coverage of the DraftKings IRS memo. This is not a legal document, this is legal advice. The July 23 memo, which just got released in late August, involves one IRS lawyer giving his perspective to another when asked. No, this doesn’t immediately cause any type of law to go […]

BetMGM Becomes Focal Point for Company’s Recovery

August 12, 2020 | By: Brian Carlton

It’s been a good month for MGM International. After a second quarter that saw the company’s revenue drop 91 percent, MGM is in recovery mode thanks to a recent series of deals. The latest came Aug. 11, when technology giant InterActive Corp purchased 12 percent of MGM’s stock in a $1 billion sale. Before that, […]

Gaming Stocks Climb as Macau Lifts Some Restrictions on Visitors

August 10, 2020 | By: Brian Carlton

For the first time since January, tourists from mainland China will be able to visit Macau starting later this week. The news, announced in a Monday press conference, sent some U.S. gaming stocks soaring to their highest levels in more than a month. Companies and traders reacted to what they saw as possibly the first […]

$400 Million Caesars Casino Could Be Coming To Virginia

June 8, 2020 | By: Brian Carlton

Southern Virginia could be home to a new $400 million Caesars casino by 2023. That’s the plan in Danville, where city officials have a deal with the company, pending a vote this coming November. In March 2019, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam signed a bill granting limited gaming in the commonwealth. The bill restricted casinos to […]

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