Jackpot.com Launches in Arkansas, Days Before the Next Billion Dollar Lottery Jackpot

Lottery courier app Jackpot.com has launched in Arkansas, and not a moment too soon, as the Mega Millions jackpot is poised to hit $1 billion within the next few days. Mega Millions is one of five draw games Arkansas residents can now participate in without leaving the comfort of their homes:

  • Powerball
  • Mega Millions
  • Natural State Jackpot
  • Lucky for Life

Lottery couriers are services that take online orders and buy retail lottery tickets on behalf of players. They offer a middle-ground compromise between traditional lottery sales and a modern online lottery.

Jackpot.com says more games will be added in the future. Jackpot.com CEO and co-founder Akshay K. Khanna shared his excitement about the launch, adding:

Jackpot.com is happy to help Arkansas lottery players order official state lottery tickets online with increased safety, security and convenience. At Jackpot.com, we’re always striving to increase accessibility and elevate the player experience by making it more convenient and secure for players to order lottery tickets, ensuring players don’t lose a winning ticket.

The Arkansas launch comes two months after the app launched in Massachusetts. The Natural State is the fifth state for the app since its US debut in Texas a little over a year ago. Jackpot.com also operates in New York and Ohio.

The Jackpot.com app includes multiple responsible gaming features, including self-exclusion, deposit limits, and spending limits. Jackpot.com has an iCap certification from the National Council on Problem Gaming.

Lottery Couriers Are a Good Option in States Without iLottery

Jackpot.com is the third lottery courier app available to Arkansas players, who could already purchase tickets using Jackpocket or Lotto.com. These apps give players in Arkansas and other states a convenient way to buy lottery tickets without a trip to the store.

Couriers like Jackpot.com act as middlemen between their customers and retail partners. Players make a deposit, then select the games they want to play and pick their numbers. A Jackpot.com representative then purchases the tickets on their behalf from an authorized lottery retailer, scans them and holds on to the tickets for safekeeping.

The player receives a receipt and a scanned image of the ticket. If the player wins a prize under $600, the courier can redeem the ticket on their behalf and deposit the money directly to their account in the app. Prizes over $600 can only be redeemed by the players. In these cases, the courier contacts the user to arrange secure delivery of the physical ticket.

Lottery courier services like Jackpot.com have benefited from the popularity of the lottery across the US, especially in states where an online lottery is unavailable. Currently, 14 states offer direct sales through the Internet or by subscription.

Jackpot.com has grown to serve five states after its first year. Lotto.com is live in eight, while the market leader, Jackpocket, is available in 17 states plus Washington, DC.

Taking these options together, more than half of the country now has some legal way to get draw lottery tickets online. Only 24 states have neither option.

Launch Comes Just in Time For Next Billion Dollar Jackpot

It’s a well-timed launch for Jackpot.com, as the upcoming Mega Millions jackpot should get plenty of customers in the door. The draw on Friday, March 22, will be for an estimated $977 million. If it fails to find a winner, the following jackpot will almost certainly be the latest in a string of billion-dollar prizes and the first of 2024.

The last time a player won the Mega Millions was in December, for $394 million. The three months it has taken to reach $977 million fits previous trends observed by Bonus. Meanwhile, the Powerball jackpot for March 20 is close to $700 million. Large jackpots grow exponentially as they drive ever-higher ticket sales. One the size of the current Powerball jackpot should hit $1 billion within the next three or four draws.

These prizes have become more common in the past few years. In 2023, there were four such jackpots, while there were two in 2022. Last year, Khanna told Bonus that one reason for the more frequent billion-dollar jackpots is easier access to ticket purchases, something lottery couriers like Jackpot.com have helped with.

The Mega Million jackpot could significantly aid Jackpot.com’s launch in Arkansas. According to Peter Sullivan, founder and CEO of Jackpocket, the app saw a 98% week-over-week increase in ticket purchases in the state before the $1.765 billion Powerball draw in October.

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