Florida Online Casino Sites & Poker Sites

People located in the State of Florida aged 18 and up can play games on Florida sweepstakes casino sites. These include online sweepstakes casinos, poker sites, and sportsbooks.

At these sites, you can play using either Gold Coins (GC) or Sweeps Coins (SC). While GC are played for the fun of it SC can be redeemed for cash prizes.

However, the largest possible cash prize possible through sweepstakes and promotion redemption is $5,000 according to a 2013 state law.

It is free to join and play at all Florida sweepstakes casinos. It’s also possible to win cash prizes without making a purchase.

Florida online gambling options are limited, with no access to real money online casinos or online sports betting. Sweepstakes sites are a great alternative for online gaming.

What Sweepstakes Products Can I Play In Florida?

People in Florida have access to all types of sweepstakes (AKA social) sites, which include poker, casino, and sports. 

Online Casino

The two sweepstakes casinos are Chumba Casino and LuckyLand. 

While Chumba is the more popular option and offers a wider variety of games, LuckyLand has better welcome promotions.  

Both sites allow you to play all their slots in GC or SC. In addition to slots, LuckyLand has a couple of digital scratch-offs. Chumba also offers table games like roulette, blackjack, and video poker, in addition to slots.

You can redeem your SC at LuckyLand when you have at least 50 in your account. The minimum at Chumba is 100 SC.

Several progressive jackpot options exist in both casinos, where it’s possible to win millions of SC on a single spin. In that sense, the sweepstakes casinos are a lot like brick-and-mortar casinos.

Online Poker

The only legitimate sweepstakes poker site in the United States and Canada is Global Poker, which boasts a huge player pool that spans both countries (except for the State of Washington and Québec). 

Any time of the day or night, players in Florida can find a table at Global Poker. They offer ring games, sit ‘n’ go, and tournaments in Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Crazy Pineapple. 

All games are available in GC or SC play. You can find blinds as low as SC 0.02/SC 0.04 up to SC 10/SC 20. You can also buy tickets to tournaments for SC 33.

Before you can redeem a cash prize at Global Poker, you need a minimum of 50 SC.

Online Sportsbook

The social sports site available to folks in Florida is FendOff sports. 

This site is set up similarly to the sweepstakes poker and casino sites in that you purchase GC packages that may include SC. However, at FendOff they simply call their redeemable currency Sweeps (SW). You can pick events using GC or SW.

To receive a cash prize, you need to redeem at least SW 5,000.

FendOff is exactly what you would expect from an online sportsbook. You can pick futures, moneyline, points spread, over/under, and in-game results. Horse and dog racing pari-mutuel picks are an option as well.

How Are Sweepstakes Sites Different Than Online Gambling Sites?

The difference between sweepstakes sites and online gambling sites is that sweepstakes sites don’t take real-money bets. Instead, you have to play games (casino and poker) or make picks (sportsbook) using the sweepstakes site’s currency. These are typically grouped into Gold Coins (GC) and Sweeps Coins (SC).

At an online gambling site, you simply deposit money, which you then use to place bets in the hopes of winning more money. At sweepstakes sites, you purchase GC, which may include a number of SC as part of the purchase. 

Once you use all the SC at least once to play casino games, poker, or make sports picks, you can redeem the SC that remains for a cash prize. Players can redeem SC so long as they meet the minimum redemption requirements. At online gambling sites, you simply withdraw the money in your account as long as it meets the minimum for cashing out.

Sweepstakes sites are not gambling. They’re more closely associated with promotional contests like McDonald’s Monopoly or social media gift card giveaways.

You do not need to purchase anything to win a cash prize at a sweepstakes site. You can exclusively use the free SC and score enough to redeem for a prize without ever purchasing GC.

Can You Win Real Money At Sweepstakes Casinos And Poker Sites In Florida?

In Florida, you can win cash prizes through sweepstakes casinos and poker sites. You need to have the minimum number of Sweeps Coins in your account to redeem, then you’re free to do so for a cash prize or gift card.

However, there are stricter limits in this state than most. 

In 2013, the State of Florida revised legislation affecting how much money folks located in the state can win on a sweepstakes game of chance. If a promotion has a winning potential higher than $5,000, it needs to be filed a week ahead of time with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). 

That applies to any promotion or sweepstakes offer made to Floridians, even if it’s taking place outside of the state. That affects how much in cash prizes people in Florida can win at sweepstakes casinos, poker sites, and sportsbooks. According to the Chumba sweeps rules page, people located in New York State face the same limitations.

Because the only way to win more than $5,000 is to have a promotion once a week at the most, all the major sweepstakes sites available in Florida limit cash prizes to that amount. If more is won, it’s reduced to the maximum.

What Kinds Of Bonuses Do Sweepstakes Casinos And Poker Sites Offer To Players In Florida?

You could argue that Sweeps Coins come with a purchase of Gold Coins as a bonus. But that’s more just how sweepstakes sites work. Here are some examples of true social gaming bonuses:

New Member Bonuses

New members of a Florida sweepstakes site are automatically given a certain number of Gold Coins (GC) and Sweeps Coins (SC). You don’t need to do anything but open an account.

Verification Bonuses

Once you’ve signed up for a sweepstakes bonus, you can receive more SC and GC by verifying your identity in a variety of ways. This can include providing your email, phone number, and your ID, which can be a driver’s license or passport.

Logging In Daily For Free Coins

LuckyLand awards you with free coins every consecutive day that you log in to your account for the first week or so. Other sites also offer free Gold Coins and other benefits of routinely logging in and playing.

Sweepstakes Mail-In Offer

An old-school but viable way to receive SC without purchasing anything but a stamp is by mailing in a request directly to the company.

Social Media Giveaways

Follow the sweepstakes site on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and participate in social media contests. The winners receive Sweeps Coins.

What Kinds Of Games Are Available At Florida’s Sweepstakes Poker Sites?

Social poker is not as popular as traditional online poker. However, online poker in the United States is only legal in New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Meanwhile, social poker is available in every US state except for Washington, and in every Canadian province except for Québec. 

The result is Global Poker boasting one of the largest liquidity-sharing online poker markets on the planet. From the State of Florida, you can play against people in 49 states and nine provinces.

All types of games available at Global Poker are playable in all formats, which include Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Crazy Pineapple.

You can also play all game types in either Sweeps Coins (SC) or Gold Coins (GC).

Below is a table of the different types of games and the SC price range for each.

Florida Sweepstakes Games

Ring GamesSmall Blind/Big Blind range from SC 0.02/SC 0.04 to SC 10/SC 20
TournamentsTickets range from SC 0.11 to SC 33
Sit 'n' GoEntries range from SC 0.5+SC 0.05 to SC 200+SC 18
Jackpot Sit 'n' GoEntries range from SC 0.5 to SC 20, and jackpots from SC 5,000 to SC 200,000

Jackpot Sit ‘n’ Go format is similar to regular sit ‘n’ go except that the jackpot is randomly generated before each round. So, despite the fact that people in Florida can’t redeem more than SC 5,000 for a cash prize, they can still play any size Jackpot Sit ‘n’ Go game.

Make sure you take advantage of the Global Poker free daily bonus offers when you first join. New Players receive up to GC 2500 and 1 SC every day just for logging in and claiming it.

What Kinds Of Slots Can I Play At Sweepstakes Casinos?

Legit sweepstakes casinos available in Florida include Chumba and LuckyLand. Both offer a nice selection of slots, but Chumba offers about twice as many options. 

Neither social casinos feature a very intuitive search or filter option. In both cases, exploring the different choices can be a bit time consuming unless you already know which games you want to play.

The most popular slots at Chumba and LuckyLand are the ones that feature progressive jackpots. As people play, a portion of their wager is added to the total. At the time of writing this overview, these were the three hottest slots available:

Reelin n’ Rockin’ And Stampede Fury

These two slots share a progressive jackpot. Playing either game contributes to the total. Last checked, the highest potential prize was an incredible 2.3 million Sweeps Coins.

Reelin n’ Rockin’ is a 1950s diner themed slot with five reels and 50 playlines. Stampede Fury is a 243 all-ways-pays slot with a wildlife theme centered around the fauna of Yellow National Park.

Western Gold

Western Gold doesn’t share a progressive jackpot with other slots but it still offers huge win potential. While it ranges over time, it rose to over SC 800,000. 

Like the Stallion Grand slot below, Western Gold is a Wild West slot with five reels and 50 lines. But instead of a horse theme, this one has sheriffs, bandits, and cowgirls.

Stallion Grand And Dancing Gold

The third most popular slots also share a progressive jackpot. When this overview was written, the grand prize sat at over 400,000 Sweeps Coins.

Both the Stallion Grand and Dancing Gold games are a five-reel, 50-line slots. Stallion Grand has a horse in the desert Wild West theme. Dancing Gold is a Chinese dragon-themed slot. 

Do Sweepstakes Casinos Have VIP Programs?

Yes, LuckyLand offers a VIP program. 

The LuckyLand VIP program begins at bronze level. Every time you play a game, you receive points that fill up the progress bar toward the next VIP level. Levels increase all the way up to platinum.

As you progress up the LuckyLand VIP ladder, benefits increase. Even at the bronze level, your coin purchase is increased by 188%. At the second tier, the bonus grows to 250%. The highest tier offers a 450% bonus.

LuckyLand will also routinely offer members free spins as a standard benefit. This free spins booster increases by 50% by tier two and goes up to 650% by the platinum VIP level.

Does Chumba Have A VIP Program?

No, Chumba Casino does not currently have a VIP or loyalty program. 

That may change if LuckyLand becomes a stronger competitor. But for now, Chumba has the largest user base despite the lack of player rewards. The incentive may not be high enough to implement this feature.

Does Global Poker Offer Loyalty Points?

No, Global Poker does not have any sort of VIP poker, just like its sister company Chumba. And as the only sweepstakes poker site available in Florida, it will probably stay that way.

With that being said, loyalty points are not a very common sight at any online poker site, social poker or otherwise.

Does FendOff Social Sports Have A VIP Program?

No, FendOff Sports does not offer a loyalty program. However, all members receive 200 free Gold Coins every two hours.

Florida Online Sweepstakes FAQ

Do I have to be a certain age to play sweepstakes sites in Florida?

Yes, the age minimum for joining a sweepstakes site is 18. All adults can with an internet connection can play social sports, poker, and casino games. Anyone over 18 can also redeem sweep coins for cash prizes.

The only requirement for signing up is providing your email and other basic information. Your date of birth is requested. You need to be over 18 in order to redeem sweeps coins for cash prizes. 

How do you win at a sweepstakes site in Florida?

To receive cash prizes from a sweepstakes site, you need to acquire Sweeps Coins (SC). You then need to play using those SC at least one time. You also need to have enough SC to redeem. At Chumba, the minimum to redeem is SC 100. Everywhere else, it’s SC (or SW) 50. The coins are redeemed for cash prizes. 

Is Global Poker busy?

Yes. Global Poker has a huge player pool that spans 49 states and nine provinces. And it’s constantly growing.

Global Poker’s biggest hurdle is getting people to understand that social poker can actually result in receiving cash prizes. The more that word gets around, the more players will join, and the larger the pool will become. 

What are the deposit methods at Florida sweepstakes sites?

There are no deposits at sweepstakes sites. Instead, you purchase Gold Coin packages that can include Sweeps Coins. 

The best method for buying Gold Coins is the ewallet Skrill. 

The different social gaming sites accept various forms of payment. But Skrill is the only one that you can use for buying Gold Coins and redeeming cash prizes for all of them.

What is the process for redeeming cash prizes at sweepstakes casinos and poker sites?

If you have enough cleared Sweeps Coins to redeem a prize, the process is straightforward. Here are the general steps:

    1. Verify your identity. This normally means uploading a photo of an ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) and may require a picture of your face through your webcam. Don’t worry, the site will ask for your permission first.
    2. Link your Skrill account. You can log in to the ewallet directly through the social gaming site. If you don’t have a Skrill account, you’ll need to create one. 
    3. Send through the request. It can take a few days before your redemption request is approved, but if you follow the above steps, there shouldn’t be a problem.

The cash prize is sent to your Skrill wallet. Skrill is a popular choice among online gaming around the world for its security and convenience. Many players use it to separate their cash prizes from their everyday bank account finances for organization.

Leave the prize in Skrill or transfer it to your bank. Your choice. Skrill makes it easy to link your bank account or debit card for a direct transfer.

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