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Devon Jackson

Devon Jackson

Devon Jackson is a freelance writer with Bonus. He’s written for many different magazines and newspapers, from The New York Times and People to Sports Illustrated and Bloomberg. He has also worked as an editor—for The New Yorker, the Santa Fean, The Village Voice, and Discover, among others. Jackson likes to focus on the broader ramifications of the gaming industry—issues such as responsible gambling, the effects of cryptocurrency, or crossover between gambling and esports. In an era of fake news and truthiness, Jackson tries as best he can to leave the opinionating to the talking heads and give as big a picture as possible to the reader.

Latest articles

Small Town, Big Casino: Is It a Winning Gamble?

March 23, 2023 | By: Devon Jackson

Casinos, especially full-featured resort casinos, present an economic opportunity. However, they can be a mixed blessing and can seem especially scary in smaller communities that already have more than their fair share of problems. The most common worries are crime and the direct impact of gambling on residents. Easier to overlook are the secondary economic […]

Kindred Communicating With US Regulators About Norway Situation

September 29, 2022 | By: Devon Jackson

Kindred Group has been given unequivocal instructions by the Norwegian gambling authority Lottstift to stop serving Norwegian players. Unless Kindred complies by October 10, Lottstift will begin fining the Stockholm-listed company the equivalent of about $120,000 daily. That adds up to $42 million annually, a figure Norwegian authorities estimate that Kindred earns yearly from those customers. […]

PlayUp Legal Fiasco Pt. 2: Internal Conflict

August 17, 2022 | By: Devon Jackson

This is the second part of Bonus’s deep dive into PlayUp’s legal case against its former CEO, Dr. Laila Mintas. Read Part 1 here. The ongoing battle between online gambling company PlayUp and its former US CEO, Dr. Laila Mintas, has hit a lull but may pick up again next week. PlayUp’s attorneys, Michael Popok […]

PlayUp Legal Fiasco, Pt. 1: How It Started and How It’s Going

August 11, 2022 | By: Devon Jackson

Late last week, the technology supplier PlayUp Ltd. filed another motion against their former U.S. CEO Dr. Laila Mintas. It’s the latest filing in a legal battle that PlayUp initiated last November. That’s when the Australia-based global online sports betting operator asked for a temporary restraining order against Mintas. PlayUp claims that Mintas intentionally derailed […]

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